Neighbours Spoilers – Melanie is threatened when Rose returns!

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Melanie is thrown by the reappearance of Toadie’s former assistant and ex-girlfriend, Rose Walker!

These episodes will air from Monday 6th September.

Anyone who knows Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) knows that he hasn’t exactly had the best run when it comes to love.

Of course, there is the tale of his wives Dee (Madeleine West) and Sonya (Eve Morey), one of whom passed away in tragic circumstances, and another presumed dead for the better half of two decades.

However, it’s only been the last few years that his love life has fallen victim to total calamity! Short-term relationships with multiple women have seen the father of two left unhappy time and time again. Now, he’s finally found some stability, but it seems that a ghost (or ex!) from the past could be back to ruin that.

As the last few weeks went by, news began to emerge of Melanie Pearson’s (Lucinda Cowden) relationships with her bosses over the years. It’s now clear that she obviously has a thing for bosses and, with this out in the open, Toadie has begun to wonder whether he is just another notch on her belt.

But the lawyer has much more to worry about than whether Melanie’s feelings for him are real. Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) is forced to break the news that they are losing business as a result of the fiasco.

Toadie is bummed. After years of building up a loyal client base, the companies and individuals who have put their trust in him are turning their back and it’s all thanks to Melanie.

With the film festival about to descend upon Lassiters, Mackenzie sees an opportunity. Realising the need to get some good PR for the business, she presents Toadie with a plan. It involves a sponsorship deal with the upcoming festival. She emails the PR manager, but when she finally receives a response, she sees something that shocks her.

Unfortunately for the enthusiastic legal assistant, the person in charge is none other than Rose Walker (Lucy Durack)!

For those who have forgotten, Rose was Toadie’s assistant about a year ago, with whom he also pursued a relationship. While the pair got along well, it wasn’t destined to be. She had only taken a job with him due to the fact that he was her estranged husband’s divorce lawyer!

Mackenzie tries her best to get into contact with Toadie to give him forewarning but it proves to be to no avail. Rose has already travelled to Erinsborough and it doesn’t take her long to find what she’s looking for.

Jarrod?” she asks when she finds him at Harold’s with Melanie.

He’s shocked, he can’t believe that she is back in town. But he’s not the only one surprised to see her… Melanie is quick to get on the front foot, introducing herself as Toadie’s ‘new squeeze’.

While Melanie doesn’t initially think she has anything to worry about, after a chat with Hendrix and Mackenzie, she’s given cause for concern. Despite Mackenzie’s attempts to keep the truth under wraps, Hendrix says a little too much and Melanie learns that there was a little more than a professional relationship between the pair.

Caught off guard by the news, Melanie is a little upset that she never knew the extent to which Toadie’s relationship with his previous assistant reached. Is he the one with a type?

As night falls, Toadie and Rose wrap up their first planning session for the festival. Moving onto personal matters, they discuss the kids, and Toadie fills her in on how Nell (Scarlett Anderson) is really interested in dancing at the moment. Rose is happy to hear it, but when Melanie arrives, things turn awkward.

A twirl and point,” Melanie says, as she informs Rose of Nell’s favourite dance move.

Elated, Rose explains that she is the one that taught Nell that.

Visibly uncomfortable, Melanie attempts to back pedal. As Rose excuses herself and heads off, Melanie gives her a quick look up and down and grits her teeth.

She seems so lovely,” she says to an unsuspecting Toadie.

It’s obvious that Melanie is intimidated by Rose’s presence in Erinsborough. Will her arrival cause more issues between the pair in the rockiest time of their relationship?

Elsewhere, the drama in the Levi (Richie Morris), Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Ned (Ben Hall) relationship continues…

It’s Levi’s birthday and Sheila (Colette Mann) has organised a family birthday dinner for her beloved grandson. Considering how negatively she has approached his polyamorous relationship, he didn’t plan on asking Amy to come, but when his grandmother suggests it, he jumps at the idea.

Unfortunately, what he doesn’t know is that Sheila has also decided to invite Ned as well.

When Ned and Amy both show up, Levi can’t quite believe his eyes. However, the trio decide to play Sheila at her own game and play up the affection.

But when Sheila makes one snide comment too many, Amy lets rip!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 6th September (8682)

Leo keeps his stance from Chloe, deciding that he can’t stay in Erinsborough right now.

Jane returns from Queensland, full of questions about why Nicolette hasn’t returned.

Aaron and David embrace fatherhood when Paul returns with baby Isla, but things aren’t as they seem.

Tuesday 7th September (8683)

When Sheila accidentally catches Amy and Ned in the act, she warns Levi that Amy’s actions are no different from on partner cheating on another.

Paul puts the breaks on when Terese starts to make the necessary arrangements for the Quill investment.

Paul is shocked to learn that Jane’s hired he own PI to hunt for Nicolette.

Wednesday 8th September (8684)

John “reports” that Nicolette is the US and can’t be found so Paul persuades Jane to let it go.

Melanie’s past is coming back to haunt them when a number of Toadie’s clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

Thursday 9th September (8685)

Toadie’s guardian angel for the film festival is Rose Walker, who’s back to help him restore his good image, but she just may have another agenda.

Sheila throws Levi a family BBQ for his birthday, cunningly inviting both Ned and Amy which only backfires for Sheila when the trio prove they’re happy.

Friday 10th September (8686)

Craving some intimate time with Ned, Amy books a room at the hotel for a private rendezvous but she accidentally texts Levi the invite.

Rose uses the festival project to wrangle as much time with Toadie as possible, which leaves Melanie feeling on the outer.

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