UK Preview – Season Finale Week

Episodes 6576-6580
Monday 6th to Friday 10th March on Channel 5

Things are hotting up in Summer Bay as the UK airings finally reach the end of Home and Away’s 2016 season.

This week, Summer Bay comes together for the Summer Grooves music festival, with Evie (Philippa Northeast) lining up a celebrity guest appearance by real-life singer/actress Jessica Mauboy.

The festival also features performances by both Matt (Alec Snow) and Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo), who are backed by Alec’s real-life band Interim.

Meanwhile, with more fires around the bay, suspicions arise as to whether there’s a connection. When Kat (Pia Miller) receives word from forensics confirming that there is indeed a serial arsonist on the loose, the person in question is already lining up their next target.

As they set light to the bushland surrounding the music festival, we see exactly who’s behind it—and it’s certainly not anyone they were expecting!

Elsewhere in the bay, with the incarceration of Ranae Turner (Sacha Horler) and other members of the Syndicate, and their past now revealed to the whole town, the Morgans have good reason to be looking towards the future. But Justin (James Stewart) still can’t get Ranae’s final threat out of his mind—and he has good reason!

A mysterious man, Carl (George Banders), is keeping an eye on the Morgans, and it soon becomes obvious that the family’s dramas are not over.

After a failed attempt to attack a blissfully unaware Tori (Penny McNamee) earlier in the day, Carl later kidnaps Tori and takes her to a warehouse—only for Ranae herself to walk in. It turns out that having dirt on people high-up in the police force can be useful in escaping house arrest.

Ranae makes a call to Justin who rushes to the warehouse to save his sister, sneaking in to try and catch Ranae off guard. However her henchmen spot him and start beating him.

Justin offers to withdraw the statement that sent her to jail if she lets Tori go, but Ranae’s not interested—she wants the Morgans to suffer.

When Justin eventually disables the henchmen, Ranae appears to make a run for it. But as Justin and Tori make their escape, Ranae jumps out and stabs Justin in the stomach.

Could this be the end for him?

Meanwhile, VJ (Matt Little) finally learns the extent of Billie’s (Tessa de Josselin) deception this week, when news reaches the bay that her rapist Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid) has been granted early release from his psychiatric facility.

Whilst VJ is already aware that he is not the father of Billie’s baby, and that her pregnancy is a result of rape, Billie held back when asked about the identity of her attacker, claiming that she didn’t know.

However when Leah (Ada Nicodemou) tells VJ that Irene’s son Mick has been released, Billie is visibly shocked. Later, Billie starts seeing Mick everywhere she turns and has a panic attack. Ash (George Mason) helps her home and Dr Nate (Kyle Pryor) checks her over, but VJ’s curiosity is peaked when he learns she had been around to Irene’s.

When Leah later mentions that Irene’s kidnap was around nine months ago, the pieces finally fall into place for VJ and he confronts Billie, asking if Mick is her attacker. Denying it at first, she later comes clean, but VJ just doesn’t know what to believe any more…

As another argument ensues after realising Phoebe already knew the truth, Billie finally beings to tell VJ the whole story of the cover-up. But that’s the least of the couple’s worries when Billie’s waters break.

As the car breaks down in the middle of the bush on the way to the hospital, VJ & Billie have to deal with the possibility that she may give birth in the middle of nowhere…!

Whilst Australian viewers had to wait over a month to see the the outcome of these cliffhangers, Home and Away will return to Channel 5 as normal the week after.

For other storylines and a full rundown of what’s to come over the next few weeks, visit our Upcoming UK Episodes page.

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