UK Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix steals Dipi’s necklace to repay his debts

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Hendrix panics after receiving a death threat from Kane. Fearing for his life, he decides to steal Pierce’s necklace and hand it over… but it isn’t the solution he was hoping for.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 25th January.

Hendrix’s blackjack game losses have been spiralling out of control fast. When Pierce decided to cut his son off financially, seeing it as the only way he’d learn to support himself, Hendrix decided a proper job just wasn’t for him.

He wasn’t qualified enough for the kind of high-class jobs he wanted, but didn’t want to work his way up from the bottom like everyone else. So, when Jay suggested card counting as a way to get some quick cash, he jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, after one initial win gave him a little too much confidence, things became more difficult. He and Jay are playing against Kane Jones, fresh out of prison for his part in the fight ring from 2019. Kane quickly suspected that something was up, so introduced more cards into the deck as a way to prevent card counting. Just like that, Hendrix and Jay lost their advantage.

Yet Hendrix couldn’t stop himself. Rather than just cut his losses and leave the game, he decided to ask “the house” (aka Kane) to spot him the cash… yet without being able to card count, he suffered loss after loss. Suddenly, having borrowed more and more money, poor Hendrix found himself $10,000 down.

Next week, Kane makes it clear that he wants his money back quickly. Stupidly, Hendrix let slip that he’s a Greyson, showing off that his father is a millionaire. All that means is that Kane thinks he’s got access to large amounts of cash at the click of his fingers, and pushes him even harder to repay him back with interest.

In reality, Hendrix is penniless. He doesn’t want to contact either of his parents, ashamed to admit what he’s done. He needs to prove to them that he can stand on his own two feet.

Thankfully, with Christmas just around the corner, could his presents be his saving grace? On Christmas Day, Harlow presents him with skydiving tickets, and he’s stunned when he finds out they’re worth $500. He feels super guilty, knowing he hasn’t been able to buy her anything… but his doting girlfriend tells him she understands he’s going through a rough patch.

Guilty though he may feel, his desperation wins out. Within hours, he’s sold the skydiving tickets to a friend, and goes begging to Kane. Yet Kane makes it pretty clear that won’t cut it – he wants all of the money, not a measly $500.

Not long after, he gets a second Christmas present. This one is less desired… As he opens it, he stumbles backwards. It’s a bullet. Clearly Kane is getting impatient!

Jay, who got him into this mess in the first place, has an idea. He’s overheard his mum talking about Pierce’s necklace, and how she’s decided to try to sell it. She can’t keep it, she needs to give it up and move on from Pierce for good.

The necklace is in Dipi’s drawer at Sheila’s, where she’s still staying after her separation from Shane. Hendrix is reluctant to go breaking into his neighbours’ houses, but with the bullet threat hanging over his head, he knows he has no choice.

Stealing the spare key from underneath one of Sheila’s prized gnomes, and with Jay out front keeping lookout, he sneaks inside.

The necklace is worth far more than $10,000, so surely that’s the end of the story? Yet when he meets up with Kane again, it quickly becomes clear that Hendrix’s troubles are only just beginning. Kane is taking advantage of him, and loving every minute of it.

Kane agrees to take the necklace, but it’s only going to clear half of the debt. He needs to go to the effort of selling it, Kane explains, and time is money.

Fine, Hendrix tells him, just give it back and he can sell it himself, then come back with the cold hard cash. But it’s too late. Kane refuses to hand it back over. What’s more, he wants to use Number 24 for the next gambling night, starting that very night. Oh, and he’s forcing Hendrix to play…

He’s a necklace down, and still has $5000 of debts hanging over his head. What more can he possibly do?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 25th January (8523)

Terese is fuming when she learns the truth about Amy, leaving Chloe feeling guilty for pushing Terese to use the original uniform designs.

Kane sends Hendrix a frightening message, making it very clear he isn’t messing around and wants his money.

Kirsha is home for Christmas and she’s on a mission to get her parents back together.

Tuesday 26th January (8524)

Shane gives Dipi the impression that he’s keen for them to get back together, and with a final push from Kirsha, Dipi decides it’s time to start repairing their marriage.

Shane and Amy work together to convince Terese to accept Amy’s new designs, and get caught up in the excitement of her success.

Jay suggests that Hendrix steal the diamond necklace that Pierce bought Dipi to pay back his debt to Kane.

Wednesday 27th January (8525)

When David is caught in Sheila’s crossfire, he urges Jane and Clive not to let her unfairly dictate their lives.

Roxy encourages Sheila not to give up on Clive, twisting the talk she had with Jane the other day about her feelings for Des.

Shane tells Dipi about his impromptu kiss with Amy and Dipi’s hopes for a reconciliation are secretly dashed.

Thursday 28th January (8526)

Levi is struggling to assemble Bea’s billy cart and his embarrassment grows when she deems it an easy task, but he’s determined to do it on his own.

Shane takes Dipi’s reaction to his kiss with Amy as confirmation that she’s moved on and struggles with the idea that their marriage might really be over.

Friday 29th January (8527)

Paul returns from New York and informs Aaron and David that he’d like to have lunch with them and Nicolette.

Clive decides that he and Jane should slow things down for a while, leaving Jane to worry about their future.

Sheila is rushed to hospital and taken into surgery for a pacemaker.

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