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Welcome back, RoRo90! :D *huggggggssss*

Had read this story on fanfiction.net and it's really good! Amazing start to this fanfic.

Hahaha I cracked up when Ruby walked on Chax! Thanks goodness the twins didn't see anything, lol! :P

The part with Brax and Ruby at the end is so cute! :P

Update soon please xxxx

P.S will you comment on my new fanfiction 'Life Goes On' please when you got the time? :)

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Good Start

Hmmm this thing with Charlie feeling tired. I'm thinking maybe she's pregnant or maybe she's ill?

Or maybe I'm just over thinking stuff I just don't know :P
I just have this feeling something very dramatic is on it's way.

On a side note Charlie's birthday party sounded awesome fun with that bouncy castle and candy floss. :D

Look forward to next chapter. :)

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So I will try to keep up with this one better than I did My Saving Grace.....

The start was funny with Ruby and the twins walking in on Chax about to have some sexy time! ha. The twins are so fricken cute! Loved Charlie's birthday party and even the adults seemed to be having fun. Loved Brax and Ruby at the end mucking around.

Good start and update soon :)

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The twins were cute. :) I wonder what's wrong with Charlie. I have a feeling she might be pregnant, but then part of me things it's something more. Wonder who the guy at the end is...could it be their dad? Sorry to say I didn't read all of My Saving Grace so I'm not sure on the situation with him....looking forward to see how this develops.

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Awesome update! The twins are adorable. :) I love how they still cover their eyes when Charlie and Brax kiss, super cute. :wub: And Hope being choosy with her clothes, loved that and her telling her daddy to be quick with the hands on hips pose made me chuckle. She's going to be a little sassy thing. This mystery man is going to rock up some trouble for the Braxton's I reckon. :( Good that Charlie is going to take a test. Hopefully if it is positive things go a little smoother for her this time around. Although I am aware this is a story and what's a story without a little drama, right? But yeah, would like to think all goes will if she is in fact pregnant.

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Great chapter :) Was a little disappointed myself Charlie wasn't pregnant but I did sort of expect it. I hope it is just a bug she has and nothing more serious is wrong with her. Loved that Charlie and Brax sorted out the baby stuff quickly and that they are going to try again. :) Still not liking the little appearances of this man....

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Hey RoRo90 :)

Sorry for falling behind with your writing loving this story It's really good. Loads of great stuff going on

Really enjoying Cheryl and her mysterious visitor I have an idea to who they are. I wonder if all the stuff with Cheryl will end up causing trouble for everyone else? Because I get the feeling Cheryl's probelms will be having an huge impact soon exciting stuff :D Oh yeah and hopefully there will be a baby on the way for Brax and Charlie soon and things go well for them.

It's cool that you have Jack and Martha in this story too.

Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to the next chapter.

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