Home and Away Spoilers – Alf meets Martha’s secret son!

As the UK airings of Home and Away finally reach the 2020 season finale, Martha is shocked to find her estranged son has turned up in Summer Bay…

It’s been a year since Alf and Martha Stewart (Ray Meagher and Belinda Giblin) remarried after finding each other again after 33 years apart, but there’s still skeletons tumbling out of the closet as we found out last week when Kieran Baldivis (Rick Donald) came to town!

It was only a few days before when Roo (Georgie Parker) has asked Martha whether she’d dated anyone over the past three decades, and Martha coyly replied that didn’t spend her entire time in a nunnery. Alf attempted to question her further but Martha quickly shut him down. She later received a letter from a friend in Merimbula, with a note that someone has asked to be passed on to her. Identifying themselves only as ‘K’, the writer asked to meet with Martha.

A panicked Martha arranged to head back to Merimbula the very next day, but couldn’t tell Alf the reason for her visit, instead promising to update him on her return.

Before her departure, Irene noticed a clearly upset Martha sitting in the diner, who couldn’t keep her secret any longer. Confiding in Irene, she admitted that she had a son, Kieran, who she hadn’t spoken to in years and Alf who doesn’t know anything about!

When Martha returned at the end of the week, she was finally honest with Alf. She told him that she’d had to meet with Kieran and tell him that she’d remarried. Whilst Alf was happy that she was keen to update Kieran on her life, he felt angry that she hadn’t shown him the same courtesy.

Roo was just as baffled to discover she had a half-brother, and Martha explained to them both that she hadn’t expected to ever see Kieran again, with him having various issues over the years. Kieran has expressed his wish to meet Alf and Roo, but Martha warned him not to make contact until she’s spoken to them herself.

But Kieran was clearly enthusiastic to meet Martha’s other family, and unexpectedly showed up at the diner at the end of the week looking for directions to the Stewart house.

This week, Kieran tries all the tricks in the book to get Marilyn (Emily Symons) to reveal where Martha lives, but not knowing the man’s identity she says that she can only pass on a message.

In the meantime, Martha is filling in Alf and Roo about Kieran’s history. His father had problems with alcohol and Kieran very much grew up to be his father’s son. He had always been a handful, but it got to the point where a heartbroken Martha had to cut him out of her life. When Marilyn returns home with the news of the mysterious gentleman, Martha realises that it can only be Kieran, and can’t believe he’s turned up following her explicit instructions.

Alf heads out to find Kieran himself, and tells him they’re going to have a little chat. Although angry, Alf keeps his cool and gives Kieran a chance to explain. Kieran says that he know he has a lot to make up for, but he is sober now and is trying to make amends. He’s not the same angry kid that she threw out the house.

Possibly fearing what they might find, Martha and Roo then turn up, and Kieran apologises for upsetting her. Roo introduces herself as his half-sister, as she jokes that it’s a complicated family tree. The family talk, and it’s agreed that Kieran can stay in one of the caravans as long as he plays by Alf’s rules—he doesn’t visit Martha whilst Alf isn’t there.

Later in the week, Roo gives Kieran a tour of the bay, and is momentarily thrown when he declines visiting Salt on account of their serving alcohol. Roo immediately apologises, the thought having not crossed her mind, and Kieran explains that whilst some people can easily resist temptation, he sadly isn’t one of them.

Martha is slightly concerned about how long Kieran has been out with Roo, and she eventually reveals to Alf that Kieran used to get violent with her. One day it got so bad that she had to call the police. Martha pleads with Alf, stating that Kieran has told her he’s changed after going to rehab, but Alf now wonders if he’s made a mistake in allowing Kieran to stay.

Kieran’s behaviour starts to become odder throughout the week, and when he enquires with Jasmine (Sam Frost) about a job at the gym, she asks him to drop off a CV to her the following day.

Kieran is quite insistent on having a chat there and then instead, and when she explains that she has other applicants to consider, he tells her she’d be wasting her time—he’s perfect. When Jasmine’s friend Lewis (Luke Arnold) is forced to step in and ask Kieran to back off, Kieran heads outside and starts punching a tree.

Is Kieran really as in control of his issues as he makes out?

Speaking to Stuff NZ, Rick Donald said “I loved the idea of going up against such an iconic character (Alf), of coming on the show and locking horns with someone so iconic. That really excited me

He has a lot of layers to him,” Rick said of his character. “He’s someone with major flaws and is dealing with some mental health issues. Unfortunately, for some people who have real problems with addiction, they just can’t get out. It’s the very sad truth of the situation.

Rick previously guest-starred in Home and Away back in 2011 as Dean O’Mara, the man who raped Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) at a fundraising ball on the farm. He is also married to former Home and Away regular Catherine Mack, who played Natalie Davison from 2012-2013.

She loved her experience and was excited for me to be jumping onto the ship” Rick added.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away season finale episodes in the UK:

Monday 15th February 2021 – Episode 7471

Distressed, Bella is comforted by Mackenzie and Ari.

Dean spirals into self-destruction.

Alf deals with a new arrival.

Taylor and Angelo continue their reconciliation.

Tuesday 16th February 2021 – Episode 7472

Is Dean too broken to return to his old life?

Will Jasmine visit Colby in prison?

Will Angelo and Taylor hit the road?

Ari gets an unwanted text.

Wednesday 17th February 2021 – Episode 7473

Justin demands answers from Ziggy after police search the garage.

Ari and Tane weigh up their options.

Christian tells Tori of his plans for the future.

Thursday 18th February 2021 – Episode 7474

John goes on a date with someone unexpected.

Tori and Christian have an announcement.

Tane and Ziggy give in to temptation.

Friday 18th February 2021 – Episode 7475 (2020 Season Finale)

Colby is in danger.

Jasmine bumps into an old friend.

Martha tells Alf about Kieran’s past, as a setback causes Kieran to behave oddly.

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