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Everything To Me (by RoRo90) - comments

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I new she had had a miscarriage poor thing I really felt the emotion of that chapter you know how to thug on a girls heart strings, I feel so sorry for her and Casey their such good kids it's an awful thing to have happened them, they are strong doh and will get through this it's great they have the support of everyone around them if anyone will get through this its the Braxton's I can't wait for your next update x

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Oh man I thought it was dramatic enough for the Braxtons with them worrying about Mick But Ruby and Casey have now lost their baby that's sad. Hopefully this won't allow Mick an easy way in to cause chaos while everyone grieves.

While the two chapters i caught up with were awesome. My favourite bit was the restaurant scene with the guys being shocked at how small their meals were, and not being able to understand the menus, that made me laugh. :D

Look forward to your next chapter RoRo90 :)

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Great update I love Hope and Caleb in this story. Their very cheeky and cute at the same time. Really liked them both at the start, wanting to sleep with Charile and Brax because of the monsters in their bedroom :D

Glad Brax got Ruby to open up abit, and considering Ruby hasn't come back home yet, will hopefully mean she is opening up to to Casey.

Oh yeah it sounds like Charile and Brax will be doing abit of celebrating when Charile tells him her good news. :wink:

Look forward to the next chapter

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Oh cool Charile and Brax are having a baby. I wonder how Ruby will feel when she hears the news. Hopefully she will be pleased and not feel too sad about losing her baby.

It was a good job Casey was there to stop Mick from hitting Cheryl. Can't wait to see what Mick does when he returns. I can't see him walking away and letting Cheryl get away from him somehow.

Oh yeah nice chat with Ruby and Charile on the beach, that was a sweet little scene

Another really good chapter, look forward to the next one.

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