Samara Weaving stars in music video

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Samara Weaving (Indi Walker) has starred in the music video for ‘sRAVEL’s, the debut video from indie pop band Jenny Broke the Window.

The video features Samara, who has starred as Indi in Home and Away since 2009, on a journey that sees her cycling, eating ice cream, partying in a grocery store, walking in a forest and swimming in the sea.

Illawarra Mercury reports that the band’ss management organised the casting so that the band were unaware that the actress starring in their video was to be “Indy from Home and Away”. The paper reports Sam Lathlean, the band’ss frontman, as saying of Weaving: “She was really nice, just normal – I wouldn’st have known she was a celebrity.”

Jenny Broke The Window stars brothers Sam and Matt Lathlean, and friends Todd Simpson, Matt McCaffery and Joel van Gastel. The band formed in 2009, and their sound has been described as “dynamic, edgy and charged using samples, dance drum patterns, layered vocals and stabbing synths for a unique and bouncy sound”. The video to RAVEL was shot in April at a grocery store in Redfern, Sydney, and in the city’ss Royal National Park.