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This is my debut story for this site. My name is Laura and I'm a big fan of Home & Away, however I have decided to write this story with an original character of my own. I hope you will still enjoy it. I will be adding images of dresses etc into the story at time to make it more fun. Reviews/feedback are much welcomed.

Story Title: Heal
Type of story: Long
Main Characters: Amelie Cullen, Ruby Buckton, Denny, Evie, Roman and other characters
BTTB rating: G/T
Genre: Romance and drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: No warnings yet. (TBA when needed to be)

Summary: Amelie Cullen has returned to Summer Bay to forget about the events of a year ago and this is her story.


Cover by Livilulu @ TDA


November 2014: Upper East Side, New York

Rain was pounding the windows. All throughout New York, the city that never sleeps, Amelie Cullen let out a sigh of contentment as she snuggled into the man who made her world rock. Looking up into the dazzling blue eyes of Rhys, she smiled as she tried to forget about the uneasy feeling she had been having over the last few days. If she had mentioned it to Rhys he would say she was crazy and she needed to relax. But how could you do that when you knew something was going to happen.

Snuggling closer into him, she wished they could stay like this forever but she knew that wasn’t possible. Flicking her eyes over to the bright light of the alarm clock, she let out a sigh. In just under ten minutes their bubble would burst and they would have to go back to real life. The feeling that something bad was going to happen had haunted her for days, and she had spent hours with it going over and over in her head. She was being crazy? No one could predict if something good or bad was going to happen, right?

“Do you have to go tonight?” she asked, as she ran her hand down his chest.

“Yes I’m the club owner, baby, so I have to go. I wouldn’t but I haven’t been there for days now and Malachi is getting frustrated. It’s only Brooklyn.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“Hey, baby, you’re going have to lighten up, take the good with the bad and all that crap. I’ve spent a week more on vacation that I should have done.”

The word vacation brought a massive smile to her face, they had spent the last two weeks in InterContential Bali resort having the time of their lives. It had been there, under the stars on a beach that he had made her the happiest woman alive. She was going to be Mrs Huntingdon and she couldn’t wait! Rhys reached over and took her chin in his hand and kissed her.

“I’m going to have to go. I’ll be back before you wake in the morning.”

“Okay but ring me when you get there.”

“I will.”

Turning over she snuggled into the duvet as she watched him get dressed, but the feeling she had been feeling since they had gotten off the plane hadn’t gone away.

“Take Akim with you,” Amelie told him mentioning their bodyguard.

“If you wish. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Turning onto her back, she kept looking up at the ceiling feeling physically sick. Okay so this was going way too far, nothing was going to happen to Rhys and he had her best security officer with him. Slowly she began to fall asleep.

It wasn’t a peaceful dream. Throughout the night she tossed and turned, the nightmares haunting her. Her subconscious was haunting her. It wasn’t her first nightmare and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

She was shaken awake the next morning by a member of her staff, Lola, the only person she allowed into her private bedroom. It was then she noticed that Rhys wasn’t back, his side of the bed was cold. Turning her head she saw it was only just after six am in the morning but the New York sun lit up her room.

“Lola, did Rhys come home last night?” she asked, seeing her maid’s face was white.

“Miss, there are two police officers downstairs wanting to speak to you. I will go and tell them you will be there soon.”

Her blood rain cold, she didn’t need to go and see the police officers, she knew. In her heart she knew that Rhys was dead. She had seen it in her dreams, or maybe it was her mind going into overdrive? Throwing the covers back she ran to the bathroom, heaving her stomach contents up. Quickly she raisened her mouth out, pulled on a dressing gown and headed downstairs. She was shaking so much and she had never felt so weak in her life.

“Miss Cullen?” she heard a voice asked her as she stepped into the living room. There was a gentleman and a lady who flashed their NYPD badges at her. “My name is Detective Lourdes Walker and this is my colleague, Inspector Vince Houston....”

“Is this about Rhys, right?” she asked, her voice shaking. She felt like her life was flashing before her eyes; she had never been so scared in her life. She was terrified.

“Yes,” the detective said.

“He’s dead,” she whispered almost hauntingly. The colour and sparkle just drained out of her as she watched the detective nod before the world went blank.

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Wow I've been blown away by the feedback and I really hope I don't disappoint in this story. I'm going to try and update every two-three days but it might be more or less depending on my schedule.

Thank you JosieTash, pemble, Romeo&Indi Forever, Melbelle94, JarlieFanEver, and lluvlucs for your comments. :D


Chapter One

Two Years Later

Stepping out of the black Range Rover, Amelie lifted her sunglasses onto her head and looked down over the place she had left at the age of eighteen. Oh how it hasn’t changed, Amelie thought to herself as she watched the waves crashing onto the sand below, the outlines of the little fishing boats out on the horizon as she smiled. It had been her first proper smile in a year.

“Have you made the right decision?” she heard the voice of one of her best friends, Ruby Buckton, ask as she joined her.

“Yes there wasn’t no doubt about that but what about you?” Amelie asked her best friend.

“I don’t know and I don’t know if people will forgive me. It was three years ago but....it’s a small town and people have good memories.”

Amelie nodded but coming back here for her was a fresh start. So much had happened since she had left and now she was back to restart her life. Turning on her heel, the two girls walked back to the car and climbed inside but not before Amelie checked her mirror. In the back three children slept peacefully just as they had since they had left Sydney Airport.

Restarting the engine Amelie drove the two girls into the town with Ruby directing her to the villa that Amelie had bought. Pulling into the gates of the seven bedroom, eight bathroom property she was relieved to see the removal trucks had already arrived. Leaving the children in the car, with the doors open so it didn’t get too hot she spotted the head removal man. She guessed it was him by the clipboard in his hand and headed to him.

“Miss Logan?” he said in his thick Australian accent.

“Yes that’s me. I will unlock the house and then you can get started. All the boxes can go into the cellar and i will deal with them later.”

“Of course, madam.”

Ruby had joined her by now and the two girls walked into the direction of the house. Unlocking the door, she pushed it open before turning off the alarm. Light was flooding down into the entrance hall as in front of her a U shape of doors awaited her. It had been a month since she had last been here, when she had finally made a offer which had been accepted.

“Let’s get the children out of car and then we can take a look around,” she told Ruby, who would be working as her nanny. The younger girl had done a course in childcare and had impressed Amelie with her honesty and warmth towards her three little angels.

Turning they headed back out to the car to see the eldest, Wyatt had already awoken. Amelie smiled at her eldest child who had chocolate brown hair, big green eyes and was a cheeky little monkey at six years old. Next to him, in the middle of the vehicle was his three year old brother, Tristan; he had his mother’s brown hair but his siblings green eyes. Finally fast asleep still, thankfully, was three month old Aurora.

“Hey, Wyatt, sleep well?” she asked the little boy who was clutching his favourite toy, a Koala.

“Yes are we here now?”

“Yes we are. Come on let’s go in,” she said before she unclipped him.

Within minutes the group of five was walking back into the house with little Aurora nestled in her mother’s arms. The house was stunning and came with a pool, gym, tennis/basketball court and cinema room. It was perfect for them and the high security gates would make her feel safe. That night a year ago still haunted her; would she ever be free of it?

Later that night, curled up in bed with Aurora nursing, Amelie looked out of the window and onto the balcony of her spacious bedroom. The Sound of Music was playing on the TV but she wasn’t really paying attention. It felt weird to be back in Summer Bay but she knew she had made the right decision. Coming back to Summer Bay, to the place and people she loved and it was a fresh start.

Half an hour later Aurora was back in her moses basket fast asleep as her mother snuggled under the duvet. It hadn’t been easy leaving America, she had made it her home from the age of eighteen but sometimes things had to change. Rhys’ murder had changed everything and it hadn’t taken that much persuading to get her to come home. Reaching for her phone, she pulled the charger out and unlocked the phone. There, as her home screen, was a picture of Rhys, the boys and herself enjoying a day at the New York Jets.

“I miss you so much, Rhys, and you will get justice,” she whispered but for now it was safer for her to be back in Australia.


Coming back to Summer Bay for Ruby Buckton hadn’t been easy but she knew when she had gone for the interview with Amelie it would be happening. The older woman had planned to move back to her place of birth and wanted a full time nanny.

To be honest she hadn’t expected her to take her on because of her criminal record but Amelie had sat and listened to her. Now she here and the memories of her last few days were haunting her. Tomorrow she was going have to face the world and probably be the topic of conversation around the bay. She knew no one would be happy to see her and everyone would be surprised to see she was a nanny for Amelie. Her family had been here for generations until they had gone to America.

Pulling her clothes off, she found some fresh PJ’s and slipped into the large sleigh bed. Looking up at the ceiling she wondered if she had done the right thing in coming here, but she needed the job and Amelie was a fair employer. Not that she deserved it after what she had done. She didn’t even know if people would ever forgive her but did she deserve that forgiveness.

She soon fell asleep but it wasn’t a peaceful dream as she tossed and turned until she woke up screaming. The door of the room banged open as Amelie stood there.

“Rubes you okay?” the older woman asked as she walked over to her.

“Yes just a bad dream that’s all. Go back to bed I’m fine.”

She saw Amelie didn’t look convince but she needed to keep this job.

“Okay I’m only next door. I’ll check the children and then go back to bed,” she said as Ruby nodded.

The moment the door closed she let out a sigh and turned onto her side. She’d been having the same dream for months now and every time she had woken up screaming. She had done her time but she still felt incredibly guilty even though she knew Dex was fine. He was in France with April where she was doing her medical degree and he was continuing with his nurses degree.

She must have eventually fallen asleep as she awoke again just before seven am. Kicking the covers back, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked around her bedroom. She had a gorgeous bedroom with a double bed, built in walk in wardrobe, en-suit bathroom and Amelie said she could decorate it how she liked. That was something she felt guilty about because it wasn’t her house, she just worked for her. Sighing she showered, changed into a pair of comfortable jeans, t-shirt and pulled her hair up before heading for the kitchen.

The smells of pancakes and coffee filled her sensors as she headed into the kitchen. The two boys were already up and watching the TV while they waited for their breakfast.

“Morning, you okay?” Amelie asked.

“Yes just being back here...”

“I’m sure it will get easy. I know its going to take people a long time to forgive and forget but you weren’t in the right head space back then.”

“Maybe but...”

“Small towns? Yes small towns can be hard but they can also be forgiving and protective. I’ve hired you and now you just need to work on people forgiving you. Why don’t you stay here with the boys today while I go and have my meetings?”

“Okay I’ll start unpacking down here.”

“And get the internet sorted. Can you ring the company and tell them we need to be connected by tonight. I really need it.”

Ruby just nodded and hoped Amelie was right but she didn’t think it was going to be easy. Maybe today she should just stay around the house and then tomorrow.

“When is Lola due?” Ruby asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“She’s due to fly in tonight but I’ve arranged for a friend in Sydney to pick her up and drop her off here. She’ll be in the guest house.”

Ruby nodded and she was looking forward to meeting Lola.

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