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Past, Present and Future


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Right guys, please be kind! I've never done anything like this before so wasn't really sure what to do. I read a few of yours and wrote how I felt comfortable. I've debated whether or not to post because I was a bit scared, but to hell with it. You only live once.

Story Title: Past, Present and Future
Type of story: Unsure yet
Main Characters: Brody, Justin, Tori, Mason, Raffy
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Family, Romance, Teen, Drama
Does story include spoilers: UK viewers yes
Any warnings: None yet, will update if it happens
Summary: The Morgan family are a year out of WP. They're living their new lives while retelling their old ones.



Chapter 1 - Introduction


6 months after taking his last hit, Brody finally felt like himself again. He feels like he'll never be the person he once was, but as far as reality goes, this was the best it had felt in a long time. His drug addiction was the break down of his family, people had pushed him away and cut him off, but now with a clear head he realises that was done with the best intentions.
Brody didn't exactly have a great track record with the ladies. From doomsday cults to drug dealers, his family learnt to be worried when he said he'd met a girl. And Ziggy was no different. Running from her dad after stealing a car the day they met, to stealing the Salt van, while Brody was sleeping in the back. She was trouble.
Although the obvious connection, when he came clean about his addiction and trying to kick it, Ziggy ran. She ran with no intention of seeing him again....Except her family now lived in the Bay, and that was inevitable.
5 months on, Brody was clean, seeing the world through his eyes rather than the rose tinted glasses the drugs made. He and Ziggy remained civil with each other, but it was a thing of the past. As hard as it was at first, it was for the best. Brody didn't need any distractions. He had worked hard to regain his family's trust, and get his career back on track. After all, there was no harm in critics using his name and picture now they were out of witness protection.

Justin hadn't really had many best friends over the last 8 years. With witness protection causing them to be on the move regularly, he never had chance to settle down. But here, in Summer Bay he'd found a place to call home. Ash, his business partner in the garage wasn't his first choice in friends when he arrived, but over time they've worn each other down and found common ground, and even learnt to have a laugh. This was a good thing because being in business with someone you couldn't stand wasn't the greatest of ideas. What made it harder though, was his sister, Tori had unintentionally fallen for Ash. His best friend and his younger sister? Could there be a worse situation? I think you'll find the answer to that when you ask the Morgan's is yes...watching your parents die, 7 years in witness protection, being hunted by a drug syndicate and nearly killed by the person who was already arrested for being a dodgy cop...Your sister with your best mate isn't exactly the end of the world and you learn to deal with it.

Raffy was a 14 year old with a big personality. She loved being independent and running around with her friend, Coco. They got into some mischief but as teenagers go, they were pretty good kids. Raffy finally felt like part of the Morgan family, nobody kept secrets from her any more. She was back home in her own room, with her own bed, and Buddy to cuddle up with. She was interested in school again, and with Coco's mum being the principle there was always help on hand if they needed it. A conversation even came up a few weeks ago about if she should change her surname, officially become part of the Morgan family. She said she'd think about it, because changing it makes her feel like she's giving up on the woman who raised her. But that's not the only reason. She's a bit scared that the witness protection thing will never really be over. And if she's got their surname, they'll come looking for her too.

The hospital was the second home to two Morgan's, always working their bums off saving lives. Mason was a hard working med student, while Tori was head of emergency and had a lot of work to keep on top of. They barely worked together, as it often compromised their decisions. Since Nate left, Mason has tried to transfer hospitals because he thinks it'll be easier not being Tori's shadow. Without any luck so far. On one occasion, there they were together. Tori just finishing up in surgery, appendectomy on an unknown resident of the bay. Mason was their pre and post surgery care. He was good at his job, and made them feel totally at ease. The surgery went well, but he was concerned that there was nobody to call, nobody waiting in the corridor and nobody that cared they were there. It was nobody that the pair knew or recognised, but the name had been talk of the Morgan household for the last few weeks.


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13 minutes ago, Kellicopter said:

Oh my God no way! I'm a few pages into Caged and you! You have a way with words. I am picturing Orange Is The New Black with scary guys :lol: It's great! 

Thanks! :blush: :D Caged is very dark and probably not something anyone expects to be reading on a H&A fanfic forum, lol! :blink: Glad you're enjoying it. I do like the way you write though. It flows well and you paint a very clear picture with only a few words (something I could definitely work on! Haha!)

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18 minutes ago, Ludub said:

Thanks! :blush: :D Caged is very dark and probably not something anyone expects to be reading on a H&A fanfic forum, lol! :blink: Glad you're enjoying it. I do like the way you write though. It flows well and you paint a very clear picture with only a few words (something I could definitely work on! Haha!)

I'm only on page 3 at the moment, I keep picking inappropriate times to start reading haha. But I love what I'm reading so far!

Thank you! Maybe one day we could collaborate on something! 

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