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  1. Hi Brilliant start to the rewrite but just one thing is to watch. When you are closing speech it's a, not a . before the ".
  2. So glad to see this back. I'm be dropping in when I can due to my new job. Laura
  3. Just to let you know I'm still reading this and will be anticipating your return.
  4. Awww Brax is such a great guy with little Ben and yes Maya is besotted with him - she reminds me of Monkey (forget the child's name) from a previous story you had. Where in the world are Bianca and Heath honeymooning? Laura
  5. Love your stories and glad to see a new one. I'm glad your covering downs! Mark is a pig for that!
  6. I really hope you turn the Heath situation into the miracle of Matthew Crawley walking again!
  7. Just to let you know I'm still reading this and loving it. I love the daily updates. I hope Mia will be okay and Charlie will be out of hospital soon. Maybe now she will quit the force.
  8. Hi, Asking again: I don't know wither or not this is allowed but I am wondering if anyone would like to do a cover for a non-H&A fanfiction I am writing for another site. If you can please PM for the details. Laura
  9. Awww brax is so scared and I guess I can understand why! Ruby, well, she deserved it but it was kind of insensitive of Evan. If she had been truthful then this would have never had happened.
  10. I don't think Evan should forgive Ruby personally - what she did is unforgiveable to me. It's great about Brax and I feel for April - she should be having a little girl.
  11. Awww Georgia is so cute and Emmi is way too small for a big slide! April I feel for her and really hopes she has a girl. Ruby well she made her own bed! Sorry but I don't like her right now!
  12. it's been a long time since I've commented but I need to now. First of all Ruby deserves everything she is getting - you never ever lie to a partner about trying for a baby. Yes Evan was pushy but she should have been the stronger person and say she just wasn't ready. Instead she strung him along, played with his head and heart as well as his emotions. That's not right so yes Evan was right to end the relationship - if I was the man I would and then change all my contact details. April & James - wow she's like the most fertile woman ever and I hope it's a girl.
  13. Finally I've been waiting to see when Evan was going to be mentioned with James. not being horrible but it was slightly annoying me. The rest is good but James should have been with his brother or least there be talk of how he was feeling it was like Evan was forgotten because of Xavier.
  14. Xavier is delusional, joint custody, ha ha ha he didn't want to be part of that boys life for years. Couldn't even remember his correct name no judge with half a brain would allow him to storm into his life!
  15. This is one of my favourite stories of the moment. April, ah, was there any need, you may be angry but that was just childish. Laura
  16. Labour's can last a few days, Charlie got lucky!
  17. Awww it's sucks about Daniel, why did you have make him ill again or maybe ill again??? Glad April is feeling better. Why does no one thank people by their first names here? Laura
  18. Please don't make Daniel ill again. All Brax & Charlie seem to be doing is fighting right now, is adoption and marriage a good idea? I'm glad Evan is staying for April, they make a cute couple I think. James needs to come around because he's only hurting himself.
  19. Just started reading this and I think they took Tegan back wayyyy to easily. She walked out and the kids just forgive her. Unrealistic in my view. Laura
  20. All caught up - I've only just gotten my internet back after 5 weeks of no net when I moved! Anyway I'm back and loving this story. I'm glad Charlie is finally being smart and listening to Brax, he loves and cares for both her and the baby but boy can she be stubborn! Ruby & Casey oh I loved that! Laura
  21. Oh no I sense Grant I do! The scene about the names was so cute, I like Matilda, too. April, mmm, I can understand why she's so nervous about leaving her baby for the first time even if it is with people she loves and trusts. Laura
  22. Sorry I haven't reviewed before now. Glad Daniel got the okay but I had the feeling he would. He's a sweet little boy and a joy to read about. Charlie & Brax - I can see why he is so concerned and why Brax doesn't want Charlie going back into that situation again especially not while she is pregnant. James, well boy does he show Xavier up, doesn't he? I love this guy and he's perfect for April and Finn! Laura
  23. Anyone, please. Credit will be given. Laura
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