Home and Away’s Ben decides his marriage is over

In the latest Home and Away spoilers for the UK airings, the drama for the Astoni family is far from over as Ben faces a life-threatening situation, before making a decision on his and Maggie’s marriage…

Although the issue of Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) paternity was finally put to rest, the problems between Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) continued as he refused to forgive her for sleeping with his brother Marco 22 years ago—keeping it a secret throughout their marriage.

Ben has been visibly unwell over the past few days as he continued taking medication, and he rebuffed Maggie’s attempts to help, instead just taking some headache pills. The next morning, Maggie was horrified when Ben—who was clearly burning up—collapsed in front of her, and she hurriedly called an ambulance.

As a semi-conscious Ben is rushed into hospital. Tori (Penny McNamee) tries to work out what’s wrong with him, but things aren’t adding up. The headache and temperature would suggest an infection, but as she receives his blood test results it becomes clear that isn’t the case.

Tori asks Maggie if there’s anything else she can think that Ben might have taken other than his anti-depressants, and whilst Maggie knows that he’d taken some headache pills, there’s nothing else that comes to mind. Though she admits that she probably wouldn’t know anyway, given that Ben has been mostly ignoring her.

At that moment though, Ben has another seizure.

Tori and the team manage to stabilise him, and the mystery continues as more test results come back which don’t indicate any sort of infection.

As Ben is given ice packs and fans to bring his dangerously high temperature down, Maggie stays by his bedside

Eventually Ben begins to rally round, and Tori is able to question him further.

Ben eventually admits that he’s been very stressed lately, and worried that he was doing downhill, he’d been taking extra doses of his anti-depressants.

As Maggie feels guilty for Ben being under so much stress, Tori tells him that the extra medication combined with the headache tablets he’d been taken had caused a severe toxic reaction. She sternly tells him that it could have killed him.

With a proper diagnosis in hand, Ben is able to receive the right treatment. Tori tells Ben that in this case he’s been lucky, he’s going to make a full recovery. She is however going to contact his psychiatrist to help get him back on track.

Ben coolly tells Maggie that she doesn’t have to stay, but she insists she wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Later in the week as Ben prepares to be discharged, both he and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) are still giving Maggie the cold shoulder. As the two talk about their dream surfing holidays, Maggie awkwardly tries to join in the conversation only to be met with stoney silence.

The next morning, Maggie makes one last attempt to talk to Ben about when he’s going to be discharged, but he doesn’t see that it’s any of her concern. Realising she’s getting nowhere, Maggie is finally forced to deliver an ultimatum to Ben. If he can’t even attempt to move past his issues and try to forgive Maggie, then they’ll have to reconsider their marriage.

Maggie is still deeply in love with Ben,” Kestie told New Idea. “Her night with Marco was so many years ago and Maggie just wants to move on. But now she may never be able to do so.

Maggie goes to confide in friend Roo (Georgie Parker) as she wonders whether she’s made things a hundred times worse with Ben. She explains that she’s not looking for a quick fix by saying sorry, but just wants to know that he’s willing to give their marriage a go.

Roo agrees that it’s good to give Ben time to think, but worries whether Maggie will be ready for his answer if it doesn’t go the way she hopes.

Meanwhile, Ziggy has a bit of good news when Justin asks if she’d like to take on more responsibility at the garage.

With Ziggy having recently completed her apprenticeship after Justin fast-tracked it, and with her TAFE commitments soon coming to an end, Ziggy is more than happy to take on the role as Justin looks to take a business management course in order to expand the business.

The moment is broken when Ben calls to ask Ziggy to pick him up from the hospital.

When Ziggy takes Ben back home, Maggie is there waiting, and as Ben blanks Maggie and heads straight for Coco’s room, Ziggy sees for the first time just how much hurt Maggie is going through. She thought her parents would be able to work it out, but it seems clear that they’re far from that.

In these situations, I think you almost go into survival mode because you can’t fathom it,” Sophie told New Idea magazine.

The most important thing for Ziggy right now is to make sure her dad is OK and that he gets the right kind of help. And, of course, Ziggy knows that he needs to have Maggie by his side along with her. There is strength in numbers and Ziggy still feels that they can handle anything together.

Ziggy unloads to Dean, telling him that she actually does feel sorry for Maggie now, and wonders if there’s something more she can do to help fix things.

Dean reminds her that Ben and Maggie can only work through things themselves, but tells her he’ll be there to help pick up the pieces no matter what.

But back at the farmhouse, Ben has thought about Maggie’s ultimatum and they finally begin to talk things through. Maggie wonders if marriage counselling could help, but Ben tells her that he simply can’t get over her deception.

As they both begin to become emotional, Maggie asks if that’s it, whether they’re separating.

Ben replies that they are.

Is Ben and Maggie’s marriage really over for good?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 15th June (Episode 7326)

A new arrival into town divides the Parata family.

Ben’s life hangs in the balance.

John’s worried about Marilyn’s safety.

Tuesday 16th June (Episode 7327)

Jasmine begins to develop unusual behaviour.

Justin has a burning question for Leah.

Will Ari and Tane resolve their issues?

Wednesday 17th June (Episode 7328)

Jasmine stands behind her decision about Grace.

Marilyn worries she’s done the wrong thing by Tori.

Justin has a proposal for Leah.

Thursday 18th June (Episode 7329)

Maggie gives her husband an ultimatum.

Colby throws a divorce party which ends in disaster.

Irene is beside herself with worry about Jasmine.

Friday 19th June (Episode 7330)

Colby hears some hard home truths from his friends.

Maggie fears she’s made things worse for her marriage.

An unexpected visitor has Ryder’s life in a spin.

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