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  1. @6.47pm.....Cloudy and a chilly 61 deg ( 16C )
  2. Sunny and warm. 86 deg @1.40pm ( 30 deg c)
  3. Heavy Rain. Severe thunderstorm warning. 74deg
  4. Heavy rain. A miserable 52 degrees
  5. It seems we are in the same airing bloc as OZ. Has all worked out somehow.
  6. They really don't promote the show very well do they.
  7. Yeah, probably that. Because we are this week and next totally in the correct airing bloc then out of it again.
  8. ?? But as of this week OZ Thursday episode is landing here on a Friday and Monday on a Monday. So something has changed along the way. And then it all goes out of sync again. Lol. Anyways for me like I posted before I watch in a proper bloc anyways. Just always like to know Just like I will never figure out how RTE in Ireland who was a complete year ahead of ITV then ended up behind channel five ( due to a legal clause ) yet they never ever went off the air for the year that it was not broadcast in the UK.
  9. Speaking of weekly blocs in the correct order how have we in the next week or so and for sure by the Olympic finale ended up back in sync weekly? I can't seem to figure out how.
  10. Not too sure. I think that was at a time when Seven were jolting from 4 to 7 episodes per week. Mon and Tues single eps and sometimes a double Wednesday then a triple on a Thursday. There was a year when the airings were very very random and all over the place. I think it was to do with a very late premiere in the year and they took a break for something. So I think it was just a lucky coincidence for sure.
  11. @5.32am Sunny.....very warm. 72 degrees
  12. The 2016 Olympic finale, flight crash, was broadcast here on a Friday. Totally in sync with OZ including the post Olympics premiere, Monday here in the UK and in OZ.
  13. Clear blue skies. 84 deg. Excessive heat warning.
  14. Warm and very humid. 74 degrees
  15. I think that wouldn't be a bad idea. They can then air a one hour news show at 5pm and begin primetime shows at 6pm without interruption. Probably name the 5pm broadcast first at five, Neighbours at 6pm followed by Home and Away at 6.30pm. Only issue there is then the show will go out directly against Hollyoaks. But in this day and age of on demand and PVRs does that make much of a difference? I never watch Home and Away at 6pm. I record it and watch at 7pm.
  16. Very true. It does pull in the ratings and also it pays five more to air it there as there are two commercial breaks equals more bang for their buck. Haha, got one of those old CRT TVs up there with a coat hanger for an ariel?
  17. Oh if only 5 star was in HD! I didn't even think about that, now they are in the correct airing blocks. Maybe it's more than possible they may want to keep it like that on 5 star now? I have to watch in HD though. So record a watch for me.
  18. Maybe the might re sync during the Olympics break? I imagine the show will go off air in Australia for this so maybe Channel 5 may take the same opportunity and reduce episode numbers for 4 weeks to go back into the blocks and remain behind the Australian airings. To be fair Channel 7 have been out of sync for years now with their erratic schedule. For me it's not such an issue really as I tend to be at work when it airs for 3 days one week and 4 the next. So I always watch a double on Mondays then a triple on either Tuesdays or Thursdays which are my alternate week days off. So I will just make sure I keep them in sync via recordings.
  19. 100% agree. Don't want it to be a major storyline but they should at least acknowledge it right?
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