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H&A special for Irish TV

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RTE have revealed the show is called Reality Bites. Vogue has said it explores everything about H&A and she didnt realize how popular it was or how obsessed the Irish are until she filmed it. I'm guessing its air date will tie in with Kates story as she filmed a segment with her.

Being Irish myself but living in the UK it's sometimes hard to explain to people how popular the show is at home.

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I can't speak for Ireland but definitely in the UK.

Most people I know stopped watching years ago and I don't think it's reached 1 million in ratings for several years.

I think in UK Ch5 definitely seem to promote neighbours more.

No idea about ratings but you can watch it about 6 or more times a day or whatever it is now over the 4 channels

I think the problem H&A have here with ratings is that a lot of people watch online. Doesn't help that it has just gone on a break and the uk will now be about 8 weeks behind

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^Is it just as popular today as is always has been or has the interest or ratings changed much in the recent past?

I think it's as popular. Sure, ratings have dropped but they have for every show. In Ireland each episode gets three airings and is also available on catch up (and is one of the most popular shows on the catch up service).

Steve Peacock, Luke Smith and Dan Ewing have all done promotional tours of the country this year with huge success and Ray Meagher is doing one at Christmas so this also helps to stir up interest in the show.

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