Neighbours Spoilers – Brent robs The Hive, putting Nicolette’s life in danger

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Brent Colefax’s plan to run away with his younger brother puts the lives of Nicolette Stone and her unborn child in grave danger!

These episodes will air from Monday 10th May.

Despite a chequered past, since returning to Erinsborough, Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston) has attempted to put his bad boy streak behind him.

He’s cleaned up his act, has been happily living at No. 32 with David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) and is in a stable relationship with Harlow (Jemma Donovan). However, the past has been back to haunt him recently in the form of Holden – a gang leader who robbed Brent when he was living on the streets.

Holden has been hanging around for a few weeks now. Viewers will know that he was responsible for belting Roxy over the back of the head at the university and for the theft of a dirt bike which he forced Brent to hide.

The tools, donated for the Year 13 initiative.

Now, Holden’s using his influence with Brent again. Last week, Brent alerted Holden to the fact that various local businesses had donated tools for the Year 13 project and thought he might be interested in organising a job. Obviously, with thousands of dollars worth of equipment up for grabs, Holden is very interested. The catch for Holden is that Brent wants to split the profits 50/50.

For Brent, this is not about partaking in crime or appeasing Holden. Brent and his younger brother Emmett have been talking about running away together for weeks now, and starting a new life together. They think that David and Aaron see them as a burden, so want to get away before the couple’s baby is born and they end up being completely neglected.

The money that Brent could receive from the robbery would be enough to help them get their fresh start. To him, that’s reason enough for pairing up with Holden.

Holden isn’t playing nicely…

Unfortunately for Brent, it’s not that easy. Holden refuses to budge on the negotiation, offering Brent 30/70 at best, but with all his debts paid. As Holden reminds him, Brent owes him one after accidentally blowing the lid the stolen bike situation. He can take it or leave it. Thinking over it, Brent agrees – he’ll give Holden the security code to the Hive lockup.

Plans are forced to accelerate when Brent gets wind that Jane wants all the equipment moved to the school, believing it to be a much safer location for such expensive gear. She’s livid with Curtis for storing the goods in the coworking space considering the venue’s involvement with the bike theft just weeks earlier, and demands he move them right away.

On the phone to Holden, Brent is almost caught by Nicolette revealing that the job must be done tonight instead. Nicolette is suspicious, and her fears are exacerbated when she catches Emmett acting weirdly at mention of Brent.

Noting Emmett was on his laptop, she heads over to look and finds he was looking at the price of electrical tools – suspicious Googling for a 13-year-old boy. Fearing the worst, Nic decides to pop out under the guise of going to Harold’s. In reality, she heads straight to the Hive, just minutes behind Emmett.

There, Holden and Brent have entered and are looking around at the equipment.

Let’s get this over and done with,” Brent says, as he and Holden begin moving the goods into the back of a van.

Brent and Holden are busted… by Emmett!

It’s not long before Emmett arrives, wanting to stop his brother from doing anything stupid. He silently navigates his way in, but is grabbed in the darkness by Brent, and is horrified when he finds out exactly what his brother and Holden are doing doing! But the pleasantries are cut short when Holden comment that he heard a noise.

There’s someone else here,” he whispers.

Brent decides there and then that it is time for him to leave Holden to it, and he and Emmett make a run for it, leaving Holden alone.

Holden is soon greeted by Nicolette, who was following closely behind. It takes her a few moments to clock the reality of the situation, and, as she bumps into Holden in the dark, she innocently states she’s looking for a 13 year old. The exchange is quite pleasant until Nicolette begins to recognise Holden from the police photofit. As she goes to grab her phone, he charges her and chases her into another room.

Holden throws Nicolette against some shelving, which falls on top of her.

Catching her, he throws her into a shelving unit, which comes crashing down, knocking her unconscious and pinning her to the ground.

Holden’s shocked by what has happened, but knowing time isn’t on his side, he attempts to finish up the job as soon as possible. Once again, Holden is caught out – this time by Curtis, who has come to check on the equipment.

Walking in on the tail end of the robbery, Curtis is shocked to find a van full of the Year 13 power tools sitting open outside The Hive. But Holden isn’t waiting around to be ratted out. He hits Curtis over the head with a torch, smashing his cochlear coil and leaving him unable to hear.

Concurrently, Nicolette rouses to find that she is bleeding. She lets out a blood-curdling scream, calling out for help. However, with Holden long gone and Curtis’s implant broken, the lives of both Nicolette and her unborn child are in danger.

Will Nicolette and the baby be okay?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 10th May (8597)

Teaming up with Holden, Brent goes ahead with his plan to steal the Year 13 equipment from The Hive.

Seeing Emmett’s concern for Brent, Nicolette follows Emmett and lands in danger.

After their awkward moment together, Mackenzie and Hendrix worry they may have ruined their friendship.

Tuesday 11th May (8598)

Emmett manages to stop Brent from committing a crime.

Nicolette is trapped and calls for help before falling unconscious.

Jane, tired and worried for her daughter, is angry at Curtis and Susan for not listening to her about the power tools being at risk at The Hive.

Wednesday 12th May (8599)

Aaron and David struggle to believe Emmett is responsible for the robbery, tactfully encouraging Brent to do the right thing and come forward.

While Jane and Susan are left at a stalemate, Jane receives a surprising offer.

Thursday 13th May (8600)

Worried about Brent and unable to be around Paul, Harlow temporarily moves into No. 30.

When Mackenzie has to cancel plans to hang out with Hendrix to take care of Harlow, Hendrix realises how much he misses his friend.

Sheila #2 hires Ned to give her art lessons and the two begin to form a genuine friendship.

Friday 14th May (8601)

Sheila is flustered as she tries to make a good impression on their sophisticated lunch guest Sheila #2.

Bea can’t help but notice the chemistry between Ned and Sheila #2, which coincides with a hungover Yashvi not giving helpful Ned the recognition he deserves.

Determined to prove he is only interested in friendship with Mackenzie, Hendrix makes a call that puts their friendship in jeopardy once again.

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