6 Emmerdale Spoilers for Next Week – 3rd to 7th June

Next week on Emmerdale, Matty’s freedom and Samson’s life are under threat, Marlon contemplates ending his marriage, and Rose makes a big mistake.

1) Matty is subject to abuse

Six weeks after their somewhat fraught wedding day, Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Matty (Ash Palmisciano) could be forgiven for thinking they’re managing to settle into married life without too many issues.

Indeed Matty’s in a particularly good mood next week, as he ponders asking Jai (Chris Bisson) for a pay rise so he and Amy can move into a new place together.


But this is Emmerdale after all, and the couple are in for a shock when a nasty altercation at The Hide threatens leaves Matty’s freedom, and Samson’s (Sam Hall) life, under threat.

Up at Wishing Well Cottage, Samson tells Sam (James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick) of his plans to travel around Europe by car with new friend Josh (Osian Morgan) once he’s passed his driving test.

Lydia’s not too chuffed with the idea, and is secretly hoping that Samson will either fail his test, or the car that Samson has bought will not be deemed roadworthy.


Lydia hides her disappointment when Cain (Jeff Hordley) gives the car the green light, and soon enough Samson is driving up to the house alongside Josh with the L plates removed. He’s passed his test! Samson is a bit put out by Lydia’s unenthusiastic attempt at congratulating him, but thoughts soon turn to celebrating the milestone.

As the teens head up to The Hide, Josh takes a fancy to Amy and piles on the charm.

Josh starts to flirt with Amy and at first Matty is a bit taken aback but he takes it with a pinch of salt,” explains Ash Palmisciano. “They’re a lot younger, Josh seems like a bit of a cheeky chappy and Matty knows that him and Amy are so solid and he trusts her so much, he’s more amused and tolerating it at first.


Matty is proud when he sees Amy put Josh in his place, but as time goes on, the comments start to target Matty, who Josh clearly knows is trans.

It goes from banter, causing a bit of a scene in the Hop to really picking on Matty,” Ash continues. “He starts referring to him as ‘she’, starts saying I know who you are, I know what you are. And he makes it very clear he knows about Matty and he is not happy with it at all.

“A bit of name calling, a few comments, a few awkward glares and it puts Matty on edge at this point.


Amy decides to leave work early rather than put up with more of Josh’s nonsense, and the tables are turned when Matty takes him to task. Matty removes Josh and Samson’s drinks and starts to give him some home truths, humiliating Josh as he asks them both to leave the premises.

What does surprise Matty is Samson’s reaction though, failing to pull his friend in line.


Samson is going along with it which is a real shock, because Samson is loosely connected through family to him. Samson is standing back and letting Josh belittle Matty, and letting Josh try to intimidate him – it gets to the point where Matty questions is Samson actually scared of Josh. Is he going along with it because this Josh is making him?

2) Samson’s life is on the line

Outside, a worked-up Josh starts to deadname Matty, and Samson reluctantly follows him back inside as Josh decides he needs to be taught a lesson.

Josh makes a fuss about being refunded for the drinks that they weren’t allowed to finish. Matty obliges, not wanting to escalate things further.


But the situation suddenly changes as Josh then demands all the money from the till.

Josh actually picks up a glass bottle and hands one to Samson,” Ash tells us. “They start threatening Matty and getting in his face, pushing to get the money from the till.

“They say to him in not so many words unless Matty hands over the money they’re going to do something really bad to him. It is very much a fight or flight situation, and Matty is not sure how to handle it.


He tries to appeal to Samson’s good nature, explaining how look, we are family – what are you doing? You don’t need to be doing this.

As the situation continues to escalate, Matty attempts to send the two on their way and carries on clearing up some plates and cutlery. But just as Matty picks up a knife from a discarded pizza board, Josh happens to shove Samson towards Matty.


For a moment there’s confusion as Samson holds onto Matty, until they look down and realise that Samson has been stabbed by the knife that Matty was holding!

At that moment, Jai walks in, and is confronted by Samson bleeding out whilst a shocked Matty stands in front of him with a bloodied knife.


Josh is quick to manipulate the situation in front of Jai, and quickly becomes panicked about his friend, accusing Matty of coming at the pair of them and asking Jai to keep him away.

Matty struggles to comprehend what has happened, and doesn’t immediately realise the potential ramifications.

At this point Matty is completely bewildered,” reveals Ash. “It is one of those situations that’s got so out of hand, he’s processing how it could have got to this point.

It’s so out of character for Matty, he’s not one for confrontation, his day started off so joyful so happy he couldn’t believe what has now happened. I think what makes it real is that when the police show up, he starts thinking how this might look and what that might mean for a character like Matty.

3) Rhona and Marlon’s marriage deteriorates

Elsewhere in the village, Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) marriage continues to deteriorate as the couple descend into another slanging match.


Things have been tense between the pair since Rhona dramatically turned against ex-husband Gus (Alan McKenna) at his trial, delivering a scathing witness statement that saw him locked up for 8 years.

Marlon’s issue wasn’t so much the fact that Rhona had changed her mind about defending Gus, but more that she had made that decision without consulting him first, a trend that has become all too common in recent times.


An introductory session with a marriage counsellor only saw the couple bicker throughout, and next week it’s a conversation with vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin) that riles Marlon up.

When Charles brings up the topic of possibly getting Ivy christened, Rhona is happy to engage, but when Marlon walks in he’s furious to hear that something else is apparently being organised without his knowledge.

Rhona attempts to explain to Marlon that it was Charles who brought it up, but Marlon is frustrated by the fact that Rhona is always coming up with some excuse to justify her actions.


Things become so heated that Marlon ends up throwing a bowl of meringue across the Woolpack kitchen in anger, and Rhona’s later devastated to hear that Marlon is heading off on a camping trip with best mate Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to help him decide if their marriage is over for good.

4) Paddy tries to change Marlon’s mind

On the trip, Paddy is shocked to hear that Marlon is still in the mindset that he should divorce Rhona, and attempts to convince Marlon to fight as hard for his marriage as he did with his stroke.


But will Paddy be able to get through to him?

Meanwhile, Mary suggests to Rhona that she needs to take her own drastic action to save her marriage…

5) Rose gets Will and Kim offside

Over at Home Farm, Rose (Christine Tremarco) makes a horrendous faux-pas as she continues trying to build a relationship with daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley).

Rose has managed to find herself living in ‘the big house’ for the moment, alongside ex-husband Will (Dean Andrews) and his wife Kim (Claire King), having previously been estranged from Dawn since she was five years old.


It became apparent last week that there was an ulterior motive for Rose’s presence at Home Farm though, when it was revealed that she was in cahoots with none other than Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) as part of a plan to take down Kim.


Dawn and husband Billy’s (Jay Kontzle) minds have been focused on their baby soon Evan however, who has recently been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Dawn is exhausted having spent the majority of her time at the hospital, and when Evan picks up an infection next week, she’s quick to point fingers at Billy who has been coming and going whilst taking care of the other kids Clemmie and Lucas, wondering if he’s brought germs in.


Dawn is grateful when her mum gives her a chance for a couple of hours respite, and invites her to join her for a brandy to de-stress. With Dawn struggling to sleep, Rose offers her some strong sleeping pills as solution, not realising that her daughter is a former addict.

Furious, Will and Kim quickly step in as they comes into the room and hear the conversation, with Will informing Rose that Dawn is in recoverya fact she’d have known if she’d have anything to do with her daughter over the years.


Will warns Rose that she’s on her final warning and she’ll be out of Home Farm if she sets one more foot wrong.


Dawn makes it clear to her mum that she forgives her over the mistake, and tells her that she appreciates the time they’ve had together getting to know each other.

Rose is heartened by her daughter’s words, but Kim soon brings her back down to earth by informing her that she’s a long way from gaining Will’s forgiveness for the hurt she’s caused.


Rose later informs her co-conspirator Ruby on the latest hitch in their plans, but Ruby reminds her that there can’t be any further mistakes made if they are to succeed.

6) Liam struggles to accept the truth about Ella

Also next week, Liam (Jonny McPherson) is struggling after learning the horrific truth about girlfriend Ella’s (Paula Lane) past.


As Liam collects his thoughts on the humpback bridge where daughter Leanna (Mimi Slinger) died, Cain reminds Liam that he cares about what he’s going through as they share a beer.

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