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Everything To Me (by RoRo90) - comments

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Oh dear you haven't just gone and killed Ruby have you? :unsure: Fancy her getting caught up in the crossfire like that because I think that was Mick there trying to take Casey out.

It looks like it's Heath to save the day here with Brax busy with Charlie and hopefully their soon to be born baby. I wonder if their baby is going to be born the same time as Jack and Martha that would be cool.

Really great chapter and yes I did enjoy reading it well done. :) But what a epic cliffhanger to leave us on please update soon

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Wow well that was a high filled drama driven rollercoaster ride of a chapter, I really enjoyed that.

I really don't know if Ruby is going be alright here, But it's not looking too good for her at the moment. I liked how you had worked it so all the characters were at the hospital when Ruby was brought in.

I really want to know how Mick plans to dispose of his car. All very exciting stuff. :)

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Great chapter

Wow this was so amazing and well-written! Loved how you described everyone's emoticons and how they were feeling in this chapter.

I hope Ruby will pull through this and wake up soon

Whoa at the ending! I can't believe Brax went too far but I can understand his anger and hurt since what had happened.

Update soon please xxx

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It doesn't surprise me that Brax lost it big time with Mick.

I wonder if Mick is dead? And if he is, does that mean that Jack will end up covering it up for Brax?

It's very sad with what is happening with Ruby. I just don't know what your going to do there

All very exciting stuff

Update again soon as I want to know what has happened to Mick.

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