Home and Away to end in the UK for 2022

Home and Away is set to take its annual winter break in the UK, with just over two weeks of episodes left until 2023.

The final episode of the year will air on Channel 5 on Friday 18th November, with a shocking cliffhanger which will leave UK viewers waiting until next year to see whether all of their favourites survive.

The episode’s “first look” will air on 5STAR on Thursday 17th November at 6:30pm, before airing on Channel 5 on Friday 18th November at 1:45pm and 5STAR at 6pm.

There will be no “first look” episode on 5STAR on the final day.

Home and Away will then be off the air for the rest of November and throughout December, likely returning to UK screens early January 2023.

The show takes a break each winter, ensuring that it doesn’t get too close to Australian broadcasts of the show.

Home and Away airs on Channel 7 in Australia, where it also takes a break each December, meaning there aren’t enough episodes for Channel 5 to broadcast it all year round.

This year it took an additional week’s break for the Commonwealth Games.

Read on for some major spoilers for UK and Australian viewers.

UK viewers are in for a treat in the final week of the year. While the show always ends on a huge cliffhanger in Australia, in the UK it used to end rather unceremoniously due to the transmission gap with Australia varying each year.

In recent years, however, Home and Away’s producers have ensured that UK viewers also get a big event to finish the year, by scheduling another major cliffhanger for the date of the UK’s final episode in November.

This year, the drama will centre around Heather (Sofia Nolan) – who was recently uncovered as Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) secret daughter – as she exacts revenge on Marilyn, who she resents for abandoning her at birth.

She invites Maz, Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) to a large mansion house under the guise of organising a brunch to make amends for her recent actions.

In reality, she has a sinister plan as she drugs them and takes them hostage.     

The final scenes of the year will see Alf, Roo, Leah and Irene tied up in the dining room of the country estate, with Alf in serious trouble as the sedatives that Heather gave them begin to affect his existing heart condition.

In the dying moments of the year, Heather drags Marilyn into the room, where she forces her to confess to her loved ones the truth – that Heather is her daughter.

Whether Alf will survive, and how Marilyn’s closest friends will react to the news that she’s been hiding a secret daughter for over two decades, well, viewers will just have to wait to find out.

While the return date isn’t usually confirmed until nearer the time, this year saw Home and Away return to Channel 5 on Monday 3rd January.

If it returns on a similar date in 2023, then UK viewers can expect the show to be off the air for six weeks.

The date of the Australian season finale hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it is expected to air in late November.

UK viewers haven’t yet seen Tane (Ethan Browne) propose to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) – those scenes will air on Channel 5 next Friday 11th November – but the Australian season finale will see the pair’s wedding disrupted as their big day ends in disaster.

Read more on what we can expect to see in the final Aussie episodes of the year and what’s in store when Home and Away returns in 2023.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final fortnight of Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 7th November (Episode 7891)

Tane has big plans for Felicity. Xander gets back in the game. Marilyn confesses to a crime.

Tuesday 8th November (Episode 7892)

Ziggy refuses to accept her limits. Xander and Bree’s prank pays off. Marilyn lies to protect Heather.

Wednesday 9th November (Episode 7893)

Is Leah the target of a personal attack? Dean cops Ziggy’s pregnancy mood swings. Mackenzie makes Justin an offer he can’t refuse.

Thursday 10th November (Episode 7894)

Felicity follows a trail of suspicion. Has Leah sent Heather packing?

Friday 11th November (Episode 7895)

Eden’s betrayal ends a friendship. Tane plans a surprise for Felicity. Has heartbroken Cash become the heartbreaker?

Monday 14th November (Episode 7896)

Felicity is shocked by Tane’s proposal. Marilyn blames Leah for losing her daughter.

Tuesday 15th November (Episode 7897)

Felicity crumbles under engagement pressure. Eden bares her heart for Cash. Bree welcomes a surprise visitor.

Wednesday 16th November (Episode 7898)

Roo wants answers from Marilyn. Remi fears for Bree’s safety. Dean learns Ziggy has cancelled her ultrasound.

Thursday 17th November (Episode 7899)

Ziggy’s baby fears keep the doctor away. Are Marilyn’s friends walking into a trap?

Friday 18th November (Episode 7900)

Ziggy and Dean announce their big news. Lyrik’s new song is a hit, but could it be bigger? Unhinged Heather holds Marilyn’s friends hostage.

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