Damo Nicholls

Damo Nicholls (2008)
Jordan Smith
Episodes: 4764 – 4767

Damo was one of the schoolies who came to town at the end of 2008. He was first seen with his friend Billy, carrying a seemingly unconscious Xavier out of the surf and calling for someone who could do CPR. When Rachel came to help instead of the two nearby teen girls, Xavier miraculously came round.

Hanging around with Xavier and Billy in Noah’s they discussed a party that night and the fact that Xavier was in the police station carrying drugs and that the cops had no idea.

Ruby invited the three of them to hang out at her house and watch dvds and Xavier and Damo agreed, despite Annie’s doubts. At Ruby’s house Damo spotted a picture of Ruby with Charlie, in uniform and they left. Later as they played pool Xavier did a drug deal with Damo looking on.