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Everything To Me (by RoRo90) - comments

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I don't know but I found Charlie being in labour very amusing 15 hours is a long time never thought it could last that long. :lol: Liked how Charlie kept telling Brax that his not allowed to come near her anymore. It's funny how Hope want's to have a baby sister next time becaause of having that chat with Ruby.

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Ugh. I'm so torn.

I hope Hanna isn't Brax's because that way he would have a right to be angry at Charlie for not trusting him.

But a part of me is hoping because you see this scenario in many fanfics and it always ends up the same way. Brax isn't the father. But I hate the idea that Charlie would be right about not trusting him.

I am however glad that Ruby is backing him up. If she can trust is Brax then surely Charlie should trust her husband. I know its a lot to ask but she should have some faith after all she did marry him, she loves him.

I also am curious as to what Nina dreams about.

And while I understand why Charlie would be feeling angry at Nina. I do feel that she shouldn't be as rude. Ugh its so hard. I LOVE Chax. But I can't help but feel for this other woman.

Your story is sooo good! Update soon please

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Is it wrong of me to say that I hope Hanna is Brax's Just because it would be a good and different twist to have. I don't think its that simple though.

Hmmm ok so I can't help thinking though that there's something very strange going on Nina's dreams for one thing sound very scary. Are they flashbacks of somekind that Nina doesn't remember when she's awake? I think so

Also I'm abit suspicious of Sam. Has he got something to do with all of this somehow?

Look forward to the next chapter

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