Dr Hornby

Dr. Hornby
Nino Alessi
Episodes: 4706

Occupation: Psychiatrist

Dr Hornby was Aden’s psychiatrist and suggested to Aden that he use their allotted time to talk about why he improsoned his father, Belle and Rachel. Aden was more keen to talk about Melody but Dr Hornby insisted that the were there to talk about Aden. Aden tried to leave but Dr Hornby insisted that if he did he’d be breaking bail conditions.

They argued over Aden’s faher wih Dr Hornby commenting that if someone can’t swim to save himself, how can he be expected to save anyone else. Aden thinks over these words and admits that he now realises that his Dad couldn’t help him when his grandfather abused him, as Larry was still too scared because of what had happened to him. Dr Hornby was pleased with his breakthrough and granted him a home visit.

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