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UK Autumn finale


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Heads up. The storyline currently airing in Australia will serve as the UK Autumn finale in November. It appears, for now, that this would be a mid week finale on Channel 5 in order to maximise the 'big cliffhanger' for return in January. I would also imagine this will be the farewell episode at 6pm. 

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If you mean they're finishing with Episode 7670 (currently scheduled to air Monday 22nd November), then that's good news: It suggests they are going to be restarting in January with a new block on the Monday and finally get the Channel 5 showings back into synch, rather than keep using the proper blocks for the 5* showings as some people have suggested.

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12 hours ago, James Martin said:

But that doesn't make sense now, given 5* will basically become the main teatime showing.

Channel 5 is still the main channel, 5* is still just a First Look preview. It makes sense to have the proper blocks on the main channel, rather than tucked away on Channel 31 (or whatever it is these days). Soap guides will still list the Channel 5 showings rather than the 5* ones.If people look for the episodes on My5, they'll be listed under the Channel 5 broadcasts.

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Looking at the episode guides, 7670 seems the logical place to wind up for Christmas.  However, the new news show will probably want to launch on a Monday.

Maybe Channel 5 could drop Neighbours for a day and run 7679 and 7670 together on the Friday?

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