Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and John battle as the garage is sold

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Justin is in for a shock when he finds out who’s bought the garage. Friendships are about to be put to the test – can he and John find a way to work together?

Justin and Leah have been on cloud nine the past few weeks

When, at the end of this week, Justin (James Stewart) gets a call to tell him the garage’s building is up for sale, he panics. As he only rents the space, there’s every chance that a new owner would want to redevelop, split the building into multiple units or, at the very least, hike the rent.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is concerned about more than just his business. Her boyfriend is finally in a good place, after months of turmoil. She doesn’t want this new development to ruin all his hard work.

Leah and John look on as a stressed Justin walks away

Downloading to John (James Stewart), she explains that they don’t have the funds to buy the place themselves, and she’s worried that the added stress could derail Justin’s recovery from his painkiller addiction.

Is Justin about to learn everything he’s worked so hard for?

Next week, Justin decides to get one step ahead and starts looking for alternative premises, just in case the worst happens and the new owner kicks him and his business out. If he can feel in control, it’ll keep his stress levels in check.

Sadly, he comes back from Yabbie Creek disappointed – while he found plenty of suitable locations, none of them are within budget. He and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are hardly flush for cash after Susie scammed them out of $90,000, so it looks like any plans for a relocated garage will have to be put on the back burner.

All they can do is endure an anxious wait, cross their fingers and hope that the building’s new owner is happy to keep them on without a hefty rent increase.

Justin and Leah lost thousands to Susie’s scams – they’re desperate not to lose the garage too

That is, until John (Shane Withington) comes to them with an idea. Ever since the bank returned the money that Susie stole from him, he’s been feeling guilty. He brought Susie into Leah and Justin’s lives, and now they’re the ones suffering, while he seems to have got off scot free.

He approached Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to see if there was a way he could give the returned money to Susie’s victims, but was told data protection made it impossible for them to hand over the victims’ details. Offering up the money on Scam Stop was an even worse idea, as it meant he was likely to get scammed again.

John got back all of the money Susie stole from him, and now wants to use it for good

So, next week, John approaches Leah and Justin with a plan for how he can help them. He wants to buy the garage land himself.

That way, he would be Justin’s landlord, but would let Summer Bay Auto carry on exactly as before.

“It’s a good investment, it helps you two, it’s a win win,” he assures them. “The money’s got to go somewhere.”

Justin initially seems positive about the idea, but soon begins to worry that mixing business with friendship may not end well.

He eventually John he won’t take him up on the offer, and he and Leah encourage him to stop feeling guilty and use his money for something more fun – “go on holiday,” encourages Leah.

While John puts on a brave face and claims to agree with what they’re saying, it’s clear he’s disappointed that they weren’t more enthusiastic.

The entrepreneurial couple decide not to look into other places, and plan to take a breather as they wait to hear whether a sale even goes through. It’ll likely be months until someone buys the building, and there’s every chance that a new owner will want to keep the garage in place.

Yet the decision is soon taken out of their hands. it turns out Palmer has ignored them and put in an offer on the garage anyway, and he’s set to be a handful!

Just hours later, Justin gets a call telling him that a sale has been agreed, and that he can meet the new owner the following morning. It’s a panicked evening as he puts together notes and plans so he can try to convince the buyer to keep things as they are.

The next morning, Leah and a sleep-deprived Justin head to the garage early to meet the mystery buyer, with Justin hoping to impress with coffees and bacon rolls.

He’s confused when John pulls up, and tries to quickly hurry him away, telling him that he’s got an”extremely important meeting with the new owner.”

John shocks Justin and Leah with a revelation – he’s bought the garage!

However, John quickly fills in the gaps – “I know,” he tells them as he struts towards them, clearly in a joyous mood. “Because that would be me.”

While Justin is initially perturbed – especially considering John did it behind their backs – he soon warms to the idea when John assures them that he’ll be totally hands off.

“I’ve got no interest in running a garage,” he assures his friend. “Your business, your rules. I just want you to rest easy, knowing that your business is safe.”

John even assures him that if their stolen money is eventually refunded, they could even form a partnership.

It looks like they’ve got a deal on their hands and, with smiles all around, a joyous handshake seals the deal.

The perfect solution? Of course it isn’t!

John doesn’t do things by halves. Is he about to take over?

It isn’t long until Justin and Leah get a reality check, and see just how difficult this new owner could be.

Even before the purchase has officially completed, John decides he wants to look into how the garage is run.

As Justin walks along the beach, he gets a phone call from the security company to tell him that the garage’s alarm is going off. Rushing down, and calling the police on the way, he gets to the building to find the shutter partially open and the alarm light flashing.

When he hears noises, he realises the intruder is still inside. Not wanting to wait for the police, he decides to try and face the burglar head on.

Slowly ducking under the shutter and tiptoeing towards the noise, Justin is about to come face to face with an over-enthusiastic new owner who has no qualms about breaking into his tenants’ businesses.

As he picks up a heavy socket wrench and inches towards the noise, is he about to inadvertently do some serious damage to his new landlord?

It’s going to be a bumpy ride as John takes over. Will the two headstrong guys find a way to work together?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 20th September 2021 (Episode 7625)

Ryder spends the day trying to cheer Chloe up. Martha’s idea is a hit. Cash wants to play a game of touch footy with Jasmine. Justin receives help from an unlikely source.

Tuesday 21st September 2021 (Episode 7626)

Jasmine and Cash’s date is a surprise. Justin faces the new owner of the Garage. Bella searches for an answer about Nikau.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 (Episode 7627)

Ziggy won’t leave Dean’s side. Bella finally sees Nikau. Mia is cold towards Ari.

Thursday 23rd September 2021 (Episode 7628)

Ziggy contemplates her past and future. Ari’s worried about Tane spiralling. Bella tells Nikau how she feels.

Friday 24th September 2021 (Episode 7629)

Mia finally admits her fears. Justin receives bad news about the Garage. Logan makes an interesting impression around the Bay.

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