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I think ''Diggy'' are awesome together, so fun and I love their emotional/sexual chemistry too.  Sophie/Patrick work so fantastic together!    Ziggy deserves some happiness after what the two vile cretins did to her behind her back (Dean deserves to be happy too of course), can't wait until Brody/Simone exit airs soon over here.

Ziggy/Dean are definitely the new IT power couple of the show for me by far...


Can this be the ''Diggy'' Appreciation Thread please?

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I miss ''Diggy'' when they are not in an episodes.  I just love their dynamic and think they're so well suited.  Sophie/Patrick's on screen chemistry is amazing and their scenes individually with other Actors/Actresses on the show are also great!

I laughed when Maggie and Ben caught Ziggy and Dean together in bed and Ziggy said that she was naked and then Dean laughed and checked under the covers??.

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Hopefully now the Producers/Writers know that the ''Diggy'' pairing has taken off and become very popular due to the characters intense and hot emotional/sexual chemistry and also the fantastic on screen partnership between Sophie/Patrick that whilst it won't all be plain sailing obviously as relationships are obviously aren't that straight forward that whatever drama is thrown their way they try their best to stick together through it all.

I feel as if the show could be onto something special with this coupling as their dynamic is just so fun and I definitely want no cheating.

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I can’t see Dean cheating as Dean is not the cheating type because he is not easily lead and more strong-willed, whereas Brody always was easily lead and just look at other times when he gave in to drugs and married Ziggy when cleaning he was not fully into the idea. 

Of course not saying cheating only because you are easily lead but just saying differences between Dean and Brody. 


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I can't see Dean cheating either. I think even in the past when he was sleeping around and such, he always seemed to be upfront with the girls that that was what he wanted, but in relationships he always seemed to put in a lot of effort and not be unfaithful.

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