Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and Leah get their money back!

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Leah and Justin celebrate when they get their stolen money back, but still have John to contend with as he advances with his plans to buy the garage.

It’s a tense start to next week, as Justin (James Stewart) comes face to face with an intruder at Summer Bay Auto, to find it’s none other than John (Shane Withington).

At the end of last week, he received a call from the security company, telling him that the garage alarm was going off. Panicking, he drove straight to his business to find the shutter open, with noises coming from inside.

As we rejoin the action on Monday, Justin silently ducks under the shutter, grabs a socket set and prepares to face the burglar. Letting out a warning shout as he runs into the office, he’s stunned to find John inside, snooping through files!

John’s excuse is that he’d decided to “test the security system”, but Justin is instantly riled up that the supposedly “hands-off” new owner is already pushing the boundaries.

To make matters worse, the alarm company contacted the police, and it isn’t long until Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) turns up to check that the place isn’t being turned over.

When the new cop asks Justin whether he wants to press charges for breaking and entering, Justin is so angry at John that he’s seriously tempted. “It’s a crime which carries a pretty hefty penalty,” Cash warns, which is music to Justin’s hears. However, John has an easy way to wriggle out of it – “it carries a pretty hefty rent increase too,” he points out to his new tenant with a wry smile.

Before the new ownership has even been finalised, the two old friends are falling out. This can’t end well.

Is Justin about to learn everything he’s worked so hard for?

It’s on Leah to calm down her boyfriend. She points out that the sale is probably going to go through, meaning they’ve no choice but to find a way to work with each other. “He did buy the place to help you out – surely that has to count for something?”

She convinces him to sit down with John and have a conversation. Giving in, Justin suggests to John that they find a way that he can contribute to the business, but one that works for the both of them. John jumps at the idea with his usual enthusiasm, excitedly telling Justin that he’s already got plenty of ideas for the garage that he wants to run past him.

While they both shake on it, Justin’s nervous look is very telling of his true feelings.

Only a couple of days later and John sits down with Justin to talk through his plans. He presents them with a full dossier of ideas, including an improved marketing plan and some ways to make the business more efficient, giving the couple a lot to think about.

Surprisingly, when Justin gives it a full read-through, he realises that some of the ideas are actually pretty good! However, he’s nervous to accept John’s suggestions, knowing it means he’ll never get rid of him.

However, Justin and Leah are about to get some news that changes everything.

It’s been months since Susie skipped town after swindling them out of their $90,000 house deposit. Although Stephen ended up recovering the money, it’s spent the past couple of months in the hands of the police, and the couple have given up on ever seeing it again.

However, next week, Justin gets an unexpected call from their lawyer. Now that the investigation into Susie’s fraud is reaching its end, the cops are releasing their funds – they’ve got their $90,000 back, and they couldn’t be happier!

While it’s great news for them, it does mean they need to have an awkward conversation with John.

“So, now that we are back on our feet again…” Leah begins, before Justin takes over. “We are not going to need you to buy the garage any more!”

While he does his best to appear okay, it’s clear that John is hurt to know they don’t want him as part of their business. Will he really just step back?

Yet while they may not want John’s involvement, Justin’s next move could open up a big rift between the pair.

As Justin and Leah celebrate with Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) later that evening, Justin starts telling them about John’s ideas, and how they could really propel his business forward. He’s particularly excited by John’s idea of offering a panel beating service.

However, the two doctors are quick to assure him that he can’t simply steal John’s ideas, even if he won’t be able to use them himself! “It’s called ethics, remember them?” quips Tori.

Would he really steal John’s ideas for his own?

However, that may prove to be a moot point. They’re in for a big shock the next day, when John tells them he won’t be withdrawing his offer after all – he’s going to press ahead with the purchase!

Elsewhere next week, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) finally gets discharged from hospital. However, he’s clearly not happy to be home, and is increasingly uncomfortable as Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) fuss over him.

He also ignores Bella’s texts, refusing to engage with his ex-girlfriend, who is now desperate to win him back.

It’s clear that he feels guilty for causing the accident by skipping town, and blames himself for Mia’s resultant miscarriage. He pushes everyone away, leaving his family worried for his mental state.

When Mia finds him tearfully sitting on the veranda in the early hours of the morning, she goes to comfort him. He opens up, telling her that she was only there because of him, and now she’s lost her baby. “I did that, I took that from you and Ari.”

As he breaks down in her arms, will he be able to get over the guilt and rebuild his relationships with his family and ex-girlfriend?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 27th September 2021 (Episode 7630)

Jasmine gets mixed signals from Cash. John and Justin draw the line. Chloe has an idea to save their debt.

Tuesday 28th September 2021 (Episode 7631)

Jasmine discovers who Felicity is. Tane finds some company on the dance floor. Chloe bends the truth to get what she wants.

Wednesday 29th September 2021 (Episode 7632)

Leah and Justin receive some unexpected news. Ari changes his priorities. Jasmine and Cash have an extra guest for lunch.

Thursday 30th September 2021 (Episode 7633)

Justin and Leah celebrate the returned money, though John has other ideas. Bella is left devastated by Nikau’s misguided attempts to make things right.

Friday 1st October 2021 (Episode 7634)

Mackenzie makes her feelings towards Logan known. Dean’s first steps to rehabilitation create a hurdle for him and Ziggy. Alf fights for Martha’s attention.

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