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Title: She-Wolf 

Writers: D.B. and pembie: 

Type of Fic: med-long fic. 

Main Characters: Maggie, Ben, Alf, Ryder, Coco, Raffy, Brody, Ziggy, Ty, Buddy, Robbo, Justin, Leah, other characters involved later on. 

Genre: Horror-Thriller-Comedy. 

Ratings: T+A 

Does it contains spoilers: Unfortunately I wouldn't think so. 

Warnings: Descriptions of Graphic Violence, Adult Themes, Major Character Death, Minor Character Death, Sexual Content. 

Summary: Maggie has been having sleeping troubles for days now. She thinks it's little to worry about, but it turns out that her husband has a dark side, one that will lead him to use her disadvantage to her advantage. 

Chapter 1: 

Maggie sat on her bed, her head threatening to hit the ground every two seconds, even with herself and Tori doing their best to avoid that. She felt sick to the stomach,  her eyes just wanted to slam shut for good like a Starbucks gone bust, and the fact is she's been sleeping like a log for nearly a full day yesterday and yet she's so tired that not even a volcano eruption would waken her up. 

"So how long have you had trouble sleeping?" Tori's professional doctor's voice, usually calm and patient, seemed like thunder and an elephant's foot repeatedly stamping in Maggie's ears. She tried hard not to grimace, because that would cause for concern, and with Roo the only one of her staff that could be  bothered to show up in school, she was needed. 

Maggie looked up at her, a mixture of fatigue and fear in her half-open eyes. "I don't know...four days maybe more," she murmured, looking back down at the ground, for some reason her mind going to thinking if there were insects living in the room's carpet and wondering if they were continuously crushed by the feet of patients over the year. "I just feel this need to sleep, and sleep and sleep, and... I can't remember things, like what assignments did I have, what Ben likes for his lunch, which one Ziggy's married to... I just... I just..." 

"Hey, hey, calm down, deep breaths," Tori reminded her, looking down on her sympathetically and rubbing her arms as tears threatened to spring from Maggie's eyes, Tori trying her best to sound confident and professional and not like she was reading line-to-line from the board above her patient's bed that said "Hey, hey, calm down, deep breathes." All the same, Tori did feel sorry for Maggie. She knew how hard the past few months have been for her and her family. 

Maggie's breathing slowed down, but her tears remained. She only heard the first bit of what Tori said before her worries took over and it was "Hey, hey." Was Tori attempting to be Krusty the Clown?! Is that all these doctors do here?! Will Jasmine come in to throw a pie in her face?! "I'm just afraid, what if it might be the after-effects of the chemo? I thought I was doing well with it and now..." 

Tori stood back, her mind racing in remembrance. She hadn't actually though of that. Was it possible? Could the chemo be causing this? She never heard of this happening before to those with Maggie's treatments. She could look in her colleagues's files, but shut that idea down immediately after she looked at the files Dr Sleezy aka former doctor Nate Cooper five weeks ago, and instead of finding anything useful, found several drawn fantasies with Nate doing some, err, let's just say 'extreme examinations' with a few of Summer Bay's women, including Tori! After rushing out of there, she vowed never to look at any of those lazy bums' files every again. So she had to figure this out herself. "I don't know, this hasn't happened to a person in your situation before. It's possible but unlikely. I could get a specialist in if-"

"Oh no, no!" Maggie said firmly, even if you can be firmed with your head just seconds from falling. "That would just make everyone worried. You saw how they all were before when I had cancer. No, it's probably nothing." 

Tori nodded slowly, unsure if that was true, but secretly relieved that she didn't want a specialist, Tori was never okay with getting another person's opinion. She was Dr Tori Morgan, she could solve it all by herself! "Maybe it's because you've been working with Mason so frequently at the gym lately?" 

Maggie thought about it, and yeah, that was probably it. She didn't want it to be something else and so hoped that that was the case. In any-case, she had to get home quickly, because Ben was promising her a night-out. He had changed so much after coming to the Bay, he's such as sweetheart now. 


"Ryder, stop!" Coco shouted, her annoyed face coming on as Ryder shot yet another paper plane across the table to where Raffy and Coco were sitting studying. 

Ryder shrugged playfully, his smile reaching near his curls. "You can't stay mad at me, I'm the definition of lovable! I'm adorable!" 

Raffy and Coco shook their heads, smiling and giggling at their friend's antics, but however, the fourth person in the house (with Brody and Ziggy 'working' at the restaurant late), Ben Astoni, was less than understanding or pleased with the boy. Here was his daughter, trying to study for her bright future, and yet this idiot was still keeping her from studying! He gripped the end of the couch, as if wishing that the arm of the couch he was squeezing at the moment was Ryder's neck, leaned forward and attempted to give the young man his death stare. "Shouldn't you be getting home now mate, it's getting pretty late." Ben asked in his usual gruff soft voice, hoping that Alf's grandson would take a hint. 

Ryder, however, shook his head, grinning as always. "No thanks, Mr A. I'm having a great time here," he replied, staring keenly at the two girls at the other end of the table. Especially Raffy. He really liked Raffy, but unfortunately lacked the backbone to ask her out on a date yet. She was his kind of girl; funny, smart, blonde, funny, able to deal with his s***, funny... He did try it with Coco a long time ago, but things went south badly when he accidentally placed jam in her sandwich when she always like plain, causing Coco to unleash a full rant on him, calling him selfish and what-not, and ended the relationship. They maintained their friendship, but Ryder wasn't going to row that boat again! Maybe with Raffy he'd have a better shot. 

Ben however, wasn't pleased. In fact, on the inside, and very close to reaching the outside, he was seething. How dare this kid just prance into his own home, the home where he ruined his daughter's lunch, and yet he still continues to annoy her, after she very generously agreed to continue being friends with him ! How the hell does that work? 

Ben's temper was hanging on by a thread. It has been a long time since he was able to unleash it, and it has been harrowing trying to keep it contained to convince the people in this town that he was a good guy (such as when Alf refused to give up the bait shop, or when Brody agreed to marry Ziggy), so, as red began to appear in his eyes, maybe Ryder was to be the target that will allow him to let it out? A little, just a little of course, but enough to make sure that he doesn't underestimate Ben Astoni ever again. Surely Coco will be shocked, but he can make her understand... 

And then Maggie, looking as tired as a bloodhound, walked into the door and Ben's anger decreased a large amount. Now that his lovely wife had returned, he would be able to take her to that lovely restaurant at Yabbie's Creek. "Hey babe!" Ben cheerfully announced as he strolled over to her. "What did the doc say?"

Maggie winced a little, because if Tori's voice sounded like thunder, then Ben's voice sounded like a tornado, a tsunami and Justin Bieber's voice combined. Yet she smiled at her husband's eagerness, like a Labrador. "Yeah, I'm okay," she said, giving Ben a kiss on the cheek. 

"Hey guys, let's go to the diner, give these two some space," Raffy suggested, noticing the heavy bags under Maggie's eyes. The other two agreed, and gathered their stuff before they headed out the door. For the first time, Ben gave a half-smile, relieved that he had some alone time with his wife, but still frustrated by that idiot Ryder following Coco everywhere. "So what did the doctor's said?" 

Maggie shrugged. "Well, Tori doesn't think it's the chemo, so that's a relief. So she's gonna sign me up for some sleep studies she and some others are starting. And then..." Maggie stopped in mid-sentence, her eyes beginning to drop again. "And I think I'm going to bed now," she murmured, slowly drifting towards the bed only for Ben to hold onto her arm in alarm.

"Wait What?! But you promised that WE'D GO OUT TO THAT RESTAURANT!!!" Ben told her, his voice raising with every word. 

"I know and I'm sorry, but I'm just too tired. Maybe we could go next week?"

If Maggie's eyes were alert, the Numbskulls working there would notice her husband's eyes wide with rage and anger for a moment, only to turn to a sullen state and replied quietly "Yeah sure babe, we can go another time." 

Maggie smiled sleepily. "Thank you and love you." And with those words, she kissed her husband on the lips before turning in for the night. As her body hit the bed and sleeplessness took over, she barely registered the sound of something smashing in the kitchen. 

The thing that was smashed was an empty glass left on the table that Ben had thrown against the wall. Groaning furiously, he paced around the room, attempting to get his head around this 'betrayal'. How dare she?! He was looking forward to this night, looking forward to treating her with a lovely meal and she refused to go?! Just because she was sleepy?! Looking towards their room, where he knew his wife was snoozing, he was half-tempted to drag her out of bed and take her to Yabbie Creek, to let her be grateful for the special night he prepared...

But then he stopped, as a though sprung into him. He just remembered this morning, when Maggie, looking between exhausted and two seconds away from a meltdown, told him about her night troubles and specifically told him that she was able to remember very little from the days before, and then he told her to go to talk with Tori, in case it was something serious. 

Looking at his sleeping wife, and turning to look at her closest, a plan emerged in his mind. A plan that caused him to grin like a mad-man, a plan that would seem so evil and despicable to others, but to him, just seemed perfect. rubbing his hands together, his mind formed a list. A list of people who have, knowingly or not, have gotten on his bad side:

Ryder and Raffy, Coco's friends, but just seem to Ben to be holding her down. 

Brody: the druggie who married his beautiful daughter Ziggy, and yet despite her claims that she was happy, Ziggy could do so much better. 

Justin: Brody's brother, who gave Ziggy a job at the garage, but Ben knew the truth.  Did they think he was stupid? Justin gave her that job because he fancied Ziggy! Those Morgan brothers were plotting to share her, that made the most sense. Ben couldn't think of any other reason why he gave Ziggy the job (the idea that she wanted to be qualified and Justin was helping a friend didn't enter his mind). 

Alf: who refused to give up the bait shop for Ben's business and forcing him to move. 

John: who gave him plenty enough of grief when Ben started up his business. 

Marilyn: John's annoying wife, her high chirpy voice as she butted in to other's lives was enough for Ben to clench his teeth. 

Dean: his troublesome employee who didn't show up half the time Ben wanted him to. 

There were many others on his list, but those were on the top, people who have annoyed him or prevented him from having his way. Oh, Ben was going to deal with all of them, and now with his wife betraying him, Ben had no trouble thinking about making his wife pay too. Yes, he would ensure that people knew not to mess with Ben Astoni and that Maggie would pay the price for not realising what a great husband she had! Yes, his plan will work. 

Maggie may have thought of him as a Labrador, but Ben was a wolf. 

To be continued...

So there you are! Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! This is just something that pembie and I were thinking about, if Ben was actually a maniac and went to town on Summer Bay! Most credit goes to pembie, who will write the next chapter. 


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Oh, man. This is full of great stuff, from Ben's seething fury at having to be nice to the boy that gave his daughter the wrong sandwich, to Maggie not remembering who Ziggy's married to, to Tori refusing to ask anyone else's advice especially Doctor Sleazy. And now Ben has a hit list! Looking forward to more.

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6 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Oh, man. This is full of great stuff, from Ben's seething fury at having to be nice to the boy that gave his daughter the wrong sandwich, to Maggie not remembering who Ziggy's married to, to Tori refusing to ask anyone else's advice especially Doctor Sleazy. And now Ben has a hit list! Looking forward to more.

Haha, Thanks Red! I'm glad you liked it. This is a silly story that the two of us thought up of, so I decided to add a bit of humour into all of it. The idea that Tori wouldn't want to follow anyone else's advice is very much in her character at times, so I had to include that. Ben also had some serious anger management issues when he first came to the bay so we thought it'd be funny if he hadn't lost all that hidden rage of his! 😄 

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Sorry I didn't realised you started so soon

Haha Maggie's eyes smashing shut like a Starbucks going bust I didn't realise they were. Probably down to never having their winter warmer Christmas coffee when I went there

Is Maggie a Krusty the clown fan I wonder? Makes more sense naming her children Ziggy and Coco now I think the last circus I went too had a Coco the clown now come to think of it

Justin's got the hots for Ziggy oh deary me  

Coco breaking up with Ryder over a jam sandwhich really? You can tell she's Ben's daugter  Ryder should find out what sort of sandwhich Raffy likes and quick he doesn't want to be making that mistake again haha

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On 08/03/2019 at 15:48, pembie said:

Sorry I didn't realised you started so soon

Haha Maggie's eyes smashing shut like a Starbucks going bust I didn't realise they were. Probably down to never having their winter warmer Christmas coffee when I went there

Is Maggie a Krusty the clown fan I wonder? Makes more sense naming her children Ziggy and Coco now I think the last circus I went too had a Coco the clown now come to think of it

Justin's got the hots for Ziggy oh deary me  

Coco breaking up with Ryder over a jam sandwhich really? You can tell she's Ben's daugter  Ryder should find out what sort of sandwhich Raffy likes and quick he doesn't want to be making that mistake again haha

Starbucks probably aren't going bust, (if anything I think it's the opposite!), but it was the first thing that came into my head so, lol! 😄 Really, there was a clown called Coco? Actually, that would sound like a clown name. Yeah, the sandwich thing was very funny to write, I was just thinking about how easily Coco overreacts to things on the show, so her problem here was with the sandwiches. Thanks Steve! 

On 09/03/2019 at 03:57, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Maggie not remembering who Ziggy is married to :lol:

Oh so Ben has a hit list interesting idea.

Update again soon :)



10 hours ago, matticus01 said:

This was an amazing start. Ben came so close with his raging red eyes and nearly let Ruder have it. But then tamed his beast within Maggie got home. 


Only to unleash that beast when she went to bed.


well done on such a great start! 😊😊😊

Thanks Kristen and matticus01! I'm so glad you two are enjoying this hilarious story as well! I'm really looking forward to see what wacky ideas Me and Pembie can come up with next! Next chapter will be soon! Thanks again!  😊

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Thank you all for your comments and thanks to my super writer partner in crime writer DB for writing the first chapter DB you are quite new here so I don't think you realise how wacky this story could get haha

Chapter 2

Federal super spy agent Robbo Shaw side glances his gaze around the pages of the latest issue of The History Of The Most Dangerous and quick witted masterminds of Murder and Crimes Of All Time Beyond his desk at the Northern Districts Hospital sleep clinic, Robbo spots Doctor Tori Morgan following after her is  a very overly chatty smiley man who looks to be bringing far too much fake and animated joy into a hospital The guy seems to be trying too much somehow to be coming across as normal Robbo mentally notes. Tori keeps presenting him with a friendly enough smile though as the guy  beings to question her if she was interested in testing out one of his carefully crafted homemade surf broads. Tori shakes her head uttering a small laugh she seemed much more concerned over the woman she was helping to what it looked to Robbo was  having trouble walking. The woman’s head just kept dropping down on to her chest and then up again everytime Tori snapped her fingers to alert her back to full awakening.

Mr Happy surf broad guy and sleeping beauty were followed behind by two girls. One of girls was being reassured by her husband with a well trimmed beard while the other girl slowly trotted along texting on her phone. There was a dog behind her trying happily to sniff at her pockets of her shorts Coco had stolen herself some of Brody’s crispy bacon.

Robbo quickly went back to reading when Tori caught his eye. He liked Tori he did but if he smiled or gave her a friendly wink she would come over and talk and talk and talk and Robbo didn’t like to talk that much he was deep down a man of few words. He came applied what he needed to accomplish his given mission and then he was out gone hopefully forgotten. He wouldn’t be good at his job if he formed attachments and close net bonds He was to establish a cover for any given mission by a mystery voice at the end of the phone.  A voice only known to him as Lance And poor Lance each time he had spoken the mission details to Robbo Lance blew up by a thirty second timer Mission Impossible style  

For this mission Robbo has been tasked with trying to track down what could soon become his most feared foe. For there’s no real evidence to suggest that the myth the legend the monster known as Beckett Reid exists. The very name is barely spoken aloud for fear of sealing your very doom In pretty much the same way as  if you dared say Candyman five times while looking into a mirror

Robbo put his magazine down so he could glance at the monitors so he could print out the sleeping patterns of his flatmate and local police officer Colby Throne. Colby has just finished is nightly session and he is walking wide eyed while blabbering to Jasmine the newest nurse at the hospital Considering his own rule of not forming bonds with people Robbo can’t help but feel those butterflies in his stomach or go off to daydream land every time he sees Jasmine but who wouldn’t with her long blonde hair her sparkling personality and those long slender legs of hers and…

“Hey Ryan” Jasmine says sounding overjoyed to see him.

“No its Ro….”

Robbo stops quickly glancing down to take a look at his name tag that Jasmine had issued him with on his first day at the sleep clinic department. Robbo had been that tongue tied by Jasmine’s beauty that he had gotten his name wrong and instead told her his cover name of one of his other missions before So now with everybody else knew him as Robbo Jasmine knew him as Ryan. Not a great start with the girl who gave you butterflies really.

“Did I do any better this time?” Colby asks

“No mate” Robbo says passing over Colby’s sleep pattern results.

“I just can’t sleep you see I mean how can you?”

“Well you are a cop Colby and that’s a hard job” Jasmine says stroking his arm trying to ease his tension

“Yes but I’m not a very good one am I?” “I mean I can’t be when I’m being haunted by my former partner Kat can I? I tell you I sit in that police department going over case files alone late at night just trying to prove that I’m not a River boy wannabe even though I have one of their tattoos, and I swear I can feel Kat’s breath on my neck”

Robbo laughs he really shouldn’t have he was told by Lance that Beckett Reid could be linked to Colby or former police Officer Kat Chapman. Colby also had a missing sister to boot could that be a clue to Beckett Reid’s whereabouts?

“Did you go on that date with that Ebony chick the other night I told you it could be good for you A distraction from fearing ghosts” Robbo asks in between chuckles Jasmine hits him playfully on the arm.

“I did but she became very annoyed with me talking about Bella. I think Ebony missed the part when I mentioned she was my sister by the end of the night Ebony looked like she wanted to kill me. My goodness you don’t think she’s going to stalk me now do you?”

“What do I know I’m just a sleep technician guy” Robbo says smiling but also thinking that Colby was one of the biggest wimps he had ever met.

Ben is getting very annoyed down the corridor Tori isn’t taking to his charms at all when he said that she would look very fetching on top of one of his surf broads. Ben even tried to sell it by asking his daughter Ziggy’s opinion of one of his hard earned made broad made with his own blood and sweat and tears. But what had Ziggy done she had shrugged it off because she was too far busy flirting and cuddling up to her big headed oh look at me Ben I can make breakfast for your sleepy wife better than you chef boyfriend Brody.

Blooming Brody pushing Ben’s pancakes aside so he can make his arty farty fancy ones of his own and where does Ben’s breakfast pancakes end up that’s right eaten up by Brody’s stupid dog Buddy Because yes lets bring a dog to breakfast shall we yes oh what’s that it needs a walk does it? It helps with romantic walks on the beach does it with Ziggy at sunrise Silly dog Ben will work on Brody he can’t go on outshining Big Ben in the kitchen Brody must have a weakness somewhere and Buddy well his easy his a dog and they are stupid there’s no way Big Ben will ever get out witted by a dog.  Ben struggles to hold his rage inside Maggie is asleep on Coco’s shoulder now

Oh sorry am I the only one here not in some kind of trace Ben thinks glancing around Coco’s still texting Ryder the jam sandwich Ben guesses.  Maggie’s asleep again how much sleep does she need was being married to him that boring? But what where’s Tori going now and how does she walk in those heels without falling over Ben ponders this as Tori wanders her way over to Robbo to sign Maggie up for the sleep clinic she just has to share this baby magazine article with him that she was reading last night and plus they need a good catch up.

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