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Big episodes in 1994 and 1995


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I was just wondering which episodes (in particular episode numbers) people would consider 'big' episodes in 1994 and 1995. I'm currently labelling my episodes and want to put a note on any big episodes. Things like 'Selina's bee sting' I've already labelled, I've got Jack's arrival (1st Apr 94), I'm just wondering which episodes other people would class as 'big'.

Thanks in advance :D

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My own highly subjective list (from made-up DVD box sets):


1.Episode 1395-Nathan’s arrest

2.Episode 1405-Angel tries to tell Dylan she’s his mother

3.Episode 1411-Adam rescues Sam from fire

4.Episode 1454-Haydn leaves

5.Episode 1488-School formal

6.Episode 1506-Shane and Angel’s weekend away

7.Episode 1556-Shannon and Curtis’ first full episode

8.Episode 1605-Season finale


1.Episode 1632-Shannon remembers abuse

2.Episode 1662-Shane and Angel’s wedding

3.Episode 1665-Death of Laura Bonetti

4.Episode 1706-Marilyn’s return

5.Episode 1717-Angel is rescued from seaplane crash

6.Episode 1755-Paul tries to kidnap Dylan

7.Episode 1766-Bushfire

8.Episode 1806-Dodge and Steven fall off the cliff

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