124 classic Home and Away episodes available to stream

124 classic episodes of Home and Away have been added to 7Plus, celebrating births, weddings, deaths and tragedies from the past 35 years.

Last week it was announced that Seven would be adding classic episodes of Home and Away to its 7Plus streaming service in Australia.

The episodes have now been added, and across 124 episodes we celebrate 20 births, 33 weddings, and get emotional with 33 tragedies and major events, and 28 deaths.

The Pilot episode is also available, taking Summer Bay fans to the very beginning.

The 2002 bus crash left Donald Fisher injured

Key episodes include Alf and Ailsa’s wedding, the 1995 plane crash, Cyclone Raymond from 1997, the 2000 landslide, the 2002 bus crash, Noah’s shooting as part of the 2004 stalker storyline, and the more recent revelation of Witness X from 2020.

All of the episodes are now available to Australian viewers on 7Plus.

UK viewers don’t have access to the collection, though Channel 5 are adding a new episode to My5 each day until the end of December, and a total of 35 episodes will be available by the end of the month.

The full list of episodes on 7Plus is as follows:

Pilot (1988)

The story of the Fletcher family from the very beginning.


Christopher Fletcher (1988)

Tom and Pippa Fletcher welcome the arrival of baby, Christopher.

Martha Mackenzie (1988)

Roo Stewart welcomes the arrival of baby Martha.

Duncan Stewart (1989)

A traumatised Ailsa rebels against the arrival of her baby, while Alf and Tom cling desperately to life.

Tamara Simpson (1992)

Sophie gives birth to a baby girl.

Dale Ross (1992)

Pippa gives birth to a baby boy.

Shane Parrish Jr. (1996)

Angel gives birth to a baby boy.

Olivia Fraser Richards (1998)

Chloe is in excruciating pain as she times the contractions until her baby arrives.

Byron Fisher (1999)

Marilyn gives birth to baby, Byron Vincent Fisher.

Lily Nash and VJ Patterson (2001)

Leah and Vinnie and Gypsy and Will all become proud parents. But in an instant, both couples lives are changed forever.

David Simpson (2003)

Like many children born in Summer Bay, David chose an inconvenient time, as Sophie goes into labour in the middle of Sally’s hen party on a secluded beach, forcing Flynn to abseil down a cliff to help deliver him.

Pippa Saunders (2004)

Will Sally and Flynn arrive in time for the birth of their baby?

Noah Hunter (2005)

Trapped in the bush, Scott delivers Hayley’s baby. But their bliss is soon shattered by an unthinkable tragedy.

Ella Hunter (2006)

Tasha’s rushed in for emergency surgery as her baby makes a dramatic entrance into the world.

Archie Hyde (2007)

Stranded in the bush, it’s up to Kim to help Kit with the birth of their baby – but their bliss is soon shattered by an unthinkable tragedy.

Harry Holden (2009)

Rachel has an emergency with the baby’s delivery, but where is Tony?

George Franklin (2011)

With Angelo’s help, Nicole gives birth to a baby boy.

Rocco Scott-Braxton (2012)

Heath and Bianca are forced to discuss what to do if there are any complications with the birth.

Harley Braxton (2014)

Jess goes into labour on the beach, delivering baby, Harley.

Casey Braxton Jr. (2015)

Ricky goes into labour and Brax has no idea.

Grace Morgan (2019)

A very big moment for Tori.


Tom Fletcher (1990)

A tragedy befalls the Fletcher family.

David Croft (1991)

Able to deceive the police, Karen takes her deception one step further with tragic consequences.

Meg Bowman (1992)

Meg dies peacefully in Blake’s arms watching the sunrise together.

Bobby Marshall (1993)

A terrible accident means the end of Bobby and Greg’s happiness.

Shane Parrish (1996)

Shane is rushed to hospital, but nothing can be done to save his life. Angel says goodbye to Shane and she struggles to find the words to say to Dylan.

Michael Ross (1996)

Irene begins to get suspicious about Selina and Steven. Ten weeks premature, Angel’s baby arrives. After saving Sam, Michael is swept away in the flood waters.

Ailsa Stewart (2000)

Tragedy strikes the Stewart family as Ailsa dies from a heart attack after lifting some heavy boxes Alf had neglected to move.

Ailsa’s ghost (2002)

Alf is shocked to see Ailsa in the diner after apparently coming back from the dead.

Noah Lawson (2004)

Summer Bay reels after the murderous rampage. It’s time to say goodbye to a friend forever.

Remembering Noah Lawson (2004)

The Bay farewells a favourite.

Flynn Saunders (2006)

Tragedy rocks the Bay. Alf makes Flynn a life altering promise.

Emily Vincent (2006)

Brad fulfils Emily’s dying wish, while Cassie and Macca struggle to keep their affair secret, how long can they get away with it?

Dan Baker (2008)

Sam puts her family and friends in danger as she moves Johnny Cooper into Tony’s house. Will a teenage road trip turn into the trip from hell? Leah’s world comes crashing down.

Sam Holden (2008)

Tragedy strikes and panic sweeps through Summer Bay – some of our favourite residents’ lives will be changed forever.

Jack Holden (2008)

Melody causes disaster at the school formal in a night that Summer Bay will never forget.

Lou De Bono (2009)

One person’s return to the Bay is met with hostility. Xavier worries about the safety of his brother.

Belle Taylor (2009)

Aden is trying to be strong, but he’s alarmed at how fast Belle’s condition appears to be deteriorating.

Charlie Buckton (2011)

Sid’s job at the hospital is in jeopardy and Indi urges Romeo to get a job at the resort.

Stu Henderson (2012)

Xavier resolves to stick the academy out. Meanwhile, a shocking truth is revealed in Summer Bay.

Danny Braxton (2012)

Brax and Natalie discover Danny has been shot by Casey.

Gina Palmer (2013)

Gina collapses, unconscious at the wheel of her car.

Casey Braxton (2014)

Casey dies in brother Darryl (Brax’s) arms.

Billie Ashford (2017)

Summer Bay is rocked by the worst possible news. A surprise wedding in the midst of tragedy.

Beth Ellis (2017)

How will Mason handle the news about Beth?

Kat Chapman (2017)

Tori worries Justin will help a grief-stricken Ash get revenge on Robbo.

Ross Nixon (2019)

Is Colby about to cross the line?

Tommy O’Reilly (2019)

Irene’s support network takes a sinister turn.

Mason Morgan (2020)

Lives hang in the balance as an unexpected threat arises.

Robbo Shaw (2020)

Jasmine’s world comes crashing down when Colby gives her devastating news.

Evan Slater (2020)

Ryder and Evan share a deeply emotional moment. Colby tightens his gaze on Ari. Martha returns to Merimbula.


Alf’s Proposal (1988)

Alf proposes to Ailsa again and this time, she says yes.

Alf and Ailsa (1988)

Alf and Ailsa head to the city and marry secretly.

Frank and Bobby (1989)

Reverend Flowers marries Frank and Bobby.

Ben and Carly (1990)

Ben finally makes it back to Summer Bay and he and Carly are married at last.

Pippa and Michael (1991)

Pippa starts to have second..third..fourth thoughts about marrying Michael but finally, they exchange vows.

Shane and Angel (1995)

Overcoming adversity, Angel walks down the aisle to be married to Shane

Fisher proposes to Marilyn (1996)

Fisher proposes to Marilyn.

Marilyn and Fisher (1996)

Marilyn and Fisher’s wedding day finally arrives. As Rebecca fusses over Fisher, Shannon volunteers to make the video and spends the day capturing the special moments on tape. But does the day go off without a hitch?

Rebecca and Travis (1997)

It’s a nice day for a white wedding!

Leah and Vinnie (2001)

Excitement, nerves and family dissention surround Leah and Vinnie’s wedding.

Will and Gypsy (2002)

Will and Gypsy are married and then leave the Bay forever.

Sally and Flynn (2003)

Tears, drama and more than a few surprises – its Summer Bay’s wedding of the year!

Kane and Kirsty (2004)

Beth and Rhys’ nuptials are mirrored by another secret wedding.

Hayley and Noah (2004)

Hayley and Noah are married in a fairy-tale beachside service. Kane and Kirsty renew their vows.

Leah and Dan (2005)

Leah and Dan’s wedding day has finally arrived. But will Amanda’s meddling stop them making it down the aisle?

Tash and Robbie (2006)

Robbie and Tasha’s wedding day is marred by heartache when a shocking revelation turns their world upside down.

Martha and Jack (2006)

Martha and Jack’s perfect wedding day ends in unthinkable tragedy as Zoe enacts her final explosive revenge.

Rachel and Kim (2006)

It’s a wonderful day for a wedding as Kim and Rachel tie the knot. But unfortunately the evening brings the arrival of a surprise visitor for the young newlyweds.

Amanda and Peter (2007)

Kelli and Ethan prepare to enact their revenge on Amanda by destroying her wedding day.

Ross and Morag (2008)

Ross and Morag tie the knot. Martha prepares for surgery. Roman’s concern for Nicole deepens.

Rachel and Tony (2009)

Tony and Rachel exchange vows and Rachel makes a heartfelt speech, declaring her love for Tony…as tragedy strikes.

Belle and Aden (2009)

After the truth comes out, Aden struggles to decide whether he can marry Belle.

Gina and John (2010)

Gina Austin and John Palmer are wed in unique circumstances.

Romeo and Indi (2011)

Will Sid stop Indi and Romeo’s wedding?

Bianca and Liam (2012)

Liam and Bianca’s big day has finally arrived. But as the ceremony nears, Bianca’s feelings for Heath continue to loom. Will she make it to her wedding, or will Liam be left alone at the altar?

Heath and Bianca (2013)

Bianca and Heath’s wedding day has arrived.

April and Dex (2013)

Will April go through with the wedding?

John and Marilyn (2014)

Marilyn and John finally tie the knot!

Ricky and Nate (2015)

Nate fears he’s been stood up at the altar.

Leah and Zac (2015)

Leah and Zac are finally wed. Charlotte threatens to reveal everyone’s secrets at the wedding ceremony. Irene spirals out of control.

VJ and Billie (2016)

VJ can’t wait for the wedding, but Billie isn’t so sure.

Brody and Ziggy (2018)

Will Brody and Ziggy have their happily ever after?

Colby and Chelsea (2018)

Colby and Chelsea’s beautiful wedding points to a bright future. Love is well and truly in the air, but will it last?

Jasmine and Robbo (2019)

Tori, Robbo and Jasmine’s worlds are changed forever.

Alf and Martha (2020)

Alf and Martha’s special moment.


Plane crash (1995)

The plane wreckage is found with one fatality.

Car crash and bush fire (1995)

Nelson is paralysed as he watches the car explode into flames with Jack caught inside. The fire takes over Summer Bay, and while Fisher is saving the school, his own home is burnt to the ground.

Bomb explosion (1996)

Alex is blinded by an explosion.

Marilyn skydives (1997)

To Fisher’s horror, Marilyn becomes caught in a crosswind during her skydive.

Cyclone Raymond: Part 1 (1997)

Everyone gathers at the school, awaiting Cyclone Raymond.

Cyclone Raymond: Part 2 (1997)

Summer Bay catches the tail end of Cyclone Raymond.

Alisa held at gunpoint (1998)

A holdup at the diner ends in a shooting tragedy.

Travis rescues Gypsy (1999)

The Nash family scream their terror as hungry flames surround and lock them in the burning house.

Duncan’s bomb goes off (1999)

Duncan’s bomb blows Alf to smithereens!

Landslide (2000)

Bad weather threatens the lives of the inhabitants of Summer Bay.

Bus Crash: Part 1 (2002)

The year ten excursion ends in tragedy.

Bus Crash: Part 2 (2002)

A desperate rescue plan is set in motion to save the people trapped in the bus.

Storm hits MV Mirigini: Part 1 (2002)

Mayday, mayday, mayday…tragedy strikes, as a storm hits the cruise ship, MV Mirigini out of Summer Bay.

Storm hits MV Mirigini: Part 2 (2002)

Mayday, mayday, mayday…tragedy strikes, as a storm hits the cruise ship, MV Mirigini out of Summer Bay.

Storm hits MV Mirigini: Part 3 (2002)

The aftermath of the storm. The SES starts trying to locate the missing people.

Storm hits MV Mirigini: Part 4 (2002)

The aftermath of the storm. The SES starts trying to locate the missing people.

Mine shaft (2004)

Tragedy rocks the Sutherland family.

Car cliff accident (2004)

Summer Bay is in shock after the deadly accident.

Stalker shoots Noah (2004)

A night of terror ends in tragedy, as Sarah enacts her final murderous rampage.

Cyclone (2006)

Summer Bay braces itself for devastation as the cyclone rips through town.

Chopper crash (2006)

Summer Bay is changed forever when another unexpected tragedy befalls them.

Summer Bay High on fire (2006)

Sally and Belle fight for their lives as they remain trapped in the burning school.

Sally stabbed (2006)

A brutal attack leaves the life of one of the Bay’s most loved residents hanging in the balance.

Fire at the formal (2008)

In the series final for 2008, Melody causes disaster at the school formal in a night that Summer Bay will never forget.

Great storm (2011)

Harvey’s boat sinks in the storm and Alf and Romeo go on a rescue mission to search for Harvey’s charter. Romeo and Harvey find themselves in a life threatening situation.

Caravan Park explosion (2016)

A deadly blast at the hospital fundraiser changes Summer Bay forever

Cabin explosion (2017)

Will Scarlett make it out alive? Are any of the others seriously injured?

Wrecking Yard attack (2017)

Can Robbo save Kat from Novak?

Car crash (2017)

Have Kat and Robbo said their final goodbyes?

Car chase (2018)

Justin’s plan to get rid of Robbo hits a deadly snag.

Ash and Robbo face off (2018)

Will Robbo finally get caught?

Ava kidnapped (2018)

The race to save Ava from the kidnappers is on.

Tunnel collapse (2018)

Raffy’s life is in danger as she becomes trapped in the tunnel

Ross Nixon car chase (2019)

Ross presents Colby with an awful choice.

Ross Nixon face off (2019)

Tragedy sets Colby and Dean on a dangerous path.

Hostage situation (2020)

Can Robbo convince Scott to spare his life and save Jasmine?

Witness X reveal (2020)

Colby’s trial begins with a bombshell as the identity of Witness X is revealed.

Colby bashed in prison (2020)

Colby is in danger.

7Plus has also added a new ‘FAST’ channel, streaming a different classic episode of Home and Away 24 hours a day.

Designed for fans to immerse themselves, “fast channels” are ad-supported channels which air episodes of dedicated series 24/7.

The Home and Away fast channel joins a whole host of existing channels on 7Plus for reality shows including Australia’s Got Talent, My Kitchen Rules, Farmer Wants a Wife and classic Aussie dramas including A Country Practice and Blue Heelers.