Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce bids farewell to Ramsay Street

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Dipi tells Pierce that she wants them to have a future together. Yet she’s set for heartbreak, as he moves to Sydney for a fresh start, saying goodbye to Ramsay Street forever.

These episodes will air in Australia from Monday 23rd November, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 14th December.

Was Pierce’s heart attack scare for nothing, or will this be a slow burning storyline that returns when we least expect it?

Well, well, well. You may remember we teased that there may be a murder on the cards, as Pierce suffered a “tragic accident” at the end of last week. This week, all signs point to him being poisoned, as his test results come back with narcotics in his system. We pondered in last week’s spoiler article if we were about to see another Ramsay Street whodunit?

Don Hany (r) replaced Tim Robards (l) on screen a month ago, but now it’s time for Pierce 2’s final scenes

Well, if the latest spoilers are true, Pierce Greyson’s exit from Erinsborough is much less dramatic than all of that, as he quietly wanders off for a fresh start in Sydney at the end of next week.

That’s right, Pierce bows out from Erinsborough next Friday in a very unspectacular fashion, but not before leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Happy families with Shane feel so long ago

Dipi (Sharon Johal) realises that she’s been happier with Pierce (Don Hany) than she has been in years, and confesses to him that she wants them to form a proper relationship.

For her, their affair felt like a mutual attraction, a chance for something new after both of their marriages were breaking down. She feels like she deserves more than Shane’s addiction, their money worries and his failed inventions. Pierce has not only offered her a life of luxury, but he’s a strong and stable man she can form a real emotional connection to.

Talking to TV Week about next week’s episodes, Sharon said “Over time, Dipi saw Pierce as the man she should have married. It felt completely mutual and reciprocated.”

So she’s in for a big shock next week, when Pierce tells her he’s leaving Erinsborough for a fresh start in Sydney. He doesn’t share her desire for a future together, and he’s going to leave her alone to pick up the pieces of her broken marriage.

She’s devastated that her actions have broken up two marriages, and doesn’t even get to walk off into the sunset with her dream man. How will this leave things for her and Shane?

With Pierce out of the picture, where will this leave her friendship with Nicolette?

Chloe is taken back by his announcement, but can’t help but feel that it’s for the best. She’s still coming to terms with the fact her marriage is over – and at least with Pierce out of the way, it gives her a fresh start.

Yet before he leaves, Pierce gives her one final warning about Nicolette. What does he have to say?

There’s a shock in store for Hendrix as well. The millionaire’s son isn’t set to get any special treatment, and his father tells him that he’s going to have to support himself if he wants to stay in Erinsborough.

He has a warm welcome at the Kennedy house, but is going to have to find a job and pay rent if he wants to stay at Number 28. Used to the upbringing afforded to him by his rich dad, can he quickly learn to stand on his own two feet?

With Pierce gone, supposedly for good, we can’t help but feel like there are quite a lot of loose ends yet to tie up. Will we ever find out who poisoned him?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 23rd November (Episode 8500)

Dipi is devastated and bewildered when Pierce tells her they have no future together.

Yashvi is quick to offer Dipi support but is much less sympathetic towards Shane.

Nicolette is gutted by her mother’s lack of faith in her and delivers Jane a painful ultimatum.

Tuesday 24th November (Episode 8501)

Susan notices spark between Toadie and Audrey when to two agree to have dinner together.

Karl discovers an anonymous $50,000 donation towards his Movember campaign.

Discussing things over a few wines, David, Aaron and Nicolette jump into a spur of the moment decision.

Wednesday 25th November (Episode 8502)

Sheila tries to throw a spanner in the works when she learns that Levi is helping Nathan and Bea to reconnect.

David has concerns about the decision they’ve made.

Paul is horrified with David and Aaron’s decision, urging David to call the whole thing off.

Thursday 26th November (Episode 8503)

Pierce reveals he’s moving to Sydney, and that if Hendrix wants to stay in Erinsborough, he’ll have to support himself.

After arriving back from Sydney to be by Nathan’s side, Bea is soon torn between two men after a moment with Levi.

Shane worries that Pierce and Chloe’s divorce could mean that Dipi and Pierce will officially get together.

Friday 27th November (Episode 8504)

The Kennedys welcome Hendrix into their open with open arms, but he’ll have to get a job and pay rent.

As Pierce says goodbye to Chloe, he offers one last private warning about Nicolette.

Dipi breaks down in tears after she bids Pierce farewell.

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