Home and Away Spoilers – Angelo discovers Colby and Taylor’s affair

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Colby’s world begins to unravel, as Angelo discovers that he and Taylor have been having an affair! Is this the beginning of the end for Senior Constable Thorne?

In episodes which aired last week, Angelo began to suspect Taylor has an allegiance towards Colby, as she started to slip up.

Detective Rosetta is almost convinced that Colby murdered Ross, he just needs to prove it. Taylor doesn’t understand why he’s so fixated on Colby, and last week asked him why exactly he hates the constable so much. “He’s up to his eyeballs in this murder,” he responds. “I think he did it, I just can’t prove it yet.”

Colby buried Ross’s body back at the start of 2019, and has kept the secret hidden… until now

He starts to suspect that she’s hiding something. He had to work late on the case multiple evenings last week, and left her alone for the night, but she’s evasive when he asks her what she got up to. Knowing that Colby was also out all night, is he finally starting to suspect that his wife and the prime suspect in his case are involved?

The next time she asked him about the case and how it’s going, he told her that there’s nothing interesting to report, and seems suspicious at her questioning. Why does she suddenly care so much about the case?

Taylor is fed up with Angelo’s obsession with Colby

Yet Angelo knows the constable is hiding something, and is determined to get to the bottom of it

Later, as the pair had dinner at Salt, Angelo was once again preoccupied by the case, barely making conversation as he mulled it over. As Taylor asks him about it, she made her first gigantic slip up. She seemed frustrated when he accuses Colby of acting smug, as if he’s happy that he’s getting away with murder.

She told him that he’s jumping to conclusions and has already made up his mind without any hard evidence. She explained that she doesn’t believe that Colby is capable of murdering Bella’s dad, he just seems to be protecting his family.

When Angelo explained that he’s not biased, that Colby has motive, and that Colby was the last confirmed person to see Ross alive, she snapped and retorted that it wasn’t the case. “No no no, he wasn’t alone, there were other witnesses.” 

He’s shocked – how did she know that?!

She pretends that she probably read it in an article, but she knows she’s stuffed up, and has firmly sowed the seeds of doubt in Rosetta’s mind.

This week, everything finally hits the fan, and Detective Angelo finally finds out the truth about his wife’s sordid affair with Colby.

At Yabbie Creek Police Station, the detective walks out to find Colby and his wife in a tense exchange. His suspicions are confirmed – the two have clearly formed a friendship, and there’s clearly some kind of tension between them. Alarm bells are ringing at maximum volume.

Angelo first turned in at the start of August, and in his 2 months in the Bay has managed to lose his wife to his prime suspect

He knows something’s going on, and wants to confirm it. According to TV Week, in dramatic episodes airing over the next few days, he snatches Taylor’s phone when she isn’t looking, and checks her call history. It’s been cleared, confirms his suspicions even more – she wouldn’t need to clear it if she didn’t have anything to hide.

Obviously he’s a cop, so he’s got ways and means of delving further. He uses his contacts to get his wife’s call history direct from the phone network. When the results come back, there’s one number which pops up again and again.

He calls the number, already knowing who’s going to answer. As he suspects, the owner of the phone is sitting just a couple of meters away on the other side of his office wall – it’s Colby!

The secret is out; his wife and the prime suspect are clearly in cahoots.

Annabelle Stephenson plays Taylor Rosetta. She was meant to be Colby’s path to freedom, but their affair looks set to bring Colby to justice.

He puts a plan into action to find out more. Knowing Taylor’s weak spot, he pretends to her that he’s got a major clue to Ross’s death. Ecstatic, he tells her that a witness has come forward who confirms that Colby was Ross’s killer – he’s got his man!

As predicted, Taylor rushes off to tell Colby the news… with Angelo tailing them.

Bella caught the lovers kissing on camera a few weeks ago … now it’s Angelo’s turn!

As the pair meet, Angelo is watching, but he’s in for a second massive shock as he sees them kiss. Doing his best Bella impression, he catches the kiss on camera.


Colby and Taylor’s affair has just been uncovered!

Their secret is out, but of course Colby and Taylor are none the wiser. Angelo turns the tables on Colby, and uses his wife as a way to find out exactly what’s going through Colby’s mind.

The next day, he gives his wife a necklace. He claims it’s it’s an apology gift, an attempt to make up for focussing too much on the case and not giving her the attention she deserves. She’s taken aback, it’s the first romantic move he’s made in a long time, but doesn’t suspect a thing.

Little does she know, it’s equipped with a listening device, making it the the perfect way for the detective to keep tabs on the loved up pair. Will Colby end up slipping up and give Angelo the evidence he needs?

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

Monday 19th October (Episode 7437)

Tori overanalyses her date. Ziggy tries to put out spot fires. Justin makes the toughest decision.

Tuesday 20th October (Episode 7438)

Angelo makes a new discovery. Jasmine faces her fears. Colby is heartbroken.

Wednesday 21st October (Episode 7439)

Angelo sets a trap. Nikau’s choices are confusing. Dean fights for his son.

Thursday 22nd October (Episode 7440-7442)

Dean makes a rash decision. Mac’s intervention increases tensions. Ari tries to support Nikau.

Dean and Jai are missing. Ziggy covers for Tane. Willow and Ziggy hatch a plan.

Amber fears for her son. Ziggy falls deeper into trouble. Colby bares the brunt of Dean’s anger.

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