Home and Away Spoilers – Dean runs away with Jai in new promo

Home and Away have released a brand new teaser trailer for this week’s Australian episodes, showing Dean make a huge move as he tries not to lose Jai. Will he really kidnap his own son?

You can watch the promo in full a little bit further down this article.

Dean is starting to feel like he’s only getting to play half a part in his son’s life. Amber has forbidden him from telling his mum about Jai, meaning he faces the prospect of having to lie to her for the rest of his life.

Amber’s mum Francesca is a piece of work, but one who’s played a big part in Jai’s life. All photos ® Channel 7.

To make matters worse Francesca, Amber’s own mum, is a complete nightmare, yet Amber has no issues with her being in her son’s life.

Dean knows that Amber’s mum will never like him, and he’s made his peace with that – after all, it was his best mate Colby who caused the death of her son (also called Jai). It’s the fact that Francesca is badmouthing Dean to his own son that really gets his blood boiling, and the fact she gets to spend so much time with Jai despite not being the best role model.

If there’s one thing Dean hates more than anything, it’s Amber’s constant empty threats to take his son away

Yet so far, there’s been very little Dean can do about it. Amber has one card which she keeps playing time and time again. Any time Dean tries to do anything she isn’t totally on board with, like telling his mum about Jai, she simply threatens to take Jai away forever.

This week, another mis-step by Amber’s mum sends him over the edge. Dean is set to make a drastic move which could put his relationship with his son in jeopardy for good.

A brand new Home and Away promo shows him taking his son away from Summer Bay, without telling anyone, leaving Amber panicked.

Dean and Jai are getting on fantastically, and Dean doesn’t want to hide this from his mum

The trailer, which previews episodes airing this week in Australia, starts with happier times. We see a shot of Jai running towards Dean ecstatically screaming “Daaaaaaad”, and one of Jai and Dean at Jai’s birthday party. Despite Francesca’s best efforts, the two had a great time at his birthday, and Jai was over the moon with the bike that his dad bought him.

We hear Dean say that “the only thing that is important to me now is my son.

Yet it’s not long before the trailer takes a darker twist. 

After a voiceover of “A devoted dad would do anything for his son“, we see a preview of an upcoming scene. Dean is seen on the phone, almost at the point of tears, begging Amber “Don’t take Jai away from me. Please.

It looks like something else is going to happen which causes Amber to threaten to remove his son from his life. Yet in a dramatic twist, Dean turns the tables on Amber and runs away with the kid himself.

Dean is shocked when he pulls up at the house and spots Jai all alone

He tells Jai that they’re leaving, and that it’s going to be fun

In the next clip, we see Dean driving up to a house – presumably that of Amber’s mum – to find Jai playing outside on his own. There’s seemingly nobody else around, and when Dean asks Jai “How long have you been waiting out here by yourself“, his son just shrugs his shoulders and tells him he doesn’t know.

Dean can’t believe it. Jai’s been left in Francesca’s care, yet she has left him all alone. Anything could have happened! Dean turns back to his car, and suddenly knows what he has to do.

The next thing we see, Dean is bundling little Jai into the back of his car, responding “I don’t know yet, but it’s going to be fun” to his question of where the pair are going. It looks like they’re set to go on a road trip, and it seems unlikely that Summer Bay is on their list of stops.

It doesn’t take long for Amber to find out what he’s done. We see her telling someone at the Surf Club that “Dean took Jai, and I can’t find him“.

In a later scene, she’s clearly a lot more frantic. “My son is missing,” she shouts at someone off-screen, “I want my little boy back!“.

Just as Amber was learning to trust Dean, he goes and runs away with her son!

Is Dean really sure of what he’s doing?

The voiceover questions “Has he gone too far?“, as we see a wide-eyed Dean outside the house, presumably questioning if he’s really about to run away with his own son. 

It’s not yet known how long Dean and Jai escape for. Thursday sees a triple bill of episodes, and the episode synopses that have been released tease that in the first episode “Dean makes a rash decision“, as he bundles him into his car.

It’s in the second that things really kick off, as “Dean and Jai are missing“, hinting that Amber finally remembers she has a son and goes to check up on him to find him gone.

In Thursday’s third episode, “Amber fears for her son“, suggesting he’s still missing as the week’s episodes draw to a close.

Dean and Amber have been unable to agree on what’s best for Jai since day 1

Yet the episode summary also hints that “Colby bares the brunt of Dean’s anger” in the third episode. This could hint that Dean returns to Summer Bay before the week is up, and takes his anger out on his old best friend for his part in making his and Amber’s situation overly complicated. Or, perhaps, the anger comes simply in the form of a phone call, with Jai missing into next week?

Either way, Amber is not going to be happy when they return!

How will she react? When Dean tells her that he found Jai outside the house all alone, will it make her see that her mother isn’t a good carer, and that Jai is better off spending more time in Dean’s company? Or will she fly off the handle and cut Dean out of his son’s life for good?

And if so, will Dean blame Colby?

Colby and Dean buried the body, set fire to Ross’s car, and have kept it secret ever since

Dean’s anger towards Colby is very much justified. It all started around 5 years ago, when Dean, Colby and Jai senior (Amber’s brother; Francesca’s son) went after Ross Nixon as they tried to stop him from taking Colby’s mother Michelle and half-sister Bella out of town.

They stole a car and took up chase, speeding after Ross. When they crashed the car, Colby abandoned Jai and Dean in the crushed vehicle and went after Ross on foot. Jai died of his injuries, while Dean survived the accident and took the rap for the stolen car. Colby ran away, leaving Mangrove River behind, and eventually wound up in Summer Bay as a police officer.

When Dean arrived in Summer Bay, he was stunned to find his old River Boy mate working as a cop. It took him months to forgive Colby for landing him in prison, but the two eventually made up and their best friendship was restored.

Bella’s father Ross (Justin Rosniak) was killed by Colby in the opening week of 2019

Then, years later, Colby managed to hunt down Ross, who went on to kidnap Willow, Bella and Chelsea. When Dean and Colby rescued the girls and caught up with him, Colby shot Ross, with the pair of them burying the body in the woods and keeping it secret for over 18 months.

The secret ended up costing Dean his relationship with Ziggy. Now that Francesca is on the scene, Colby’s involvement in Jai senior’s death could end up costing Dean his relationship with his son. With Angelo hot on their heels as he continues to investigate Ross’s death, will their frayed relationship end up being their downfall?

These scenes air in Australia over the coming days, and will air in the UK a month later, starting on Thursday 19th November.

You can watch the trailer in full at the top of this article.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

Monday 19th October (Episode 7437)

Tori overanalyses her date. Ziggy tries to put out spot fires. Justin makes the toughest decision.

Tuesday 20th October (Episode 7438)

Angelo makes a new discovery. Jasmine faces her fears. Colby is heartbroken.

Wednesday 21st October (Episode 7439)

Angelo sets a trap. Nikau’s choices are confusing. Dean fights for his son.

Thursday 22nd October (Episode 7440-7442)

Dean makes a rash decision. Mac’s intervention increases tensions. Ari tries to support Nikau.

Dean and Jai are missing. Ziggy covers for Tane. Willow and Ziggy hatch a plan.

Amber fears for her son. Ziggy falls deeper into trouble. Colby bares the brunt of Dean’s anger.

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