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Who has been your favorite nuclear family?


Who been your favorite nuclear family?  

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Probably the Sutherlands. I had the biggest crush on Kirsty around 2000 when I was 12 or 13 hahaha. I loved Kirsty and Kane around that time too. I don't consider Fletcher or Stewarts a Nucluar family though. I think Alf is the only Stewart left on the show anyway. 

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Yes the Fletchers were a foster family not a nuclear family.

I feel H&A shares similarities with BBC sitcom Only Fools And Horses and soap Emmerdale. All 3 shows begun with a similar format in which they all focused on one main family. Fletchers, Trotters and Sugdens. Many cosy scenes in the living rooms of the 3 TV families. Del and Rodney arguing in OFAH, Tom and Pippa keeping their foster teens in check, and Annie Sugden keeping Jack and Joe in check. And all 3 shows broadened their scope as time went on.

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