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Axle Whitehead and Luke Mitchell Reunited


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Just bros being dudes and dudes being bros.

I thought Axle was doing commercials for a betting agency ... :ph34r:

But I'm an Agents of SHIELD fan so sort of excited to see how it all pans out. Is he also an inhuman??? :mellow:

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I watched the episode this morning and boy, was it a mind trip! Axle was still Australian but Luke is American and it's like. "You two clearly know each other!" both on the show and off and I kept thinking about Romeo and Liam and there was a moment when Axle's character mentioned Lincoln's [Luke Mitchell's character] previous girlfriend and my mind immediately jumped to Indi. There was also some line about "the band's broken up, dude," which made me lol because of Axle and music and his exit from the show. 


Basically, I just want a bunch of behind the scenes of Luke being so excited to have Axle there and just showing him around and them being giant dorky Aussies in front of Chloe Bennett and everyone else :wub:. I'm assuming Axle doesn't get more than one episode, but I wouldn't hate it if he came back. He might start to fill the hole left by Hunter :(

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Joss Whedon has to know what he's doing! I refuse to believe he isn't pandering to the H&A history.

In the most recent episode, Axle got the wonderful sassy line, "Aw, ya know, just catching up on soaps," in response to Chloe Bennett's character asking, "How you been, James?"

Also, Axle and Luke have been tweeting thisthisthis and this which for some reason gives me ALL THE NOSTALGIA.

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