Home and Away Spoilers – Baby blues for Ari and Mia

Next week on Home and Away, Mia and Ari get some fantastic news, but it’s not long until it’s overshadowed by worry. Has their baby journey hit a hurdle before it’s even begun? 

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) have been very nervous about their attempts to have a baby. The couple, who were together before Ari was sent to jail, made multiple attempts to start a family together, but all of them were marred by failure and heartbreak.

Mia suffered multiple miscarriages in their years together. Finally, she gave birth to a baby boy – Kauri – but he died shortly after birth.

The couple still have a box of his things, and being reunited with that box of memories caused Ari to break down in tears last month.

Despite all of the trauma that having a baby brought them, the newly reunited pair are still keen to start a family of their own.

It took some time for Ari to convince Chloe (Sam Barrett) that he would always consider her his daughter, and that having a baby would never affect that. Now, all three of them are on board with Ari and Mia’s plans to try for a baby.

Next week, there’s some good news for the couple, but their troubled history means the worry instantly sets in.

Next Monday, as Ari rushes off to the beachfront, concerned that it might be Mackenzie’s body the police are pulling from the bay, there are other things on Mia’s mind.

She’s feeling sick as she heads to work at the gym, and struggles to concentrate. She can barely maintain her composure as she holds a fitness class. When Tane gives her the news that Mac is alive, her pained reaction makes him realise something isn’t right.

She asks Tane if he can give her a lift home, as she gives in and ends her working day early. She just needs him to make a quick stop off along the way…

When Ari arrives home, he’s worried that him rushing off to check on his ex-girlfriend has upset Mia. However, he couldn’t be further from the truth. He tries explaining himself, but Mac quickly tells him to shut up.

“I’m pregnant”, she tells him with a smile.

He throws his hands up in the air in excitement, completely lost for words.

They’re all over each other in the days to come. They have feelings of excitement mixed with trepidation – they’ve been here before, and although they may have gotten pregnant very quickly this time, they still know there’s a risk that things will come crashing down like they did many times before.

Yet this time it’s different, Ari says, they’re stronger this time.

They agree they need to always be honest with each other, with Mia assuring Ari that he doesn’t need to be strong for her. “Whatever happens, we just keep talking.”

There’s just one thing left to do – tell Chloe (Sam Barrett).

However, before they can, Mia gets a worrying call. It’s late in the evening but her obstetrician wants to see them the following day for an ultrasound, offering them a fast-tracked appointment.

They don’t know why they’re getting an after-hours call and jumping the queue, but considering their history they fear the worst. Has something gone wrong with the pregnancy already?

They decide to wait for the results of the ultrasound before they give Chloe the news, but when they get a text from her at the hospital wondering where they are, it looks like things won’t be that simple.

They manage to get away with telling her they’re grocery shopping, but when Chloe later sees how suspicious they’re acting back at the house, she knows there’s something else going on.

When she suspects they’re breaking up again, Ari realises they have no choice but to come clean.

“I’m pregnant,” Mia reveals.

Expecting looks of elation and jumping for joy, Chloe knows something’s up from their muted reactions. “That’s good news, right…?”

“Yeah, it is, it’s uh….”

Before Ari has a chance to explain, they get the phone call they’ve been dreading – the obstetrician with the results. Yet it’s not what they were fearing… it’s good news!

Everything is good, the baby’s strong. There was no panic, that was all just in their heads, just leftover fear from their past experiences. What’s more, Mia is further along than they thought.

Finally, the elation can come.

Despite her initial concerns about being left behind, it’s Chloe who seems the most excited. “So it’s official? Everything’s okay, I’m gonna be a big sister?!”

Their pregnancy journey has well and truly begun. Will things stay quite so simple over the months to come?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 26th July 2021 (Episode 7585)

The Bay is desperate to discover whose body is in the water. Justin tries to make amends. Dean catastrophises. Ari gets some unexpected news.

Tuesday 27th July 2021 (Episode 7586)

Mac makes more of an effort. John is interviewed by police. Justin and Leah clash over Susie.

Wednesday 28th July 2021 (Episode 7587)

Irene is named as a suspect. Mac turns a corner. Justin’s apology attempts fall flat.

Thursday 29th July 2021 (Episode 7588)

Leah and Justin are at breaking point. Tori gives Justin an ultimatum. Mia gets a worrying phone call.

Friday 30th July 2021 (Episode 7589)

Bella and Emmett show off their talent. Sienna sets her sights on Nikau. Roo has an unexpected visitor.

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