Christopher “Kick” Johnson

Christopher “Kick” Johnson (2002)
Jason Clarke
Episodes: 3223-3239

Occupation: Teacher

With the impending decision about the fate of Summer Bay High and Reefton Lakes being closed down, the headmasters of each, Donald Fisher and Patricia Morgan decided on a teacher swap, with Sally Fletcher going the other way.

Christopher, or Kick as he liked to be called, wasn’t a fan of formal teaching. He didn’t like reading out of books and used alternative methods such as plays to get the kids involved. This led to him coming to blows on many occasions with Don, especially over Kick letting part-time dyslexic Seb use a video camera for a written exercise.

Kick also wanted to organised a trip to a site and initially Don was against the idea, but decided to give it a go. However on the return journey, the bus crashed. Everyone survived, but Kick began to blame himself for the accident, leading to erratic behaviour in the classroom before he had a breakdown and was carted back off to Reefton Lakes.