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Did alot of characters get "lost" in 1989?


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We had an influx of newcomers in 1989 (Adam, Matt, Viv, Emma, Marilyn) who seemed to take centre stage and I feel that meant many of the established characters got a little lost in the second half of the year as a result. Most of them ended up leaving in 1989/1990, but it makes me wonder whether they all left of their own accord.

  • Celia Stewart - once the store burnt down, she didn't do very much. I think her romance with the blind man Nigel was earlier in the year, which was pretty much her only major storyline (other than learning about her past relationship) in her whole time on the show. Many of the characters in Celia's age group (Alf, Ailsa, Morag, Tom, Pippa) were given plenty of storylines, but Celia just got lost.
  • Stacy Macklin and Andrew Foley - I know she was only officially ever a guest, but she was treated like a regular character so I've included her here. Once Phillip died, she just had a role in Lance and Martin's storyline and a very fast and completely out-of-the-blue engagement to Andrew Foley. Guest characters usually serve a purpose, but other than being one of my favourite characters at the time, I fail to see why she stayed so long. The same could be said for Andrew Foley towards the end of his stint, but I never liked him.
  • Lance and Martin - another two characters who didn't contribute much towards the end. I have a feeling that Adam and Matt took over as the grown-up versions of them, so once they'd settled in, Lance and Martin were surplus to requirements. They had that ridiculous band storyline as well, which didn't help. Personally, I would have rather had Lance and Martin over Adam and Matt, and had the characters grow up and mature over a period of time (it worked for Vinnie and Neighbours' Toadie!).
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Yeah I know what you mean about Celia it was such a shame that she never really got anything major around that time always thought she would appear more over the years aswel after her departure but she was really mentioned on screen until the story line where she was kidnapped and Alf left the bay to saver her.


Stacey and Andrew I don't really recall much about Stacey other than she was usually seen sat behind a desk at Macklin HQ i think she was brought in to tie in with the story that sees Brett leave if im right? I don't really recall anything major from her but i do seem to remember liking her when she first arrived. Andrew again a character that is lost on me after his relationship with Carly when he was her teacher for me he should of left after that.


Lance and Martin 2 great characters as you say didnt have a lot of story's towards the end of there time which is a shame because the 2 of them were comic gold together, I always thought at least Lance should of stayed longer than he did I felt there was a lot more that could of been done with him, I would of liked them to have introduced Colleen as a regular at this point and explored their relationship a bit more I think Colleen would of filled the void left by Celia.

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Matt was only there for continuity's sake.

Stacey was a victim of the last Quarter of 1989 when things got a bit... Silly. With Grant incoming, Foley was suplus to requirements.

Lance and Martin had gone as far as they could. They were seemingly like relics in a Home and Away that was starting to become a bit more serious. I'm glad they brought them back in 2000 and 2002 to catch up. I think Peter and Craig had probably had enough by 1990 anyhow.

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