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Everything To Me (by RoRo90) - comments

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Yeah maybe Charlie and Brax need to win the lottery before the new baby comes along. Because they do say with a baby it costs you alot of money. It must cost them a fair abit already with their food bill. And the new baby might enjoy their food too.

Let's hope that Hope don't go flushing them down the toilet :lol:

Well everyone seems nice and happy now. Is Ruby out of trouble now or will something happen at one of her check ups? hmmmm I wonder. :wacko:

Look forward to when you update again.

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It's a good job nothing serious had happened when Charlie had her fall.

Maybe she should listen to what Brax wants every so often.Not long to go though untill their baby comes along. Hopefully Hope will be feeling happier by the time the baby comes.

Update soon. :)

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All caught up - I've only just gotten my internet back after 5 weeks of no net when I moved! :( Anyway I'm back and loving this story.

I'm glad Charlie is finally being smart and listening to Brax, he loves and cares for both her and the baby but boy can she be stubborn!

Ruby & Casey :D oh I loved that!


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Well what can I say? Everyone seemed to be feeling quite horny in that chapter. From Bianca and Martha trying to catch sight of Brax's bum, to Charlie having sex at the end :lol: Hopefully that sorts her hormones out. :P I loved that Charlie couldn't stop eating her M&MS And the kids were running away from her because of her moods.

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