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15 hours ago, project90 said:

Thought Kyle jail stint now been his only one. And Matt Paige? I wasn't watching back than didn't know his done time

Kyle was in jail for little while around 2013 and Matt was not sent to prison but was locked up at Yabbie Creek station for armed robbery. He was a suspect in Charlotte's murder.

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2 hours ago, project90 said:

what did Shane do

He was a career criminal in 1992. When he arrived in Summer Bay he stole Mr Fisher's car. He stole another car and joyrided in it with Damian as passenger, threw rocks at a lightbulb at the Surf Club, and broke into the Surf Club, stealing the takings from the till. He got Damian into trouble, and Michael and Pippa banned him from hanging around with him because he was a bad influence. He poured paint in Mr Fisher's golf clubs, carried out a vendetta campaign against Ryan (bricking his car window, stealing his clothes, trashing his caravan, and stealing his car and dumping it in the sea).

After he reformed (in the meantime, Tug set him up knowing he had a bad reputation) he still did the odd naughty thing like doing burnouts in Mr Fisher's car and begging on the streets after being falsely imprisoned because of Tug. Shane, Damian and Kevin (the Aboriginal he befriended) made off without paying at a restaurant and came within a hair's breadth of clocking up another court appearance, while he was on a bond for what he did to Ryan's car the previous year. Shane also dared Kevin into other stunts like abseiling up Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

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