Benji Perrin

Andrew Steel

Benji Perrin (2011)
Andrew Steel
Episodes: 54075412

Benji was one of the River Boys, first seen when Brax found him at the Braxton house with Heath, who was taking him for his first surf after spending two years in jail. Initially frosty, Brax ultimately greeted him in a friendly manner. Heath reminded Brax that they’d promised Benji work when he got out in return for him not implicating them. Since Brax was trying to distance himself from criminal activities, he kept his side of the bargain by offering Benji a job delivering pizzas at Angelo’s. Soon after, there was an armed robbery at the service station and Brax saw Benji and another River Boy, Sam Foster, with a large amount of money at Angelo’s.

However, forensic evidence then emerged placing Brax at the scene of the robbery. Brax realised that Benji and Brax’s new girlfriend Hayley O’Connor were working for Jake Pirovic, who Benji had been in jail with, to frame him, and Benji had roped Sam into carrying out the robbery with him. At Charlie’s urging, Inspector Joyce and Constable Watson brought Benji in for questioning after finding him camping out. Joyce told him that the service station attendee, Simon Peet, could identify his tattoo and voice as that of the gunman, and it would go better for him if he named the getaway driver. Benji claimed it was Brax but not long after the police got a confession from Sam.

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