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  1. I really hope Kyle finds someone that deserves him. I hope that when he does find someone he will forget all about Tamara and even if Tamara would want to get back with him he would tell her that he is over her.
  2. I was never a fan of Sasha and Spencer, I did not like the idea of them getting together by using Rosie and the way Dex and Indi were going on about Spencer. I liked Sasha with Xavier and her friendship with Casey but Spasha I just never liked. I do not like the way they did Spencer having bipolar and no one knew about it Maddy or Sasha. The relationship he had with both girls is based on secrets and lies. I do not like what the writers are doing with Sasha.
  3. They both should just dump her but you know if Casey dumps her Kyle would take her back, if Kyle dumps her Casey takes her back its like its a game. Both of them need to get over her and find someone new that will not mess them about.
  4. Yeah but I'm under the impression once Casey gets better they might put him with Tam again. I hope not i am really getting tired of her coming and going between Kyle and Casey. They both deserve better than her there is nothing special about Tamara.
  5. I could see something romantic between them two, and I know he is like what 6-7 years older? But you know, in Home And Away there is always something that stops people from getting together at first. It's a classic soap opera twist. Brax and Charlie- Cop/Criminal Brax and Natalie- Charlie Brax and Ricky- Adam Casey and Tamara- Sasha Kyle and Tamara- Casey (and now again) Casey and Tamara- Kyle Sasha and Spencer- Maddy I could go on forever. But I won't. :-) I would rather see Kyle with Sasha than with Evie or Tamara.
  6. I have to agree with you. Sasha and Spencer getting together was totally rushed Spencer was still getting over a 3 year relationship with Maddie and i hate the way they used Rosie just to get them together (i still do not like them as a couple). They have no right to say anything bad about Casey to Maddie. Maddie should make up her own mind about Casey and i think she knows that Casey is in a bad place and she just wants to have fun with him. It has nothing to do with Sasha or Spencer. We will never know why she is friends with Tamara and not Casey.
  7. To be honest they both need each other. Casey is trying to get over the fact that his girlfriend has choosen his brother and Maddy is trying to get over the fact that Spencer and Sasha are together (yes i know she dumped him but they were together for 3 years its not like she dumped him and got with some guy the way Spencer got with Sasha). They are both dealing with the fact that the people that they love are over them and happy with someone else. I agree Casey should not have given Maddy alcohol or taken her to a night club but it was her choice she wanted to do both. It does not help when people keep telling them to stay away from each other when all it is gonna do is bring them closer together. I think it is to soon for anything romantic to happen between them but i would rather they stay friends then have anything romantic.
  8. I felt so sorry for Casey when Tamara told him she remembered him but still went home with Kyle. He had every right to be angry with her and i am glad he told her that he does not want her anymore. Tamara made her choice there is no excuse for what she did.
  9. I love her friendship with Casey. I am glad that Maddy and Casey are being honest and being there for each other.
  10. I cannot belive that Sasha went and slept with Spencer that fast. What are the writers doing to Sasha, 1st, she goes out with her friends ex behind her back and has not got the face to tell her and now she is sleeping with her friends ex just after her friend told her that he never wanted to sleep with her. Sasha would never do any of this stuff. I really do not like the way that they got together and yes i know that Maddy dumped Spencer but what happened to friends not sleeping with friends boyfriends/ex`s/boys that their friends are into. What happened to the sisterhood?, i guess it does not count if you live in Summer Bay.
  11. I think people seem to forget that Maddy is a teenager and that is the way teenagers act. If your friend and your ex (for 3 years) started going out behind your back how would you feel ?. Yes she dumped him but the fact is if your friend went out with your ex (for 3 years) without telling you how would you feel ?, let alone a teenager.
  12. To be honest i do not think anything is gonna happen i just think that they will become really close as friends.
  13. Brax is so right as soon as Tam gets her memory so will her feelings for Casey and Kyle would have lost a brother for nothing even Tam will remember that when they slept together he did not care about Casey`s feelings at all.
  14. For Casey it would be hard for him to get back with Tam even if she did get her memory back after everything that she has said to him and the fact that she slept with Kyle without any regards for his feelings. If she did get her memory back he might forgive her but as for getting back with her i am not so sure, if she did remember everything then she should fight for him as he has done enough fighting for her.
  15. I agree 100% There is no way i want her to get her memory back and expect Casey to take her back. After everything that she said to Casey and for getting with Kyle with no regards for Casey`s feelings at all. I think that maybe Casey might forgive her because of her memory loss i do not think that he would get back with her. I think if she really wanted Casey back that she would have to fight for him, but the question is would he want her back?
  16. I really find it hard to believe Sasha and Spencer as a couple because when Maddy broke up with Spencer, he went straight into a relationship with Sasha. He did not give himself time to get over the girl that he was in love with for 3 years, the one that he ran away to be with. Yet Maddy never once thought about another guy she was heart broken when she broke up with him.
  17. To be honest i do not blame Holly for telling Maddy the truth, its all down to Sasha and Spencer. If they were not man enough to tell Maddy the truth then they should not be kissing in public. Even Spencer sat there and let Maddy say that she was sorry because she did not believe him when he said there was nothing going on between him and Sasha and he could not even tell her the truth.
  18. I do not think Tamara`s feelings for Kyle are genuine. When Tamara came to the bay she said she came for Casey so i find it hard to believe that Tamara could forget all about Casey and the feelings she had for him. I think by the time she does remember Casey and the feelings she had for him, Casey would find it difficult/hard to get back together with her after everything she had said to him and the fact that she slept with Kyle.
  19. Totally agree with you Shelly25. I too would be devastated i do not blame Casey for turning too drinking he wants to forget the pain and the fact that his brother has stabbed him in the back by sleeping with his girlfriend. The worse thing is that now Tamara has feelings for Kyle and nothing for Casey as before her feelings were all for Casey and nothing for Kyle. Kyle`s love for Tamara was all one sided.
  20. Really feel sorry for Maddy especially when she finds out about Sasha and Spencer and how they did not tell her.
  21. So Sasha friendship with Rosie was a plot device to put Spencer and Sasha together. Now Sasha and Spencer will not tell Maddy the truth? What are the writers doing to Sasha since when has she ever gone for her friends ex?. Plus Sasha knew how Maddy felt when she broke up with Spencer because Maddy told her and Rosie. Really not liking what they are doing to Sasha.
  22. I agree but now that the writers have thrown them together again that annoys me just a bit. The fact that Kyle knows that if Tamara had not lost her memory she would not be anywhere near him and she would not have made a move on him makes it all wrong. At the end of the day the only one that is in the wrong is Kyle. I really wish that they did not put Kyle between Casey and Tamara there is so much that they could do with Kyle.
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