Neighbours Spoilers – Karl’s ex launches an exposé

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As the inaugural Erinsborough Writer’s Festival kicks off, the launch of a shocking new exposé threatens to fracture one family. Meanwhile, another Ramsay Street resident receives the support they’ve been searching for, in these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 29th June.


Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) are dealt a blow this week as his recent confidante and ex, Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt) launches a biographical expose on Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) and his reign of terror over Ramsay Street.

The last few weeks have been a rough time for the long tormented couple on Ramsay Street. With the downfall of Finn and the fallout surrounding his murderous reign of terror on the residents, the pair have been at loggerheads.

While Susan was busy attempting to reconcile her friendship with neighbours Sheila (Colette Mann), Karl had other ideas. He bumped into author Olivia at the Waterhole, whom he had gone on a date with eight years earlier when he and Susan were separated.

Without Susan’s knowledge, Karl met Olivia a few times, using her as a sounding board for his problems the last few months, including those marital and those surrounding Finn. When Susan found out, she wasn’t impressed with Karl and he apologised to Olivia, informing her that he should focus on his wife.

It seems as though Susan had every reason to be unimpressed.

As the Erinsborough Writer’s Festival kicks off, it becomes apparent that Olivia has utilised her conversation with Karl to write and publish a biography on the teacher-turn-terrorist-turn-amnesiac-turn-murderer.

It is obvious that Karl and Susan are furious with her breach of privacy, but Olivia believes her book doesn’t break any laws, with the assurance of her solicitor and publisher. She hands Susan and Karl a copy, before going back to sell more.

As Karl reels from learning that Olivia broke his trust, Susan is livid at the fact Karl could be so stupid as to open up to a woman he barely knows.

Will this spell trouble for the rollercoaster couple?

Diary Entries

Meanwhile, Grant (Paul Mercurio) makes an appearance at the reading of Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) diaries.

For years, Grant has struggled to accept his daughter Mackenzie for being transgender. Still, to this day, despite those attempting to educate him, he’s been uncomfortable with the whole situation.

This week however, with the reading of Mackenzie’s diaries at the Writer’s Festival, he decides to take the time to listen to what his daughter has to say.

As her friends and pseudo-family reads the passages from her book, he gains a further insight into his daughter and the struggles that she went through as a child growing up in the wrong body. Her diary entries chronicle her tribulations through childhood, including Grant burning her dresses, her first day of school in the girl’s uniform and her mother’s battle with breast cancer.

Moved by this, Grant asks to read the final entry – another big step forward to him accepting his daughter.

Afterwards, he has a chat with Mackenzie and apologises. However, he still has one final bombshell up his sleeve that takes Mackenzie from left field…

Did You Know?

In a unique move, executive producer Jason Herbison asked Georgie Stone to co-pen the episode with him.

I feel so grateful that Jason asked me to write it with him,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

This is a really special episode for Mackenzie and her relationship with her father.

“Neighbours is telling. stories that are never, or very rarely, told, but not only that, he (Herbison) is getting people with those real-life experiences to be a part of the telling of those stories.

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street

Elly (Jodi Anasta) asks David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) if they would like to be baby Aster’s (Scout Bowman) godfathers.

David and Aaron’s parenting skills are put to the test by the arrival of their teenage foster child Emmett (Ezra Justin).

Andrea (Madeleine West) concocts an evil plan to get her son Hugo (John Turner) back from his father and it involves her identical twin, Dee.

Keep an Eye Out!

Former story editor and current writer for the series, Sarah Mayberry makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in this week’s episodes as one of the featured authors at the Erinsborough Writer’s Festival.

Later on in the episode, Dee is seen taking one of her books – The Cowboy Meets His Match – into the prison for her mother, Heather.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 29 June (Episode 8380)

Dee pays Heather a visit and meets friendly prison guard Owen.

Sheila tells Kyle she doesn’t approve of him and Roxy.

After a lot of intrusive questions, Aaron is determined to write a letter of complaint about the foster care interview.

Tuesday 30 June (Episode 8381)

After learning that Dee has called off the search for her biological father, Toadie enlists the help of his private investigator.

Dee and Heather are selected by Owen for a special visitor gardening program, giving them the chance to bond.

Elly makes an announcement that lifts David and Aaron’s spirits.

Wednesday 1 July (Episode 8382)

Roxy learns that Sheila doesn’t want her and Kyle together.

Aaron and David meet nine-year-old Emmett, their foster child.

Just when Roxy decides to give things a go with Kyle, she finds him on a date at The Waterhole.

Thursday 2 July (Episode 8383)

The Erinsborough Writers’ Festival is coming, which will see a new book released that hits a little close to home for Ramsay Street residents.

Doing some work experience for Toadie, Mackenzie finds some files with Grant’s name on them.

After overhearing Aaron and David’s reservations about his age, Emmett runs away.

Friday 3 July (Episode 8384)

Andrea and Owen hatch a cruel plan for Dee during her gardening visit with Heather.

Susan and Karl confront Olivia about her book and vent their disgust.

Mackenzie’s plans to read her childhood diary at the writers’ festival is thrown into doubt when she learns the real reason Grant is in Erinsborough.

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