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  1. It's quite common for prejudice against "the enemy" to stem from military service - certainly a plausible explanation as to why someone would be prejudiced against one ethnic group, not another. Having said that, I would expect Alf not to like Roo's suitor because he wasn't good enough for his little girl, rather than his race
  2. If he was going to be against a particular race, it would likely be the race that was shooting at him during the war.
  3. Alf fought in vietnam - makes sense he'd have more problem with Asians than Europeans. And Frank was pretty Australianised
  4. Could be that they all thought bringing up Bobby would be too painful for the other characters...
  5. I'm not sure the police would rush in like they did on Jesse and Kylie's wedding day. It would me more off a here's a summons crime.
  6. Josh did feel responsible - he thought he could have saved her, if he had a defib
  7. It strikes me as the sort of thing that Alf wouldn't have hidden in the house he shared with Ailsa - it was a secret he was kept from her and he would have kept it elsewhere...
  8. Yeah, but that was always meant to happen - they even go by the same name - the first syllable of their surname....
  9. They just cut scenes AFAIK - for example they may have embraced and kissed, but we just saw the hug - something like that. Damn Celia Stewart types....
  10. The Checkout is an Australian consumer affairs television series. The show's first series of 10 episodes premiered on 21 March 2013 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television station ABC TV.[1] A second series consisting of 16 episodes commenced airing on 20 February 2014.[2] On 9 April 2015, a third series consisting of 12 episodes began airing.[3] The series was renewed for a fourth series, which began airing on 7 April 2016 consisting of 12 episodes. The series returned for a fifth series, airing twelve episodes between 6 April 2017 and 29 June 2017.[4][5]The Checkout, with a new look, logo, opening theme and art, still retaining original cast and segments, returned for a sixth season on 30 January 2018.[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Checkout
  11. I think she was a reasonable kid - she didn't deal well with her mother's death and father's re-marriage, at the time - so she acted out - rather than those things being personality traits. Curious: do you think any re-cast is better than the original?
  12. Adulthood makes a lot of difference to people - you don't notice it so much if you watch them grow up, but if you meet them again after a number of years it's very obvious
  13. Lots of kids have bad home lives for a long time before someone realises...
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