Neighbours Spoilers – Ned turns nasty as he sabotages Amy and Levi

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Ned hatches a devious plan to get Amy all to himself, while Hendrix’s attempt to give Mackenzie the perfect night goes up in flames.

Ned’s (Ben Hall) suggestion that he, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Levi (Richie Morris) explore a polyamorous relationship, where Amy has two boyfriends at the same time, was meant to be an easy answer to the question of which of the boys Amy should date.

Yet all it has done is cause problems for the trio – Levi and Amy have endured a tirade of disparaging remarks from Sheila (Colette Mann), Ned has felt like Amy has spent too much time focussed on Levi, and now Amy is being accused of hypocrisy after being jealous of Levi’s growing feelings for newcomer Felicity (Isabella Giovinazzo).

After all, if she can have two boyfriends, why can’t he have two girlfriends?

However, it seems like Felicity may not be a problem for long.

This week saw Amy accidentally let slip that Levi already has a girlfriend, and Felicity wasn’t best pleased to have been kept in the dark about his polyamory.

At the end of this week’s episodes, Amy approached Felicity and tried to convince her to give Levi another chance. She’s trying to make things better and get back into Levi’s good books, before she finds herself shoved aside.

However, Amy’s words make no difference, as Felicity has already decided that she doesn’t want to pursue anything with Levi. She’s strictly a “one guy kinda girl”, and likes her guys to be “a one girl kinda guy.”

In her eyes, it’s not a big ask to have a boyfriend who’s only interested in her, and, after having only had two dates (or, really, one and a bit dates) with Levi, she’s happy enough to call things off and move on with her life.

Yet while Amy may not have been able to convince Felicity to give Levi another go, Ned thinks he can do better. Next week, he spots an opportunity to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier – especially his own.

While he was the one who suggested a polyamorous relationship in the first place, he only did it so as not to lose Amy, not because it’s something he particularly wanted. Just a few months into their ‘V-shaped’ relationship, he’s starting to come to terms with the reality of it, and it’s a lot more difficult than he expected.

While he and Levi have both managed to split their time with Amy reasonably well, with neither becoming overly jealous of the other, deep down he just wants Amy to himself, and is getting fed up of having to share her affections.

Ever since Felicity came on the scene, Amy hasn’t been able to get her and Levi’s budding romance off her mind, and it’s starting to affect her relationship with Ned. All she talks about is Levi, all she thinks about is Levi, and it’s making Ned feel unwanted.

So, when he bumps into Felicity at The Waterhole, he decides to do some meddling. She’s initially reluctant to chat with him, knowing full well that he’s Amy’s “other boyfriend,” but she eventually gives him the time of day – “if it means you’ll leave me alone!”

“I don’t think Levi’s as into our arrangement as you think he is,” he begins. She’s confused why he’d tell her that, but he assures her that Levi is a mate and he simply wants him to be happy. He explains that he also wants Amy to be happy…

“And you think she’d be happy with just you?” asks Felicity, quickly seeing what he’s getting at.

If she gives Levi another shot, Ned adds, there’s a good chance that all four of them will get what they want. For Ned, that’s Amy all to himself. “I guess I’m asking for your help.”

Soon after, Amy is surprised when she sees Felicity and Levi enjoying what appears to be a third date together. She seems pleased, and thinks that it was her little chat with Felicity that did the trick. Little does she know, her other boyfriend went behind her back to make it happen.

Taking his plan to the next level, Ned then organises for Amy to interrupt the date. She has already decided she should try to get to know Felicity better – after all, he and Levi are friends, so it makes sense that Amy and Felicity be friends too – and this gives Ned the perfect opportunity.

“You should go and say hello,” he tells her, encouraging her to crash yet another of their dates. “You know how it’d look? It’d look like you’re okay with them being together!”

Yet in reality, he thinks that by Amy barging in on their third date, it’ll rile Levi up and make him realise that he can’t possibly date Felicity while Amy is on the scene. However, while Felicity is put out by Amy’s overly-friendliness, Levi is actually impressed at the effort she’s making!

In his eyes, his first girlfriend is finally coming around to the idea of him dating two people at the same time.

Will Ned succeed in getting what he wants, or is his plan about to backfire spectacularly?

Elsewhere, Hendrix goes all out to get No. 30 ready for his and Mackenzie’s romantic night in. After weeks of tiptoeing around each other, they’ve finally brought up the subject of sex, and agreed that they’re both ready.

Mackenzie wants the full romantic experience, explaining that being swept off her feet is every girl’s dream, and she wants that for herself. Happy to oblige, Hendrix spends the afternoon lighting candles, putting together fancy cocktails and preparing a charcuterie board.

Everything’s perfect, and he texts Mackenzie to tell her that all she needs to bring is “your beautiful self”.

Yet despite all his hard work, disaster is just around the corner!

As he carefully crosses the room with his freshly prepared flaming cocktails, he loses his footing and spills them, setting the tablecloth alight!

His big night literally goes up in flames – but what for the former House of Trouser? Can No. 30 be saved?

These episodes will air from Monday 8th November.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 8th November (8727)

When Kyle gets the heartbreaking results of his scan, Roxy works hard to be his rock but is left feeling like she’s not doing a good job in the supportive girlfriend role.

Hendrix and Mackenzie finally have the long-anticipated talk about taking the next step in their relationship.

Felicity is not interested in having a poly relationship with Levi, meanwhile Ned is also upset with Amy and her constant focus on Levi.

Tuesday 9th November (8728)

Ned wants Amy all to himself, but his plan to get her to approach Felicity might just backfire.

Jane convinces Nicolette, Aaron and David to go ahead with Chloe’s idea for a family photoshoot in an attempt to promote harmony.

Wednesday 10th November (8729)

When Nicolette reveals she’s still not prepared to honour her original promise to give them primary custody of Isla, David makes a suggestion they can all agree on.

Hendrix sets up the house for a perfect evening with Mackenzie.

When Paul offers Terese a lift home, she begins to break down under the emotional weight of being around him.

Thursday 11th November (8730)

When Mick shows up to his first day at Lassiters, Chloe realises there’s been a huge mistake and Harlow is delighted with her ploy.

Roxy hatches a plan to bring some excitement to Kyle’s experience of depositing sperm, but it backfires badly.

As the Lassiter’s Summit in Queensland draws closer, Terese is barely holding it together while trying to avoid Paul.

Friday 12th November (8731)

Terese arrives at the conference, turning to her flask when she learns she has to work with Paul on some last-minute adjustments to their presentation.

Chloe confronts Harlow about her hiring Mick, but she brazenly denies, leading Leo to offer a stressed Chloe her job back at the vineyard.

Paul decides to stay in Queensland for the night, but Lucy is less than thrilled.

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