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Who do you think will be the next/last long stay to leave


Who do you think will be the next long stay to leave   

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I think Leah is better to last longer then Irene as Leah at right to take in teens for next decade and more and Irene going get to stage where it be to unrealistic for her  to take in teens and working in diner. 

By no means saying Irene is old but just saying most people her age are retired. 

Its like Colleen who was working in diner til  she was 75 and seem bit much for her to be sitll working at that aged. 

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10 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Voted Alf last, which is a bit insane but it feels like he and the show are together until one of them dies.

That's what I was thinking as well. I always felt like Alf and the show has been and always will be connected and that one can't be without the other. 

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I think either Alf or Roo will be the next mainstay to leave. I'm really surprised Georgie Parker has stayed as long as she has. Not only was she once of Australia's most in-demand actresses, but she also hasn't been given anything challenging or meaty to work with. Even the storylines that should have been (i.e. learning her mother is alive, the pregnancy and miscarriage, searching for her daughter) were really rushed. 

Ray Meagher is also getting on, so I suspect he may wish to retire in the next few years. Part of me wondered if he was hanging out for the 30th anniversary and then decided to call it a day, but as far as I know, he's still around. 


On the other end of the scale, I think Leah, John and Marilyn will be the last ones standing. Leah, as she's the youngest (so Ada could in theory, stay for another 20-30 years) and John and Marilyn because they've become the stable/"backbone" couple of the show, a role Alf and Ailsa fulfilled for over a decade. 


None of the mainstay characters have really been treated well in recent years, relegated to the sidelines and/or given storylines that rewrite history (Irene's secret son and the Martha business being prime examples), but clearly the actors enjoy what they're doing or they would try their hand at something else by now. 

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Personally if had to chose a mainstay to leave it would be Irene as she has become very unlikable and with many unlikable things about her personality from 2013 -present era. 

That's why I am glad in a way that Pippa and Ailsa are no longer on the show as I worry they would become unlikable like Irene has.



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