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Catastrophe in the Cyclone


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So I completed Target To Love earlier, and have been quietly working on something else. Well put the ideas together in my head around August and slowly piecing the plots together. 

I didn't want to start this until I finished The Cost For Love. 

Note: Slow replies to the stories, will occur. I need to find my nieche with writing again - and wanting to use this to get it back there - and to ultimately work on the writing skill of mine.

Story Title: Catastrophe in the Cyclone
Type of story: Medium/Long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Zac MacGuire, Leah Patterson-Baker, Oscar MacGuire, Evie MacGuire, Hunter King, Matt Page, Alf Stewart, Nate Cooper, Tori Morgan.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death, language, blood?
Summary: A storm rages on in, and two loved characters get caught in the fray... can their loved ones find them before it's too late? What happens that changes the world of Summer Bay forever? 

Chapter One: Forthcoming.

Leah came down the stairs, "There's a storm warning for over the long weekend, what a pity don't you reckon?" she asked the room with an abandoned look to her face. Zac came down behind her fixing up his shirt. 

"Yeah it's a shame, half the school kids wanted to celebrate finishing their HSCs." He said, with a small huff. "Thank god this is the last week, I am so over broody kids."

Leah laughed, "You'll be fine, Zac." She moved to grab his lunch box out of the fridge. He happily took it and placed it in his bag before walking out the door. 

Leah hummed happily to herself, as she folded the washing and heard the door open again, "What are you doing back?" She said as she saw Zac.

He walked up to her, taking her face and pressing a deep kiss to her lips, "I forgot something," he winked at her, "See you tonight." 

Alf came down and went over to the computer, "I need to check the weather schedules to see where the most effected places are likely to be hit, chances are it may turn into a cyclone." Sitting at the computer, loading up the geonet site he uses for his search and rescue operations. 

Leah sat down, "I hope not, that wasn't a pleasant time last one." remembered Leah. 

"No, I hope nothing bad happens like last time." He shook his head in remembrance of Oscar going missing. 


Oscar and Evie were at the diner, Matt came and sat down, "So.... I hear there's a massive storm coming in." 

Oscar nods, "Yeah! Apparently all weekend when we're meant to be celebrating finishing our final exams ever for high school." He chuckled, "You know, drinking to our future as university kids?" 

"You mean, adults." corrected Matt, "We are so gonna behave and be awesome." He tells them. 

Evie laughs over at Matt, a impish smile on her face. "Like you could ever behave." She said taking a sip of her orange juice afterwards. 

"We better get going, got Maths exam!" said Oscar, cringing. 


Five hours later, after the exam rain started to pour, "I guess it's starting early." States Evie, as they walked to leave the school. 

Zac caught up to them, "I'll give you a lift home, the weather is bad." He said with his bag and rain jacket. 

The drive home was quiet, and quick. All three rushing inside, Leah sitting at the TV watching a few shows she wanted to catch up with. Zac going over after removing his jacket and placing it out to dry, leaned down and gave her a kiss. "Hello." He tells her and sits down next to her. "That weather out there is already settling in, looks like it'll be here leading up to the storm on the weekend." He tells her. 

"Wetting too. Your hair is soaked." She chuckles, leaning her head against his shoulder. "How was work?"

"Quiet, exams do make them be quiet," He chuckled. "They did good, I think they're gonna pass." He smiles.

"Tomorrow afternoon the storm will settle in around 1PM," informs Alf. 

"Great, I'll be at work monitoring the Chemistry exam." sighed, Zac.


It's short, but to build up to where I want it to go... :wub:

Thanks in advance for reading. :)


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Great start! Loved the close and lovey-dovey relationship between Zac and Leah here :wub: (a sharp contrast from the show at the moment) and I really liked the little scene with the teens at the diner. Matt particularly! You wrote them all really well. Looking forward to seeing where you take this! x

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Just now, Ludub said:

Great start! Loved the close and lovey-dovey relationship between Zac and Leah here :wub: (a sharp contrast from the show at the moment) and I really liked the little scene with the teens at the diner. Matt particularly! You wrote them all really well. Looking forward to seeing where you take this! x

I was so nervous about the teens and getting them right, I love Matt so I'm super conscious of how I write him. And Oscar is going to be hard, I'm struggling to remember parts of his personality. 

Thank you for such a kind reply! I am glad you like it, even though I'm unimpressed at the start of it. 

I gotta think positive and hope that it all blows over on the show! They're my it couple :wub:

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Good start....

Had to laugh at your story Summary where it says Summer Bay will change forever as the show always comes out with that quote.

But it looks as your story will be very different and this storm will be much worse than the one where Oscar went missing.. Doesn't sound like Zac enjoys his job I'm thinking he should stay home before this storm hits..

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  • 2 months later...

Hey I just want to let you know,  my computer has died so I have no access to any way of updating my story. It died in December. 


I'm currently working on getting one within the next few weeks or in March sometime and then I promise to update. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. 

I am really looking forward to continuing this story and the plans I have for it. 

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