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Now these two are what I would call a HOT couple!

Sasha has always had some sort of feelings for Casey! It's been building up for ages and now..

FINALLY! Casey and Sasha have had alot of scenes recently, Esspecially the very heated scene between them both on the beach

:P I cant wait to see what happens between them both.

I love these two, and I really hope they become a couple sometime soon. I think they would be a REALLY well-suited couple. :wub:

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^ I agree, the spoilers dont seem very positive, but who knows?

I have a feeling that they will spark up a romance very soon, and if they did they'd be a fantastic couple. They have alot of potential from being such close mates for a long time!

Im going to hope for the best for these two aswel. :wub:

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As long as there is a light at the end, I don't mind a long journey. Because it will give them a strong foundation and a strong relationship.

Agree with this 100%!

They have a strong connection, I really hope they get together in the future.

I just hope that they do not build them and then wreck them like what they did with Liam and Bianca.

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