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Losing Our Grip on the Bay


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Story Title: Losing our grip on the Bay
Type of story: Long fic (undecided)
Main Characters: Alf, Roo, Nikau, Bella, Dean, Chloe and Mia
BTTB rating: T-rated
Genre: Drama, Crime
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content and violence and death
Summary: This story will follow two main plots/families - the Paratas (and Bella, and to a lesser extent Dean) and the Stewarts, as life changes dramatically for them.


Chapter One

"I'm really sorry" the cardiologist told Alf.

"Are you sure the diagnosis is accurate?" questioned Alf.

"I'm afraid it is Mr Stewart. You have coronary artery disease."

Alf had suffered through a difficult few weeks, with Martha going off the rails and moving permanently into a psychiatric facility in Merimbula, so the build up of stress wasn't healthy for Alf. After his appointment with the cardiologist in the city, Roo and Alf reflected on what just happened.

"Dad...you do understand how serious this condition is don't you?" asked Roo.

"Of course I do Roo, it's just that...for the first time in my life, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to cope with it." responded Alf.

"Oh Dad, you have to stay positive" said Roo.



Over the other side of the Bay, Bella and Nikau were busily packing their bags ahead of a trip to Melbourne they received as a prize for a photography competition Bella entered a few weeks ago. 

In the taxi ride on the way to the airport, Nikau and Bella were as in love with each other as ever, as Nikau bended over to tickle Bella.

"Hey, stop" laughed Bella as Nikau continued to pester her.

"It's all part of the service" reminded Nikau, with a friendly smile on his face.



Roo just took Alf upstairs to have a lie down and came down when she heard a knock on the door.

"Coming" yelled out Roo.

Roo opened the door to find no one standing there, but a mysterious notice, addressed to her. The contents of the note revealed that the sender needed her help. Who was it from?

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Chapter Two

Warnings: Alcohol use

The letter read "Meet me at the Yabbie Creek Beach, I need your help." 

"Just who on earth could that be from?" asked Roo.

"Dad, will you be alright by yourself here, I just have to go out and do something, I won't be long" said Roo.

"Yes I'm alright love" replied Alf.

And with that seal of approval from her father, Roo grabbed the keys to the car and headed to the Beach.



It had been a hard few days for Chloe. She had just discovered that Ryder cheated on her with a girl he met at Salt. Chloe was sitting in her bedroom, locking herself away from the world. Ari and Mia continued to try and get her out of her room.

"Chloe, can you come out here so we can talk." pleaded Ari.

"Honey, you need to come out. You can't hide away from your problems forever." said Mia.

"Stop trying guys - I just want to be left alone." responded Chloe.

Little did Ari and Mia know, Chloe had been drinking her problems away. Unbeknownst to them, there were about five bottles of alcohol on Chloe's bed, most of it already drunk.



Roo was waiting at Yabbie Creek Beach. Yabbie Creek Beach was a fairly isolated location, with only a few fisherman and marine police around. It had been twenty minutes since she arrived and she was still waiting for the sender of the note to arrive. Roo then assumed it was a prank note, so decided to go home, but as she was about to get back in the car, she heard a familiar voice.

"Hi Roo."

"Hugo. What are you doing here?" said Roo.

"Look, I need you and Mum's help - Martha's in trouble." responded Hugo.

"Oh Hugo you must not have been told - Gina died about eight years ago." said Roo.

"What, what happened?" asked Hugo.

"Brain aneurysm. I'm really sorry Hugo." said Roo.

"You can fill me in on the details later. I need you to come to New York, Martha's being held captive by some guys I got involved with, and they're not letting her go until $50,000 is given to them." said Hugo.

"And you need me to give you the money?" asked Roo.


"Alright, well let's do it then. Anything to help my family." responded Roo.

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Chapter Three

Warnings: Death, Alcohol

Ari and Mia finally managed to break their way into Chloe's room, and found her sitting on the floor surrounded by bottles of alcohol.

"Sweetheart, alcohol is not the answer." said Mia.

Chloe stayed silent and got up to get her car keys.

"You can't drive - you've had too much to drink!" pleaded Ari.

"Chloe - you come back here right now!" yelled Mia.

"Make me." responded Chloe.

It was too late. Chloe had set off in Mia's car, heavily drunk, who knows what impact she could have.



Bella and Nikau were enjoying a nice walk down the road that leads to the Diner. They were reflecting on their recent trip to Melbourne.

"Bells, stop." said Nikau.

"What is it?" asked Bella.

"There's something you need to know." said Nikau.

"A girl in Melbourne made a move on me." Nikau continued.

"Did you pull away?" asked a concerned Bella.

"About that. I'm sorry Bella but -"

"Nik watch out!" screamed Bella.

A car had just driven straight through Nikau, and unknown to Bella, the driver was none other than Chloe. Whilst Chloe fled the scene, Bella immediately dialled 000 and accompanied Nikau in the ambulance to the hospital.



Ari, Tane, Mack, Bella and Mia waited nervously at the hospital whilst the doctors were working on trying to save Nikau. Bella was pacing around nervously.

"Hey Bella, it will be alright." reminded Mack.

Tori came out of the operating room, with a grim look on her face.

"Tori, how is he?" asked Tane.

"Guys, you might want to sit down." responded Tori.

"Give it to us straight Doc, what's going on?" said Ari.

"Nikau lost too much blood and died. I'm really sorry guys." said Tori.

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Chapter Four

Chloe was meeting with her defence lawyer preparing for her court case. She felt terrible for running over and killing Nikau.

"Umm Chloe...., are you alright?" asked Jack, her lawyer.

"Yeah sorry, this is all just very overwhelming" she replied.

"I'll be frank with you Chloe. It's not looking good." said Jack.

"What do you mean?" asked Chloe.

"A tough judge can give you ten years in jail" said Jack.

Chloe's heart sank. She was still struggling to fathom the recent events, and now has the prospect of jail to be concerned about.



Meanwhile, at the Summer Bay House, Roo was preparing to leave town to fly to New York to assist Martha. However, what Roo failed to notice, was that Alf's health was declining.

"How long will you be away for love?" asked Alf, with a faint voice, unaware that Roo was going to see Martha and Hugo.

"Not sure Dad, hey are you okay - your voice sounds a bit faint?" asked Roo.

After a pause for a few seconds, Alf regained his voice and responded, "Yeah, yeah, I think I just had a bad night's sleep, I'll be fine love."

"Alright then, well I'm off, see you Dad." said Roo, as she walked out the door.

As Roo left, Alf stood up, but suddenly suffered a bad dizzy spell and some minor chest pains. He yelled out to Roo, but it was too late, she had left.

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