Kieran Munroe

Andrew Hazzard

Kieran Munroe (2011)
Andrew Hazzard
Episodes: 52685289

Occupation: Uni student

Kieran and his friend Pete were two agricultural students at Northern Districts University that Xavier delivered a pizza to. Miranda Jacobs had to step in to get the pair to pay up, explaining “the ugly one” was her brother. That evening, the three of them held a party at their house which was attended by several Summer Bay teens. Kieran got talking to Indi and told her that he had grown up on a dairy farm and had never been to the city. When Indi’s ex-boyfriend Romeo saw them engaging in drunken tomfoolery, he tried to interfere but Indi told him she was with Kieran and to go away. Indi rejected Kieran’s offer to go somewhere else but did kiss him.

A few weeks later, Kieran came to the Diner and tried to convince an uninterested Indi to go on a date with him. Romeo tried to warn Kieran off but Kieran responded scornfully. When Indi heard of the altercation, she agreed to a date with Kieran. They went to the beach together but Indi seemed bored. When she got a phone call saying Nicole had had her baby, she rushed off without telling Kieran why but did agree to a second date. When Kieran phoned her that evening, Indi said she was at home when in fact she was near the Diner. Kieran was sat in his car a few yards away and could see that she was lying but said nothing.

Kieran then came to the house and offered to help Indi and Dexter set things up for baby George’s arrival home. He became intensely annoyed when Indi dismissed the idea of living out in the bush, resulting in Indi wanting him to leave, but Dexter convinced her to let Kieran stay since they needed his help to assemble the cot. Kieran left when Sid, Marilyn and Nicole arrived back with George.

Kieran turned up at the farm to ask Indi out but she told him she had other plans. Kieran then turned up at the same club as her and Nicole, claiming it was just a coincidence. Indi was uncomfortable about his presence but accepted his help in taking Nicole home when she got drunk. Kieran dropped Nicole off all right, but instead of taking Indi home he drove her out into the bush, telling her he wanted to show her the view from a lookout. Indi demanded he let her out and he left her in the middle of nowhere. When he suddenly returned, Indi was spooked and hid in the trees. Kieran found her, seemingly unable to understand why she was frightened, and dragged her back to his car, saying he was going to take her home. When Romeo turned up, Kieran reluctantly let him take Indi home instead. It was later reported that the police had spoken to Kieran and warned him to stay away from Indi.

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