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Michael/Irene storyline

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Ever since 1993 Irene and Michael have been spending a lot of time together, and Michael has been extremely supportive and comforting to Irene. Even since Pippa got back, they are still spending a lot of time together (Pippa staying at home while Michael and Irene go to Bobby's party for example).

Now I'm not saying that there's any intentional subtext going on or that there should be on Michael's part, but I think it would have been an interesting story for Irene to develop feelings for Michael during this period. Not necessarily act on them, but just have them, and gradually come to accept that she needs to get over it. I suspect Michael is the first guy who has treated Irene nicely for a long time, and she is very vulnerable at the moment. It just seems to me to be an obvious part of the story that hasn't happened.

Another possible idea would be for Pippa to have been jealous of Irene and Michael's close friendship and their successful running of the house/family/caravan park while she's been away.

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