Jazz Curtis

Jacinta “Jazz” Curtis
Rachel Gordon
Episodes: 4441 –
Children: Drew Curtis; Bree and Essie Freeman (step-children)
Marital Status: Kevin Freeman

Jazz, as she liked to be known was first seen viewing Amanda Vale’s house. After Amanda left she put her house on the market and it just so happened Drew’s mum snapped it up. Dan rang Jazz to tell her that Drew was being a bit of a handful so he thought he could with his mum. Drew was less than happy to see her again to say the least! When Drew was little, Jazz sent him to boarding school causing a lot of resentment between them. Dan and Leah agreed that Jazz could stay with them while she got herself sorted. When she had got herself settled there she received a phone call from her husband saying he was leaving her. Drew was shocked and knew that his mum wasn’t in the Bay to get to know her son again.

It wasn’t long before Jazz started to create problems with Jules Munroe. Whilst on a skiing trip a few years ago, Jules started to come on to Jazz. Jazz knew that blackmailing Jules was a good way to get rid of him, so that she could get to know Drew better. When Drew found out that there was something going on back then, he wasn’t happy. Jules left the Bay afterwards.

After returning from the city, Jazz and Drew where still tense towards each other. Even after Jazz bailed him out with some money after he wrecked the pool table at the surf club.

Leah wasn’t happy when Jazz seemed to take a shine to Dan, but Jazz was quick to tell her that she had nothing to worry about. Leah soon told Jazz that she wasn’t welcome in their house anymore. After a cat fight, Leah ordered Jazz out of her house by the next morning.

Once she had secured Amanda’s House, Jazz and Belle had a housewarming gathering. Not that it was much of a gathering…it was just the two of them! Jazz offered Belle a drink which she accepted after saying that one wouldn’t hurt. When Irene found out she hit the roof. When Drew found out that his mum was still in the Bay, he also hit the roof! Drew made it clear that he wanted her gone as soon as possible. She said that even though he might not need her, she may need him.

She then attempted to get Belle on her side and offered to bail them out by writing a cheque when they destroyed a pool table and taking advantage of Drew’s rows with Dan to suggest he move in with her. She angered Irene by getting Belle drunk and angered Belle by suggesting that she didn’t approve of Drew being exclusive to Belle.

When Drew asked Jazz to buy him a car she refused but he stole a cheque from her and Jazz blackmailed him into moving in with her in exchange for her silence. With Drew now installed in her house she continued trying to win him round whilst also trying to ruin his relationship with Belle. She got him expensive concert tickets but also invited the girl he cheated on Belle with, round to the house.

Jazz next met up with a man called Dane who was revealed to be her solicitor and through conversations with him we realised that Jazz had an ulterior motive for being in the bay. Drew had inherited a fortune from Jazz’s mother and she was hoping for her share. She was also sleeping with Dane but that didn’t stop her hooking up with Tony Holden and they began a casual relationship. Jazz found herself falling for Tony, despite Drew’s attempts to split them up. When Tony finally called time on things Drew instantly phoned her ex husband who returned to town prepared to make a go of things… until Drew informed him of her affair with Tony.

When Drew got in trouble with the law Jazz managed to convince Belle to convince Dom to get him out of it, leaving Drew grateful for her support.

Finally Dane admitted to Drew that he was his rich grandmother’s sole heir but unknown to Jazz, Dane had already aroused Morag’s suspicions and she offered to represent Drew. Her digging discovered Jazz’s deceit and unable to talk Drew round, Jazz set about contesting the will. In the mediation hearing she appeared to have the upper hand when she produced a witness from her mother’s care home who testified that her mother was not of sound mind. Morag later discovered Jazz kissing the witness in question and with Dane now unwilling to support her and Drew unwilling to forgive her, Jazz was forced to drop the case.

Drew attempted to drive her out of town by engineering a power cut at her house but it backfired when the house was set on fire and Jazz only just survived. Drew agreed to use his inheritance to pay for repairs to the house and gave the rest to Jazz on the proviso she left the bay for good. Jazz took the money and left the bay.

Jazz returned to the bay shortly after Dan’s death to pay her respects to Leah. Most of the residents weren’t pleased to see her back, and she got into a scuffle with Amanda at Leah’s house. She visited Tony to see if they could start over again, but Tony revealed to her that he’s was now with Rachel.

Jazz got a job as secretary in Summer Bay High. She started to date Miles and it seemed her life was getting back on track. Joy was short-lived when ran into Mr. Bartlett, her boss, at one of the Fight Clubs where Ric was preparing to fight somebody. Jazz told Martin that she wouldn’t say anything about him being there. But Jazz began to use this as a way to persuade Martin into doing things. Miles found out about her blackmailing and quickly dumped her, leaving Jazz devastated.

Jazz confided in Tony and she told him that she ruins every relationship she’s in by doing stupid things. Jazz turned up at a Jack and Martha’s engagement party drunk and started to cause mischief. Melody’s mother turne up at the party and caused a scuffle which lead to Jazz slapping her across the face. Tony bought her home, but Jazz admitte that she was still in love with him. She let slip that she put laxatives in Rachel’s drink so she couldn’t go to a party in the city, so Tony had to take Jazz. Tony was angered by this and said she had to leave the house first thing in the morning. Rachel gave Jazz a piece of her mind. Jazz said that she really wanted to change, but she ound it hard to get out of her old habits. Jazz talked to Tony who said that she needed to start a new life somewhere else.

Miles met Jazz in Noah’s the next day and said that he had forgiven her. He told her that she deserves to be happy. She said goodbye to Miles and left Noah’s to go to the city to spend more time with her son, Drew.

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