A drunken Colby & Jasmine go too far on next week’s Home and Away?

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In the latest Home and Away spoilers for the UK, as Colby decides to throw a spontaneous party, things get a little messy when both he and Jasmine drown their sorrows. Elsewhere, Ryder has a surprise visitor…

Local copper Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) has had rough couple of months. After being injured in the line of duty when Leah’s kidnapper Douglas stabbed him in the leg, Colby has faced rehabilitation whilst also trying to deal with little sister Bella’s antics.

On his return home from hospital, Colby was floored when he received divorce papers from his ex, Chelsea Campbell. It has now been over a year since she left him shortly after their wedding, after Colby confessed to her that he’d killed his stepfather Ross.

Colby signed the papers a few weeks back, and has since been through the wringer again after Bella had a breakdown and self-harmed.

Forced to take Bella to an equine therapy centre to receive intensive psychiatric treatment, it broke Colby’s heart when he had to drive away whilst Bella screamed for him to stop.

Colby hugging Bella goodbye as he left her at a psychiatric treatment retreat

This week, Colby finally receives his divorce certificate, and feeling very sorry for himself, he decides to throw a party to celebrate the occasion.

Recently widowed Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) is also beginning to feel like the whole world is against her. After losing husband Robbo a few months back, she was elated to discover that she was pregnant with his child.

However this joy turned to heartbreak recently, when it was revealed at her twelve-week scan that she was in fact suffering from a phantom pregnancy. Any chance she had of having Robbo’s child had been lost forever, and she instead turned her attention to stepdaughter Grace—Robbo’s child with Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee).

Unfortunately Jasmine is starting to become a little too obsessive over Grace. After Jasmine relieves Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) of babysitting duties, Tori comes home looking forward to spending time with Grace, only to find that Jasmine has completely taken over.

The night wears on with Jasmine not taking numerous hints to leave, and it’s very late by the time a weary Tori is able to spend a few minutes with Grace before she puts her to bed.

Jasmine starts to get too attached to Grace in upcoming Home and Away episodes

Things get worse the next day when Jasmine decides to go behind Tori’s back and remove Grace from Marilyn’s care. Overhearing how Tane Parata had spent the night there, Jasmine decides that Grace would be unsafe at Marilyn’s. Pulling a sickie from work, Jasmine tells Marilyn that she’s been instructed by Tori to take over as babysitter.

Needless to say Marilyn is confused, given Tori had known that Tane had already left the house. Marilyn wants to check with Tori, but Jasmine lies and tells her that Tori is too busy at work to answer calls.

After Tori is finally informed, Justin quickly finds Jasmine and takes Grace off her, sternly telling her that it’s not her place to make decisions about Grace’s care. Jasmine becomes all the more frustrated as her friends all tend to agree with the Morgans.

When Jasmine returns to the Morgan House determined to talk to Tori, Justin finally snaps and tells her that Tori needs some space to spend some time with her own daughter.

Willow (Sarah Roberts) eventually talks Jasmine into coming with her to Colby’s party, and with Colby already on the tipsy side, it isn’t long before Jasmine is also drinking away her troubles.

Jasmine and Colby share a pizza, growing closer as the alcohol flows

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Willow feel awkward at the car crash unfolding in front of them, but Dean admits that Colby probably deserves to let his hair down—what could possibly go wrong?

As the evening progresses, Colby and Jasmine become all the more playful with each other, and Dean and Willow step outside where they consider whether it’s time to shut things down.

Jasmine’s been behaving very erratically lately,” Tim told Australian magazine New Idea. “She’s definitely not in a good place. She’s feeling nostalgic and sad. She needs some affection and company, which she misses so much. And Colby, who is also feeling lonely, just happens to be there.

When Dean and Willow walk back inside, they’re shocked to find Jasmine and Colby kissing.

Colby lying on top of Jasmine in the latest Home and Away UK spoilers Colby and Jasmine share a kiss

Colby immediately realises the huge mistake he’s made, and an ashamed Jasmine rushes to leave the apartment (with Willow’s assistance).

It’s not the first time that the ex-couple have locked lips since their short-lived relationship in 2018. Only last year the pair got drunk and kissed during a night out at a club.

Colby begins to feel a huge amount of guilt as he remembers the promise he made to Robbo on his deathbed, that he’d look after Jasmine no matter what—this wasn’t quite what he had in mind!

I thought ‘No, Colby!’ Tim told New Idea.“You promised that you would look after the wife of your best friend, but you can’t even look after yourself. I felt conflicted. But that’s where the drama lies.

Dean immediately rips into Colby, telling him he needs to stop involving other people in his problems.

Later, when they’re alone, Colby wonders why Dean gets to have the perfect life whilst everything goes wrong for him — after all, they were both there the day that Ross died. Dean can’t believe what he’s hearing, and tells Colby that the killing of Ross was all on him, Dean never wanted to get dragged into it.

The next morning, Dean and Willow are talking and when the subject of Colby and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) crops up, Dean comments that Mack dodged a bullet by calling things off with him.

Colby overhears this and storms out, and after heading for a swim he bumps into Mack.

Noting he’s a bit worse for wear, Mack offers Colby a cooked breakfast at Salt to cure his hangover. Although initially reluctant, Colby eventually agrees.

But Dean isn’t too impressed when he heads into Salt and finds Colby and Mack talking at the bar, is their friendship going to survive this?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, there’s a shock for Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) when a stranger turns up at the doorstep of Summer Bay House.

With the stranger, Evan Slater (Cameron Daddo), having found no-one home, he kills some time by playing his guitar on the verandah.

Returning home from work, Ryder hears a familiar tune, and when he comes across Evan, he points out that his mum Quinn used to play that to him as a child.

Evan replies that he used to play it with her, much to Ryder’s surprise.

Ryder’s floored when Evan then comes out and introduces himself properly — “I’m your dad!”

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 15th June (Episode 7326)
A new arrival into town divides the Parata family. Ben’s life hangs in the balance. John’s worried about Marilyn’s safety.

Tuesday 16th June (Episode 7327)
Jasmine begins to develop unusual behaviour. Justin has a burning question for Leah. Will Ari and Tane resolve their issues?

Wednesday 17th June (Episode 7328)
Jasmine stands behind her decision about Grace. Marilyn worries she’s done the wrong thing by Tori. Justin has a proposal for Leah.

Thursday 18th June (Episode 7329)
Maggie gives her husband an ultimatum. Colby throws a divorce party which ends in disaster. Irene is beside herself with worry about Jasmine.

Friday 19th June (Episode 7330)
Colby hears some hard home truths from his friends. Maggie fears she’s made things worse for her marriage. An unexpected visitor has Ryder’s life in a spin.

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